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All-American Superheroes Lose Olympic Bid

10/2/2009 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You know you're screwed when the supreme intergalactic powers of President Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey combined aren't enough for a successful bid to host the 2016 Olympics in Chicago.

Chicago was just eliminated from consideration for the 2016 Olympics -- in fact, it was eliminated in the first round of voting.

The winning city was Rio de Janeiro -- which, if you think about it, is awweeeesome!

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I'm glad the olympics is so boring. I don't know why people get all excited to host them. I would reither watch soccer all day then to watch the olympics and thats boring as well.

1845 days ago


xtian, sorry, not impressed with LA, the city of smog, orange plastic people, and spending half of your life in your car. Been there, would never want to live there, and don't even want to visit there again.

The only U.S. cities I would ever live in: New York, Chicago, or Boston. I've lived in all three, Chicago is the the best considering all factors, IMO.

1845 days ago


hahahahah so happy now the world sees all the crime in chicago.

1845 days ago


Those two could have flown over to Copenhagen on their inflated egos alone.

1845 days ago


Johnson Wadsworth

Is the translation of your name "shriveled up penis?" In some other culture?

Get it? Johnson- penis- No? Wad- wadded up? No?

Dude you give yourself away. Now go home and get out your matching sheets set to go to your Klan meeting.

You are WWAAAYYYY to easy of a target-Next!

1845 days ago


Oh, and look up Rio, stop acting like the minute the tourists get off the plane they won't be mugged. THAT is the arm pit. Poor, crime ridden, just as corrupt, cops helping to mug you, and the people are not very nice to look at. For christ sake they ride on top of their buses and trains for entertainment. So, good luck with that.

Posted at 2:44PM on Oct 2nd 2009 by chi-town pride


But you know they will try to have everything nice and clean for those days they have the olympics.

1845 days ago


Breaking News: Obama (finally) LOST.

1845 days ago


It wasn't crime that caused Chicago to be eliminated. Rio has DOUBLE the homicide rate of Chicago and far more other types of crime.


"A police shootout with criminals stopped a commuter train and sent passengers fleeing for cover. Officers conducted a drug raid on a slum, keeping 2,000 children out of school. Police got into gunbattles that killed more than a dozen suspected traffickers. All this happened in early September, during the same week that the International Olympic Committee released a report giving generally high praise to Rio's bid for the 2016 Games. It was hardly an unusual week in this city of 6 million, where major highways including one that links the international airport to key tourism beaches are periodically shut down by shootouts. ..."


If Chicago couldn't get the games, I'm glad Rio got them. 3rd time's a charm for them, and it will be nice to have the games in South America for the first time. I think Chicago should try again, cities don't always get the games on their first try.

1845 days ago


You know, I am so glad the U.S. did not get the Olympics...the gall of Obama, the Mrs., and Orca taking off in their private jets to fly there with the mess that's going on in this country, I find dispicable. They believed, without a doubt, that they had it, and I can't help but laugh. I am very happy for Rio and hope it brings a lot of joy to those living there. In my opinion, they deserve to host the Olympics more than ANYONE that was on the list!!!

1845 days ago


The idiots came out in full force today I see.

Chicago is crime ridden? Huh? and there isn't crime in Rio? In the droves! Sit at the dummy box and look up Rio. Its called a search for you sasuages.

Then..... come back on here and eat crow. Rio is in a thrid world country. Travel agents tell where to go and where not to go. That leaves about 6 miles to lookat. Oh, and then they tell you don't drink the water, only bottled.

Gee, sign me up to watch a sporting event there. Besides, I'm betting here and now. Rio will have the least attendence of any games ever.

1845 days ago

flamingo 5    

Seriously this really was something Obama had to waste his time on? Does he really have nothing else better to do like screw us just a bit more. Thinking his presence would actually sway the vote from Chicago to Rio?!?!?!? Nude beaches vs well...Chicago?

I'm all for keeping it in the US (economy/jobs/clean up Chicago...) but seriously....it's RIO !!!

Now can he get back to work. Thank god he wont get re-elected at 51% in 9 months...he's done !!!

1845 days ago


Well, I'm sure this will now be all of Glenn Beck's fault! hahaha

1845 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

What did Al Sharpton have to say about THIS??? He'll probably call on all the brothers and sisters to boycott the Olympics. I'm glad Chicago lost. It's a filthy city,a politically corrupt city, a crime-ridden city--in short, a city to stay away from. I wouldn't blame Obama OR their pet a**-kisser Oprah.mI just wish Obama had not made a damn fool of himself for going there in the first place. (As for Oprah, that one make s a damn fool of herself wherever she goes. She makes me want to puke.)

1845 days ago


Michelle Obama said she watched Carl Lewis win on her daddy's knee. He won in 1984 which would make "little" Michelle 20 years old. LMAO!

1845 days ago


I feel so bad for all of Obama's corrupt cronies back in Chicago who won't be getting any "big bucks" from the Olympics. Awww, just the thought makes me wanna, well, FRIGGIN LAUGH FROM HERE TO RIO! Is "pompous" the right word for the Obamas and their misfit friend, Oprah?

1845 days ago
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