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Travolta Still Tight With Scientology

10/5/2009 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta John Travolta has not broken from Scientology, contrary to recent reports ... this according to sources connected to John.

Travolta testified in the Bahamian extortion case that his late son, Jett, was autistic. Until his testimony, Travolta never publicly acknowledged Jett's illness.

Travolta's silence on autism in years past was consistent with Scientology's unofficial position on the subject.

We're told some Scientology bigwigs are unhappy with John's recognition of Jett's condition, but Travolta remains "firmly committed" to the Church. In fact, we're told, he has used Scientology as "therapy" in trying to cope with Jett's death.

John, we're told, has never had his faith in Scientology shaken in the months following his son's death.


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I am so sad that the Travolta's have not been able to let their son rest in peace.

I keep hearing people speak negative about Scientology, but have yet to meet a bad person who is a Scientologist. I mean has anyone met bad person who is a Scientologist? The Travolta's are a really nice family; the Cruise's are an amazing family. I mean why the noise about Scientology? Who really cares?

1753 days ago


so sad! anyone to have to loose a child especially when they are not 100% well is a nightmare! i only wish him and his family the best!! i do truly love johns movies i watched grease the other night while i was sippin on my chrome soda!

1753 days ago


36. Fuzzynormal~ I've studied many religions and I will say that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints should in no way be compared to the wackiness/cult of Scientology. Scientology was "created" by L. Ron Hubbard because he was poor and needed money, and there's nothing about the Savior or atonement in their "religion". It's all alien b.s. structured to get money. Mormons (a nickname because of the Book of Mormon) claim divine Priesthood authority, passed down directly from the Lord and his ancient Prophets and they claim their Church has a living Prophet and 12 apostles. The Book of Mormon teaches to believe in Christ. Not some Alien. They believe in the principal of tithing, just like in the Lord's ancient Church, but it's completely voluntary.

Posted at 11:10AM on Oct 5th 2009 by Jennifer

Yeah but what about that secret underwear?????????????????????????????
Gettin they freak on.

1753 days ago


Courage, you typed Scientology, LDS, Catholic, Protestant. You were not clear that you thought all religions are cults because you only referred to those 4. I hope you have a spiritual experience someday that leads you to search out the truth. Bless you.

1753 days ago

Mustang Voodoo    

I work about 200 yards from where JT parks his personal plane in Clearwater FL. It's here ALL the time.

1753 days ago


Amazing that $cientology-the cult of greed, power and quackery- decides that autism is now a "medical condition" and that they have no "official position" on the condition. What a load of crap. They suddenly have no position because they're afraid of losing one of their celebrity cash cows. And even if his commitment to $cientology were "shaken" none of the sources close to John would admit that. They're ALL $cientologists.

The fact is, this made up "religion" is deadly. L Ron Hubbard's ramblings and the cult's absolute greed are a recipe for disaster, as we've seen so many times. Google "Lisa McPherson" or "Elie Perkins" to see how well Hubbard's saunas and useless tech really work.

$cientology-it's FAR worse than you think.

1753 days ago


Scientology is a rip off. It disconnect families. It's incredibly harmful. The bad stuff you read on the net about Scientology is 95% true. You tube Scientology and wantch the craziness!

Join the "Anonymous" movement and protest at your local org. But be careful, their free game policy will allow them to film you, harass you, identify you and destroy you utterly without regret.
Google "free game policy".

1753 days ago


Courage, isn't it sad how so many don't see the difference? You forgot to add Santa & the Easter Bunny (that evil pagan!) to the list. Let me know if you want to do coffee. Rational conversation is such a rarity. You might want to view "A Brief History of Atheism", if you haven't already. It's right up your alley.

Yours in sanity,

1753 days ago

John Davis    

John Travolta never was anything but solidly with Scientology. Like all the "bad news" about Scientology, the rumors that "he was leaving" were manufactured out of someone's imagination. It's absolutely amazing to me that the Scientology haters will go to the lengths they do to try to put it down. They "quote" Hubbard as saying things that he probably never said in his life or they omit context to try to make it seem that he is saying something totally different. For example the one that's often bandied about is "The only way to control people is to lie to them." If you listen to the whole lecture, you will know that Hubbard is not suggesting this as a way to control people but letting people know how they ARE being controlled by government and the media. Which is very curious to me, because this is the MAIN method the Scientology haters use. THEY LIE ABOUT SCIENTOLOGY IN ORDER TO INFLUENCE PEOPLE AGAINST IT.

If you want to find out about Scientology, read a book actually written by Hubbard, published, with his name on it.

And also realize that everyone who calls himself an "ex-Scientologist" is not a very truthful person, because one of the steps to graduating any course in Scientology is stating that you were satisfied with the course and writing a success story to show what you got out of it. So either they lied at the time when they said that were happy with it or later on, under the influence of someone or other and tried to change what they had said.

In any case, you can never rely on this kind of person for an objective view of Scientology.

Read Hubbards published works. They are available in libraries. Free.

John Davis

1751 days ago


Scientology helps me live a very happy life.

1393 days ago


Scientology started calling itself a "religion" back in the '70s in order to get the tax breaks.

1374 days ago
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