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Judge to Halderman - Stay Away from Dave!

10/2/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of hatching a $2 million extortion plot against David Letterman is out of jail for now -- but Robert "Joe" Halderman better not get too close to the talk show host while he is.

Robert Halderman: Click to watch
Halderman just posted bail -- which was set at $200,000. Judge Michael Melkonian also issued a temporary order of protection, which requires Halderman to stay away from Letterman.

Halderman pled not guilty to attempted grand larceny in the first degree -- a felony.


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Asking politicians to fix the like asking O.J to find the real killers!

1843 days ago


I have always been a HUGE fan of Dave and this doesn't change anything. I support him and will continue to do so. Anyone who saw Thursday's show can attest to the fact that he handled it brilliantly. The audience seemed to laugh and applaud in all the wrong places. He was being brutally honest and open which is opposite from the private man he is and bringing this out to the audience and TV viewers was a way to share a harrowing experience and take his best shot on how people will judge him. A boss having sexual relations with employees - that's not new anywhere in the world!

1843 days ago


#28Cynthia--you are kidding about immorality right? People have babies out of wedlock alll the time now...including the daughter of your beloved Sarah (I can see Russia from my back yard) Palin. What she's not immoral because she shares your politics? Please own your hatred for Dave abd watch Glenn Beck or whatever on Fox news. Dave doesn't hate women. Just slutty whores like Sarah Palin. Receiving the print media in only a towel? Really who's the slut?

As for Dave...these women were all adults, no doubt super jazzed about being with a celebrity and did whatever they did very willingly. He's not sodomizing a 13 year old (Polanski) or cheating on his wheelchair bound wife (John McCain). Whatever people.

1841 days ago


I can't believe he posted bail so fast. It should of been higher.

1844 days ago

letz byonest    

DAVE we are on your side!!!! what do you think people, hes Dave Letterman

THE REAL STORY!!! here...

1844 days ago


Did they put an order of protection out for his family as well? I know it says he has to stay away from Dave, but what about his family? It is pretty scary with people like that out there, you never know what they are capable of.

1844 days ago


Sux to be Halderman right now rotflmao, Yeah I'll just cash this 2 million dollar check no problems..WTF was he thinking

1844 days ago


It was odd how he told the audienece . Talk about awkward. I hope there's no more to it. He's another sleezebag in a suit. CBS should investigate the situation. The guy who did it must have been desperate. I hope he has some support and a good lawyer.

1844 days ago


A crime is a crime and this guy needs to face the judge. Funny though, but Dave has made many jokes about people who have far less than he has done with his own staff. If he doesn't like that jokes that will be made about him, he ought to just stuff up his top ten!!

1844 days ago


It's none of our business who Dave has slept with. It was pretty courageous of him to take a stand and just put it all out there instead of paying the guy off. It's shocking that a producer of such a prestigious show would try to blackmail someone, especially someone of Dave's stature.

1844 days ago

Halderman is a total idiot! He might get 15 years!

1844 days ago


He handled himself very professionally. This was his business and no one else's. He was forced into disclosing something very personal that had no reason to be disclosed. We don't even know when and for how long these liaisons took place. Maybe they occurred before his marriage; maybe before he moved in with his now wife. If these relationships constituted a breach of CBS' human resources policies, then CBS can take action. However, right now they are staying mum, probably because nothing has been done that was off-side. If the posters here really feel that any man who has sex with any woman is sleazy then I worry for your sex lives.

1844 days ago


What is the deal here - don't the readers research before they make these crazy statements? First of all - I can't speak to everything that was in this guys extortion packet but the primary focus was an ex-assistant of Dave's {Stephanie)who has been gone from the show for a long time. Most important until very recently she was the live-in girlfriend of this blackmailer but she left him. In any case, Dave broke it off with her before Harry was born - long before he was married. And yes - Dave did date Regina for 23 years but they were on again off again and not in a committed relationship. These facts do make Dave a "perfect" guy but it also doesn't make him a pervert. Get serious.

1844 days ago


Bad boy, bad boy. What you 'gonna do; what you 'gonna do when they come for you?

1844 days ago

The Seer    

What a moron this guy is. Did he honestly think he'd get away with such a plan? Either his ego is massive, or the dude's moral compass is stuck on self-destruct. And stupid.

As for Letterman, is anyone really surprised he sleeps around? He's publicly stated that he got married because his son was asking questions and wanted his parents to be married. Apparently the kids at school were asking questions. Obviously, it's an open marriage. Or, half of the marriage is open anyway.

It's interesting how many women will turn their heads the other way when their men cheat on them. Guess all that money and the nice life are a tradeoff for Letterman's wife's self-respect. Obviously she tolerates her husband having sex with multiple other women. Hope she has a generous allowance and an AmEx Black to compensate.


1844 days ago
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