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Ryan Jenkins' Dad Hires Private Investigator

10/1/2009 9:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan JenkinsRyan Jenkins' dad refuses to believe his son murdered model Jasmine Fiore -- and is taking steps to try and clear Ryan's name.

Dan Jenkins has hired a private investigator in California, telling the Calgary Herald, "We just want the truth to be told ... It is just unfathomable to us that he could be responsible for anything that has been reported."

Meanwhile, the Buena Park Police Department obtained Ryan's hard drive this week -- the one found with his body after he hanged himself in Canada -- and are analyzing it to see if it holds any clues about Jasmine's murder.

The BPPD says Ryan is the only suspect in the case.


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He wasn't running until after the warrant was issued. And that was
when he was already in Canada. He was talking to the police as
recently as August 17th. He told them exactly where he was and where
he was going.

The police could have captured him easily. Just quietly intercept him
on the way to the border. They could have said they wanted to talk to
him about the missing persons case and then brought him in. But no,
they let him cross the border first before getting the warrant. Makes
you think it was intentional.

And sorry, but it hasn't been proven he killed his wife, so don't
even make that connection to the depression theory I brought up.
Posted at 1:09AM on Oct 3rd 2009 by Questioner

It also hasn't been proven that he had depression either! And where
did you get this about the 17th and the police knowing where he was?
Because of what his aunt said in that one interview? Has that been
"proven"? Have the police confirmed that, yes, they did know where
he was?

If so, please post a link to the authorities, either Canadian or US,
saying they knew where he was. Thanks.

Also, your statement again doesn't make sense. "They could have quietly intercepted him..." the ride from LA to the Canadian border isn't exactly a 5 minute drive away. They could have intercepted him, OR he could have just as easily came forward and talked to them. The latter would have been a lot easier don't ya think? I also don't understand what you mean about "makes you think it was intentional"? You think that wanted him to go into Canada? For what purpose? It was widely known that they did not want him to cross over into Canada because it would mess up everything.

1845 days ago


That link doesn't answer the question I posed to you. I asked to see a link where the authorities (either Canadian or US) said that they knew where he was the whole time. I'm not interested in hearing about what his relatives say he did, we don't know that they are telling the truth at all. Also, Dan Jenkins story is a little shady, I had read in an earlier article that he claimed he never talked to Ryan during this time, so how does he know so much about who Ryan was in contact with? Have we ever been told the name of this attorney he was speaking to? I'm not asking to hear the details of the conversation between Ryan and the attorney...I just want to hear a name and hear this person say "yes, I was in contact with Ryan." After reading the link to the OC Register article you posted, I have a new question... why did he "slip across the Canadian border by foot" when he had a car? Why not just freely cross the border past the border patrol guards if he was innocent with nothing to hide? Why pull off this whole stunt of taking a boat and then LEAVE the boat in the water and have his sister pick him up?!?!?
Also, once he was in Canada, he surely knew that he was a wanted man and even his "attorney" would not have suggested that they ignore the US's request that he come forward for more questioning. I also think that the attorney would have made arrangements to pick up Ryan from this motel as I'm sure he would have felt in his conversations with him that he was a danger to himself. And if he was scared that he would die "at the hands of a pro killer like Jasmine did", the police have ways of protecting people/witnesses, so thats not really a good reason to kill himself either.

1844 days ago


I completely agree with you Questioner, RJ had admitted that he contemplated suicide before. Even though he comes across as confident and happy, I think there was more going on in his head. I think he also panicked and we do do strange things when we are in panic mode.

1844 days ago


I know! I didn't say the link said his relatives said he was in contact. I'm simply telling YOU that I dont want to hear what the relatives say. I want to see a link that says the authorities knew where he was the whole time, NOT that they talked to him on the 17th. Thats obviously not the whole time!

You said above : "He was actively seeking counsel, his Dad said Ryan contacted a lawyer in Vancouver. If you read Dan's statement to the press, much of it checks out." Thats the info that I dont care about.

Thats why I said I want to see a link saying the authorities were in contact the whole time. Not that Dan Jenkins said they were in contact like you keep saying. Also, it says that he told them he was in Utah and heading to Canada. You'd think that a man who just made a missing persons report would stay in town waiting to hear more info from the police. It says that the investigator called him not that he called them which is what "he was staying in contact with them" means to me. To me, staying in contact means that you are actively calling the authorities, not the other way around. Interesting how once a warrant was issued, he didn't respond anymore to them. He DID have an obligation to talk to them once the warrant was issued. Why not immediately get back in touch, tell them where he was, answer their questions, etc..

Regarding the attorney, we haven't heard a name, but I would think Dan Jenkins would be announcing it if he really existed because it would help support this claim of Ryan speaking to an attorney. Why not say this person's name?

You also mentioned that his mother lived in the area where he took his boat so it wasn't out of the ordinary for him. That seems pretty out of the ordinary to me! It is far more inconvenient to tow a boat behind your car, launch it into the water, drive it and then not dock it, and then have someone pick you up. Did he usually take that method of transportation when he visited? Seems very bizarre and time-consuming considering he had a vehicle.

1844 days ago


I think that the police did not hear back from him after they announced the warrant because he wanted to get onto familiar ground and someplace familiar where he knows the laws and I'm sure he kept an attorney he was familiar with on hand considering his previous charges.

1844 days ago


BPPD is claiming they called Jenkins and couldn't reach him?

Are they the same outfit who theorized that jenkins drug Fiore's body over the balcony into their hotel room (where no physical evidence was found) and then decided to place her in a suitcase? You know, risking the whole dragging of a body in the middle of the night into the hotel room. Car was so bloody, yet no blood trail from car area into hotel room? wow. I am impressed with Jenkins's skill.

Boy those people will say anything, now won't they? :-)

1843 days ago


but playing devil's advocate here, what exactly were these immigration issues that cause a person to pack up belongings in 2 states and haul a boat for 1,000 miles?

I don't know how immigration works but sounds hinky to me!!!

1843 days ago


What if he was already dead on the 20th like the date on the letter and never got the calls because of this? When did they try to contact him?

I think he packed up because he was leaving the relationship is the excuse his dad gave.

1842 days ago



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You know? I'm kind of thinking that thug, who had just got out of jail, may have had something to do with it. She was seen with him a couple of days before her death. He would have known about finger prints and dental records. They should check him out.

1847 days ago

Sand D    

No one will really ever know exactly what happened, however it does seem a little fishy...the coat rack makes no sense at all.
And sad to say but that woman was shopping for danger.
life goes on

1847 days ago


Give me a break. I bet his dad also thought that when poor Ryan got bad grades it was because the teacher didn't like him. His dad's denial of the situation proves to me that it makes Ryan more believable as thee suspect. A life of no consequences for your actions will only lead to...Well, maybe not murder, but you see where Im going with this, Right?

1847 days ago

Jomica Man    

This father truely wants to believe his son was not responsible for this murder. Even though in the back of his mind, he probably suspects his son had a dard side, yet not to this degree. Like thousands of parents of convicted killers, they will be in denial until they die not wanting to accept a son or daughter could be a cold blooded killer. The memory of their child as an infant, toddler to adolecent prevents any other thought process. That investigator will most likely uncover what they don't want to hear.

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1847 days ago
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