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Police Report Against

Sean Penn

10/2/2009 9:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1002_sean_penn_ex-1Sean Penn went ballistic on a paparazzo this afternoon -- and we've learned the photog just filed a police report against the actor.

The cameraman -- Jordan Dawes (not a TMZ guy) -- is accusing Penn of battery after a confrontation near the Brentwood Country Mart in Los Angeles, where Sean had just eaten lunch.

Penn was seen kicking and hitting the photographer on a side-street multiple times before leaving.

Sean's rep had no comment.


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Consider the source. This is the man who praised Obama while accepting his Academy Award.

1848 days ago


Nothings changed.Sean Penn is still an a-hole

1848 days ago


Where I live I see many celebrities out in public. They can walk right by me and I will say "hello" that is it. I don't care who it is, I don't bug them, bother them, stop to talk, ask for an autograph or anything. Basically, I just keep moving.

1848 days ago


Don't feel too bad for the photographer. I'm sure inside he was thinking "I'm gonna be rich, btch!" while getting pummeled! Bet he's a TMZ reporter! cha-ching!!!!!!

1848 days ago


Pap smears are lower than toilet bowl cleaners .
They invade other's space instead of getting pictures at a reasonable distance , they look and dress like homeless individuals and tell me , has anyone EVER seen a good looking pap? They seem to all belong to the same ugly club.
Most of them have body odor issues as well .
Being respectful is acceptable, being a hard up pain in the azz is a whole other situation and I would have loved to have seen Sean smash the lowlife papsmear into a passing car's side window, now that would have made for a good picture...

1848 days ago


Take his money. Send him to jail. I wish he would try that crap with me. I would rip that punk a new a$$hole. He'd be crying like the little communist Chavez loving Chey guavarra D!ck sucking Castro Cheek Spreading GayBoy kissing Worthless piece of crap that he is.

1848 days ago


Sean Penn likes to get his c**k s*ck*d by young's old wonder he hates cameras!!!!!!!!

1848 days ago


Serves the pap, any pap right.

1848 days ago


The reason Sean Penn is so angry towards everyone is because his dad was a communist and blacklisted in the 1950. Sean Penn felt his Dad was tortured by the press. Eileen Ryan Penn, mother of Sean Penn, on her husband and Sean's father was a blacklisted Communist meeting attender. Actually there is no place in the United States for communist liberals like Sean Penn. I hope he goes to jail again for hitting photogs. He spent 32 days for it last time. Plain and simple Sean Penn is a jerk.

1848 days ago

The Seer    

He's such a funny little man!

1848 days ago


Met Sean Penn back when he was married to his skanky wife Madonna. Was in a social setting where he and Madonna were supposedly there to show support to the particular cause. They ate up the camera time out front, couldn't get enough of it. But even at such an event, Penn was a total douchebag, acting like he was the reason everyone was there, and when cameras were elsewhere, at one time he even yelled out drunkenly "Hey you with the camera! Here's where your stars are!" (then made kinda of a crotch grabbing gesture like crude guys do) (Mind you, there were others stars there like Pierce Brosnan, Liam Neeson, and Alex Baldwin. So I can't stand the stinky, smelly punk, could never understand how Robin Wright could marry it, but oh well. I wish he'd get some hard time for this, but alas, it's LA.... slap on the wrist.

1848 days ago


You he is only 5-9, short little guy. I guess he has short man complex and thats why he thinks he such a bear. ok, cub.

1848 days ago


Penn is mad because his celeb friend roman polanski is in jail still and he had to take it out on someone so...the pap was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

1848 days ago


He is mentally ill and has been for years. Why do you think his wife FINALLY is divorcing him for good!!!

1848 days ago


I'm far from a Sean Penn fan but, It's about time celeb's start beating down the paps. There out of control. One had the nerve to sue Britney Spears because she ran over his little foot. If I had been driving I'd have ran over more than his foot. High five to Sean for giving that bastard what he deserved a Beat down.

1848 days ago
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