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Mystery Illness Forces Paul Rodriguez into ICU

10/2/2009 3:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul RodriguezDoctors haven't figured out exactly what's wrong with comedian Paul Rodriguez -- who's in ICU right now with severe abdominal pains.

Mario Santoya
-- who works with Paul at the California Latino Water Coalition -- tells us Paul is in stable condition at George Washington University Hospital in D.C., but has been forced to take pain medication while doctors try and pinpoint the cause of his illness.

Mario says multiple tests and x-rays have been performed on Paul since he was rushed to the hospital yesterday -- but to no avail.

As we first reported, Mario found Paul -- who had been throwing up the night before -- immobilized by pain in his hotel room yesterday and was forced to call an ambulance.


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Water, Water, Water! Give the man some WATER!

1813 days ago


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1813 days ago


A/K/A stomach cancer.

1813 days ago


Isn't Tori Spelling in hospital for the same thing???

1813 days ago


After examining this article, my professional opinion is testicular torsion. Mark my words.

1813 days ago



1813 days ago


Let's just pray Paul's doctors are reading these posts otherwise they won't know what to do.

1813 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Nzimavah .....

LMAO!!! Good one.

1813 days ago


Funny what the Worm at the botton of a Mescal Bottle will do to a stomach.

1813 days ago


He got a liver or kidney transplant from his wife a couple of years ago. Hope his body isn't rejecting. Sad for the family

1813 days ago


I love reading the racist/bigoted pigs turn every story about any one who's not white, or is not straight, into an attack on that type of person! wow... just wow. they sit and post that crap all day. I have a feeling they are a tad 'touched'.

1813 days ago


"who have a litter of snot-nosed brats and expect society to give them hand-outs. What's the matter, can't find a real reason why I should pay MORE money out to these people"

what a sick perverted childish "republican" you are. you are a disgrace to Abe Lincoln. And for your brain, if there's any left from the drug use - you are paying less under Obama than under Bush - Bush also gave you $4 a gallon gas because he was in bed with the oil giants.

1813 days ago


the guy has been fighting along with farmers up in northern california to get the irrigation turned back on for their fields none of the farms are working now because there is no water to irrigate with . many people are on unemployment because of this .and that has reduced the produce quanties beging produced in california this year . his mom has a farm in the area. the water was shut off because of a tiny little fish that is not endangered. he probably has an ulcer from all the stress

1813 days ago


How about stomach flu...hollywood people are the biggest cry babies.

1813 days ago


I'll bet the farm it's gas.

1813 days ago
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