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Letterman Says Someone's Extorting Him

10/2/2009 1:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

SECOND UPDATE: 11:58 PM ET TMZ has learned the identity of the alleged extortionist who was arrested today for attempted grand larceny in the first degree. He is 51-year-old Robert "Joe" Halderman who lives in Norwalk, CT. He is a producer for "48 Hours" and has been suspended pending results of the investigation.

David Letterman
says someone has demanded $2 million from him in return for not blowing the lid on Letterman's sexual liaisons in his office.

David Letterman Extortion
Letterman said on his show tonight he received a package 3 weeks ago from someone claiming to have info about sexual escapades between Letterman and some female employees on his staff.

The individual said Letterman would have to pay $2 million to keep the info secret.

Letterman went on to say he contacted the Special Prosecution Bureau of the Manhattan D.A.'s office. He said the D.A. investigated and cut a phony $2 million check to the alleged extortionist who was arrested today.

Letterman says he testified today before the grand jury. In his testimony, he says he acknowledged sexual relationships with members of his staff.

Letterman married his girlfriend of 23 years last March.


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just watched the airing, noticed he wasnt wearing his wedding ring

1855 days ago


Murders, rapes, child abuse, babies out of wedlock, drugs, infidelity, apathy, selfishness, entitlements -- thanks to liberals and the sixties.

1855 days ago

In an exclusive I revealed the staffer "with benefits" earlier this evening.

1855 days ago


Way to go Dave! I didn't think you had it in ya. Still got the old zing huh? Cool.

BTW, what kinda idiot takes an extortion payment in a check? Duh? That's like a bank robber saying to the guard, "Wow, that's a lota money. Could you help me carry it"?

1855 days ago


Top 10 Reasons I had sex with Staffers:
#10-Because I could..
#9...Hillary Clinton was in Algeria..
#8..Bill Clinton told me how to do it...
#7..Michelle Obama doesn't turn me on....
#6 George Steinbrenner wouldn't hgave gay sex with me
#5 I always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a 13 year old....
#4...My ugly wife can't make me get it up any more...
#3 I thought it would help Chicago get the 2016 Olympics...
#2 Everyone does it in Congress...and the

#1 reason why i has sex with staffer....The teenage boys let me do it...

1855 days ago


Oh yes I can hear him telling the wife.I'm so sorry,I never meant to hurt you,it will never happen again, please forgive me,but guess what.Sorry he got caught just like the rest of the low life.

1855 days ago


Who in their right mind would have sex with him? Actually, as old as he is, I'm surprised he CAN have sex!

1855 days ago


@ 89 Bjew: Letterman has never worn a wedding ring.

His ratings will go through the roof.

1855 days ago


Oh Dave !!

Your Mother must be SO Proud !!

1855 days ago


Well, David, you cannot have it your way anymore. You are are nasty. Jay Leno has more class, and is fun to watch. He does not insult the audience, like you do. You got to have class, and you do not have it anymore. Enough said

1855 days ago


Well, you can't call it an affair is he wasn't married and he wasn't at the time he was humping the chicks. All of the details are giving out in small drips to give the perception of something more salacious. Wait for all of the details before you prosecute him. If the relationships were all consensual, then they had the right to do what they did. The extortionist's girlfriend is one of Dave's former lovers. She perhaps gave the guy all the information he needed to blackmail Dave.

1855 days ago

Real People    

Dave, Dave , Dave. Im sure your wife aint laughing. How Humiliating is this annoucement on National Tv for her. If I were her, I get a divorce and get every dime I could from You.. How Humiliating..........
And You were with her 23 years.....You better Neva make a Joke about Clinton, Monica, or Palins daughter, although I dont care for her. The Joke is on You Dave.. My Goodness!!!!!!!

1855 days ago


Its always losers like him who go around screaming about what horrible people others are in an effort to cover up what a slimeball they really are. What a pathetic loser. Grow up old man, you have a child, how pathetic and embarassing for you kid. A real man would not shame his family this way. LOSER

1855 days ago


Letterman was beyond creepy with his sex jokes about Palins young daughter. What wonderful Karma.

1855 days ago


So none of you negative judgemental commenters ever made a mistake? Dave makes me laugh, has great music, and is a good guy who made a mistake and didn't run away from it. Can you all honestly say you'd do the same? I doubt it. You just hide behind your computers and tear down others to help make yourselves feel big.

1855 days ago
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