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Chris Rock -- My 'Nappy' Lawsuit

10/5/2009 11:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Rock's documentary about African-American hairstyles is as phony as the extensions on Paris Hilton's head, according to a new lawsuit.

Regina Kimbell says she showed Chris her 2005 documentary, "My Nappy Roots," on the set of his TV series, "Everybody Hates Chris," back in 2007. Then, according to the suit filed in U.S. District Court in downtown L.A., he stole the idea for his documentary, "Good Hair," which will open on Friday.

Kimbell's film features celebs who discuss styles like the conk, the Afro, the Jheri curl and dreadlocks. Rock's film also uses celebs to look at the efforts black women use to get that European look.

Kimbel wants no less than $5 mil in damages.


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That sucks. Hope Chris didn't really do what he's being accused of.

1842 days ago


I can believe the story, Chris is so unoriginal. I must be the only one on the planet that thinks he is not funny.

1842 days ago


Everybody wants money. leave Chris alone

1842 days ago


He don't know his baby daddy

1842 days ago


Where did he break the law? She made a movie about black hair using celebrities, he made a movie about black hair using celebrities (among other things) -- there is no law against that. And there is nothing stopping me from doing the same if I wish. She does not own the "hair" genre anymore than Stephen Speilberg owns the rights to movies with big fish that kill swimmers. When "ideas" are not "exactly the same" and not "protected" they are up for grabs.

1842 days ago


that seems about right... All his movies sucked, so it figures that he would have to steal somebody elses to try to find a winner.

1842 days ago


If he stole her idea, she needs to put it to him. The rich & powerful seem to think that they are "privileged" and above the rest of us. Shame on him!!!!

1842 days ago


@Erika, yes you are.

1842 days ago


Yep, I can see it. He's just goofy, loud and not funny. To be honest us blacks don't get you Chris. I believe Kimbell WILL expose you.. shame on you. If you ain't got it you ain't got it... don't go steal someone else thought and expect to gain from it. Sit on it for a while, see she did not excel and felt time to take it upon yourself to make money off someone else originality. SHAME ON YOU!!!

1842 days ago

Carl Carlson    

I was going to say that his movie probably won't gross 5 million.

Then again Tyler Perry makes a ton of money off of those crappy Medea movies, so maybe this woman should sue for more.

1842 days ago


Complicated story... Who is telling the truth??? I don't know... I couldn't put my hands on fire for anyone of them.

1842 days ago


Chris can be funny, with other people's scripts, and if they're right for him, but I've never seen/heard him be funny with stuff of his own, or on talk shows. When he's on his own or with a not-so-good script, he's as boring as watching a snail climb a plant. So I suppose there could be something to this. If so, get him for every penny you can, Kimbell.

1842 days ago


Crhis is the funniest man alive and the realest...some People don't get it because they have never lived it...Everything he has ever spoke about has been the realest and most relatable to African American communities. But, this is a possibility. she probably showed it to him but time and a judge and jury will be the ones to judge unless he settles this out of court...

1842 days ago

Sing Sing    

as an aside, i have to say that i don't know why black people (esp women) go on and on about their hair if they are the only people on earth who have beauty hang-ups. it pisses me off. i was blessed with long hair (naturally wavy, but i blow it out) and i get evil stares from black women on the regular...especially if i wear it out. some of them compliment me on it, but others just give me dirty looks and don't say a word. i mean, seriously, enough already! black people should wake up and realize that they have one of the most valuable gifts on earth--amazing skin! do you know how much light-skinned women spend on skin care? it's insane. white women are as obsessed with their skin and getting rid of wrinkles as black women are about their hair. each and every race has physical strengths and weaknesses (black, white, asian, hispanic, middle eastern/mediterranean, etc.). so i think black people should just let go of this hair hangup of theirs. just deal with it in private and stop projecting your stress and frustrations onto others. white women don't do that to you when they see your gorgeous skin. so do we have a deal here???

1842 days ago


What a ripoff. If what she says is true Rock completely stole her idea. What a pig.

1842 days ago
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