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David Letterman: I Hurt My Wife 'Horribly'

10/6/2009 1:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Speaking in a far more serious tone than he did last week -- David Letterman admitted on tonight's show how his wife Regina "has been horribly hurt by my behavior."

David continued by saying, "If you hurt a person, and it's your responsibility, you try to fix it ... so let me tell you folks, I have my work cut out for me."

Before addressing the situation with his wife, David was a bit more jovial -- apologizing to his staff members for subjecting them to all the drama caused by his situation ... then cracking a joke about hooking up with his announcer, Alan Kalter.

David also wanted to make it clear that his sexual exploits with staff members were a "thing of the past."


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Don't say it!!!!!!!! Stupid old man!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahaa.

1811 days ago


I love the Dave Letterman show. I hope he can straighten out his life and this mess. I feel sorry for his wife and child. I am sure she is very, very hurt. He should be ashamed of himself for doing that, but so many men think they can do whatever and it's okay as long as they don't get caught.

1811 days ago

Jason has all the info on david letterman and what he did

1811 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! Maybe that's why he had a heart attack-- to much exertion!

1811 days ago


When's the divorce

1811 days ago


It was his responsibility not to hurt his wife horribly in the first place.

DL is a very shallow man. I'd leave him. Womanizers don't feel deeply about any woman.

1811 days ago


What's the big deal? It's not like he is a politician or some sort of moral leader. He wasn't even married when this is supposed to happen. Move on.

1811 days ago

mai le    

i hate cheater!!!

1811 days ago


Let this guy have Woody Allen, Roman Polanski and Bill Clinton as guests to the show...

1811 days ago


hows it hurting his wife if she couldn't keep him happy thats why he cheated on his wife in the first place so he sleeped around with a younger hotter chick so do a billion other people in the u.s and other counties allover the world and why over half of relationships / marrages fail in devore it's not a big deal who cares besides who would u rather sleep with a hot young chick that wants u or a old washed up hag that isn't willing and or says no child please lol

1811 days ago


Never been a fan, but really don't care about any of this.

Rich old guy slept with the women around him? I'm just appalled.
That never happens.

1811 days ago


Get off the air, you pervert. You've ruined the lives of every woman who works or has worked on your show. Resign. Bobbitt yourself.

1811 days ago

Sing Sing    

steve, you're just as sick and twisted as dave. you sound like an animal. animals and barbarians treat each other like pieces of meat. civilized people place value on more than just the body and looks. but you wouldn't know that since you're a pig. good luck in life.

1811 days ago


why thank u sing but just too let u know with the devorce rate as high as it is i'm not the only one every buddy cheats one way or another and yea i'm doing verry well in life i'm a multi millionaire and unlike dave have a hot gf that knows how too keep a man happy what ever child plz who cares keep on the subject when u have a comment ppl

1811 days ago


If this had been one incident, or even a few incidents, I would be more impressed by Letterman's apology. However, he was just doinkin' around having a great old time until he got caught. I doubt that thoughts were going through his mind about how much he was hurting his family when he was screwing around. It just kills me how men are always sooooooo sorry about hurting people once they get caught. He didn't just have sex, he had "relationships" that went on for years. I feel so sorry for his wife and son.

1811 days ago
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