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Ryan Jenkins' Dad Hires Private Investigator

10/1/2009 9:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan JenkinsRyan Jenkins' dad refuses to believe his son murdered model Jasmine Fiore -- and is taking steps to try and clear Ryan's name.

Dan Jenkins has hired a private investigator in California, telling the Calgary Herald, "We just want the truth to be told ... It is just unfathomable to us that he could be responsible for anything that has been reported."

Meanwhile, the Buena Park Police Department obtained Ryan's hard drive this week -- the one found with his body after he hanged himself in Canada -- and are analyzing it to see if it holds any clues about Jasmine's murder.

The BPPD says Ryan is the only suspect in the case.


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people never amazes me to what they say me personelly i think his father is doing the right thing.jasmine was no angle by any means this girl was uot there thinks to tmz we gotten her whole life story and it was not pretty ok so if his father thinks his son did not comitt this crime nothing is wrong with him looking into that some people do get that chance for someone to do that.did you all ever think that someone may have set him up andd he to could have been murder by someone .not if he finds out his son did this at least he know he did the right thing for his son and he has to live with that.

1847 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Ryan's father is swimming in a sea of denial. And, the money would be better spent on something that could put a positive/productive spin on the violent acts his son committed; like sponsoring and funding a domestic violence clinic in the deceased couples names.

1847 days ago

Sad sad    

omfg the investigator will tell him the same thing. Humor yourself Danny. Did he hire my dad? HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! What is the truth Dan he's innocent? I can't stop laughing. He's a complete IDIOT.

1847 days ago

Perhaps this fool, would like to hire the same group of fools that 'OJ' hired to try and find those that killed his wife and friend.
I am just curious, how would this P.I. dress, party clothes and a big funny hat? Also be careful you dont fall into the same 'Rabbit Hole' Dan Jenkins fell into when he decided to try and find the real killer or killers. Also it was my opinion that they found the killer, 'hanging around some motel'
John J. Nazarian, P.I. Beverly Hills, Ca.

1847 days ago


I think his Dad is trying to fool himself into believing his son didn't commit the crime. Why? He's got a thriving high end architectural firm and business to protect plus making it look like he's working to clear the family name. He'll probably later claim they know who the real killer is but it'll never go anywhere. In the meantime the cops conveniently wrapped this up long ago.

1846 days ago


I think someone is going to get in trouble for using someone else's name...

1846 days ago


Jenkins memorial held today

TMZ is getting a little slow. I posted this thing about PI on the jenkins memorial thread last night. they posted this today

1846 days ago


poster #28 is interesting in that Jenkins reportedly stormed into VH1 offices the week before the murder and was trying to get his ILM3 winnings. interesting

1846 days ago


questioner, I stated he allegedly visited vh1 the week before the murder (not monday aug 17th) after she was dead because we know he left his LA pad Sunday morning around 9am and headed to vegas to get his boat.

here's a link for you that talks about this:

1846 days ago


Good luck with that Dan

1846 days ago


I had read that he did supposedly did go to try to get his money on that Monday because he was getting ready to head to Canada running from the police and would need the money, of course this was before she was identified. Where is the VH1 office that he would have to go to? I can't remember where I read this and will have to look around. Did you notice that alot of reports end up deleted pretty quickly on this case?

Good job on the links Dawn. As soon as I saw that PI article this morning, I thought of your post and wondered if TMZ looked at your link lastnight and used that for thier new story. Watch they'll have another one tommorrow with the memorial details link you provided tonight.

1846 days ago


Questioner, your facts are not straight and your statements don't make sense.

You say that his "depression" (which doesn't make his flip out on his wife okay) "may have led to him killing himself after he saw all the hate directed at him and the lies about him being a runaway from the law."

Ummm lies about him being a runaway from the law??? What exactly is a lie about that? HE WAS! He was the second most wanted man at the time (number 1 being Osama Bin Laden).

1845 days ago

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1358 days ago
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