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David Letterman: I Hurt My Wife 'Horribly'

10/6/2009 1:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Speaking in a far more serious tone than he did last week -- David Letterman admitted on tonight's show how his wife Regina "has been horribly hurt by my behavior."

David continued by saying, "If you hurt a person, and it's your responsibility, you try to fix it ... so let me tell you folks, I have my work cut out for me."

Before addressing the situation with his wife, David was a bit more jovial -- apologizing to his staff members for subjecting them to all the drama caused by his situation ... then cracking a joke about hooking up with his announcer, Alan Kalter.

David also wanted to make it clear that his sexual exploits with staff members were a "thing of the past."


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From what I've seen of these women (including his wife), I'd say that Dave's taste is questionable.

1851 days ago


Sorry? My arse! He'd do it again in a heartbeat.

1851 days ago


Men never learn and they only think with their little heads....
just like Former President Clinton. They think of their own pleasure and they think for the moment. They never stop to think how they would react if their spouse was unfaithful to them.
Men should stop and realize how much hurt this causes a spouse and their children and learn to keep it zipped up.
If women are that desperate, they should go buy a vibrator!

1851 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

David Letterman: I Hurt My Wife 'Horribly'

< >AS IF HYPOCRITE REALLY CARED< > Anyone that makes a joke out of SIN will get what he desirves one day. Then he can decide if it's so funny.

1851 days ago


Men are so lowly. He didn't think to apologize to his wife (and the mother of his son) during his first announcement when he said he slept with all these women. Now he makes jokes first, apologizes to the staff second and then- like an afterthought mentions hurting "a person" without even an apology. You wonder why women initiate the vast majority of divorces and why there are so many divorces today? It's because men are- and have always been- selfish, lowly worms who care about NOTHING AND NOBODY but themselves. Where are all of those "men's rights" group members yelling about how MEN SHOULD BE BEHAVING BETTER? Then we'd have less divorce! I suppose when she divorces him she will be called a "money grubber" and "gold digger". Men are disgusting.

1851 days ago


hey david....
i don't care if you are hung like a horse and a ZILLIONAIRE.
You are Not Hot. You are Old. anybody who does it with you
only would do it for the $$$$ (or hope of financial gain).
You are a loser in my book!

1851 days ago


Who really cares about this??? This is not news.

1851 days ago

moe l. he didn't laugh this time when he was apologizing?
Where is NOW? Haven't heard from them. Where's all the people shouting for his resignation? Haven't heard from them.

This guy's audience is the double-standard-liberals who will just laugh it off as him being "that ol' Dave". If he was a conservative he'd be charged with sexual harrassment and sued for $5MM.

1851 days ago


Hmmmmmmm - If you had your pick would you want to be 'the victim' of an extortionist or a sexual predator that also happens to be your boss - it always comes down to the same ole dilemma "which is more important - money or morals?" The answer is obvious here - Morally, he never felt compelled to 'confess' - BUT, threaten his money & everything changes....AND - he said he 'didn't think ahead' about the consequences - That's just ridiculous & a test of everyone's intelligence. The problem was HE WAS THINKING A HEAD & that's all he wanted, no matter..........

1851 days ago


Why is he acting like a victim? He's not at all. And I wish he would be trying to collect some sympathy from his audience.

1851 days ago


Hey Dave,

Get a freakin therapist, your audience (what little of it there is) doesn't want to hear you lament about your woes at home.....

1851 days ago


he should have been apologizing last week, the FIRST time he brought up this big mess. it's like he is apologizing now as an afterthought...."Hmmmm, public opinion is pretty negative...I know! I'll just apologize on Monday. That should clear things up!" he's completely insincere. all he cares about is his ratings. not his wife, not his kid, nothing. JUST RATINGS.
-a dave fan NO LONGER

1851 days ago


What humility???? The man is a jerk!!!! He keeps bringing this crap up because his ratings went up. Does he care about his wife? No. If he did he wouldn't have screwed the women.

Letterman's time has come to say goodbye. He is a dirty OLD man they thinks it's funny to make snide comments about 13 year old girls, sleep with employees and just keep on smiling.

He's perverted.

1851 days ago


hey for the guy who said he is sleeping around with a much hotter chick
that has nothing to do with it
angelina jolie has been cheated on
so has Denise Richards Halle Berry
these hot women have been cheated on
nothing to do with how hot you sill guy
and do we know if it was during his marriage yet?
is that why he apologized

1851 days ago


This guy means this apology about as much as Jon G. does when he says he wants to work things out with Kate and about as much as Kate means it when she says she hopes the old Jon will call her one day soon.....EVERYTHING IS $$$$ AND KEEPING THE FAME WITH THESE DISGUISTING PEOPLE!!! Hope the ALL lose their shows!!!

1851 days ago
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