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Polanski Agreed to Pay Off Victim in 1993

10/2/2009 5:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Court docs that just surfaced say Roman Polanski agreed to pay his victim $500,000 in damages back in 1993 -- but records don't show if he ever paid.

The last court filing shows the amount increased to $604,000 in1996 due to interest.

Polanski hasn't lived in the US since he fled in 1978.


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I am so thankful there are people posting here exactly how I feel.
Chris Rock said it best...never seen a "hot" 13 year old.
Now I have to take my bottle of quaaludes and booze and have a mutual agreement with the banks.

1849 days ago


Pedophiles should get the death penalty. Period. They cannot be allowed back into society. They do not change and will not stop.

1849 days ago


How can a bankrupt country...bail out bankrupt banks???????

1849 days ago



1848 days ago


Yo, concerned actor, you aren't fooling anyone. If you were such a proud actor you'd have put your name on here. You just want to stir everyone up. That's ok. People are already pretty pissed over it all. If you really are an actor, be assured that almost nothing that is put out there anymore is worth spending money on so it shouldn't make that much difference. It's all crap.
Hollywood elites want to have a big name, go to places to be seen and have people, the regular, unimportant people, kept 50 feet away from them. And yes, we do get to critcize them. Despite their best efforts, we have freedom of speech.
I used to love Hollywood and thought they were people of honor and did good in the world. Some do. But many are just fanous now for being famous. Others are famous for great work but have no time for fans or pictures. Hell, we just have to guess what Leo looks like anymore. He won't even look at the camera unless he's being paid. What's that about. Or it is just TMZ that makes him crazy?
I have no idea. I'm just common folk.
So, no, I am guessing no one is worried about hurting your business. Polanski should have thought of that when he was committing a CRIME against a 13 year old in 1977.
And the jerks that signed the petition supporting that crime should have thought about it before protecting "one of their own".

1848 days ago


Posted Oct 2nd 2009 4:08PM by TMZ Staff

Court docs that just surfaced say Roman Polanski agreed to pay his victim $500,000 in damages back in 1993 -- but records don't show if he ever paid.

The last court filing shows the amount increased to $604,000 in1996 due to interest.

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1847 days ago


****************APPLAUDING TELYA*********************



1847 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

No matter what Whoopi Goldberg or Debra Winger say, this man still stands as an accused rapist, he pled guilty, then fled to France. If he were just an everday Joe, would people be defending him the same way? I think not. Polanski drugged this child and forced himself on her even as she begged him to takeher home. He publicly admitted he likes young girls. Upon fleeing to France, he almost immediately started "dating" Natasha Kinski who was only 15 years old. There is not a special standard for show business people and the celebrity element should stop defending Polanski's behavior. They are causing people to take a dimmer view of Hollywood's moral standards than they already have.

1850 days ago

Justin is Calling    

How much did Barack Obama's brother pay the victim when he raped a thirteen year old girl in England last year?

Not a dime - he claimed diplomatic immunity!

1850 days ago


Didn't Polanski getting arrested open up a can of worms for Hollywood and the Movie Business " Elite ". Talking down and being condescending to the very people whose money you depend on for your Lame Ass Productions any more wasn't the smartest thing to do. Like it or not were your Employers and it's never good to piss off the Boss!!

1850 days ago


Here is a list of film industry people who signed a petition to free polanski. This is from news sources. The Smoking Gun site has the court testimony and plea agreement. Martin Scosese,Woody Allen, David Lynch, Wim Wenders, Pedro Almodouar, Tilda Swinton, Monica Bellucci, Peter Fonda, Terry Gillium, Buck Henry, John Landis, Walter Saiias, Richard Pena, Marc Sandburg, Penelope Cruz. There are 138 on the list most of them are Foreign film people.

1850 days ago


When you plead guilty in court to rape, isn't it too late to pay off your victim? I'm not sure...

1850 days ago


Ahhhhhhh!! Now the clouds part and reason as to why the victim now says to let it go as to prosecuting Polanski as she's been payed off by him and may continue to do so if she now says to not put him on trial. But, he must pay the piper. Doesn't she know that it's for all victims of sexual abuse that he must not get away with it even if time has passed. He's still guilty!!

1850 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Anyone who supports Roman Polanski supports oral, vaginal and anal rape of a 13 year old girl, whom you drugged up with a Quaalude and with champagne and did this even though she was crying.

I never need to see another Debra Winger movie, and will never watch The View again. Same goes for the douche directors Martin Scorcese, Woody Allen and others who are "outraged" over this. Huffy, much?

Gosh, $500,000 as rape pay off (and you don't pay)?

I say ring the fugly rapist guy up for ten years and let the rest take care of itself. This is a crime against the girl, but also society. He has to pay society for his crimes. That is how the legal system works.

1850 days ago

Ken S    

This guy is a pedophile. Bottom line he needs to be in prison. I can't believe anyone would think any other way. is it because he's rich, smart, talented, etc ? Is that what this boils down to ? he raped a 13 year old girl. If it had happened last week would it be ok to punish him for it ? People are so stupid.

1850 days ago
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