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Katy Perry & Russell Brand's Grave Situation

10/9/2009 12:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hipster lovers Katy Perry and Russell Brand went on a date to a cemetery in Paris yesterday ... to see Jim Morrison's grave.


The plot thickens with these two.


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the truth hurts huh    

This cemetery, Pere Lachaise, is really amazing - and worth the visit if you ever go to Paris. Many renowned artists throughout history are buried there - some of their tombstones quite impressive. The whole thing with Jim Morrison's tombstone was that it was a very plain slab - nothing fancy. Unfortunately, people went and painted symbols and stuff all over the tombstone and in that area - desecrating people's sacred resting places. Maybe rock 'n roll should have gone somewhere else (do love The Doors, though).

Chopin ... Moliere ... Balzac ... Oscar Wilde ... Sarah Bernhardt ... Isadora Duncan ... Gertrude Stein ... Edith Piaf ... Marcel Marceau .........

If you don't know who those people are - it might be a good time to take a break from TMZ and go enjoy getting an education in the arts!

1808 days ago


That's just nasty. Very bad judgement on Katie's part. She's now tainted. The guy is/used to be a heroin and crack addict for God's sake. He certainly comes off as a sex addict.

1808 days ago

Trooper Tom    

This guy always looks like he needs a good wash with his greasy hair and thift shop clothing (no insult to thrift shops)

1808 days ago


please, hipsters? an awful term and an awful genre, but calling these two "put me in an outfit and make me look rock n' roll" wannabe's, hipsters??.. you put even hipsters to shame, which ironically they totally dig.

1808 days ago


This guy has got to be one truly annoying individual to be around!!! Full of his own self-worth....

1808 days ago


First Travis McCoy, now this guy. And wasn't she going with Benji Madden for awhile?? What awful taste in men. She should be going out with me.

1808 days ago



I visited Paris a few years ago and we passed by Les Parais cemetery, though I didn't go inside :( So many literary, entertainment, and memorable individuals are buried at this cemetery. Paris is one of the most breathtaking cities in the world. Hope everyone is lucky enough to visit it some day, even though the French dislike us.

1808 days ago



1808 days ago


For someone so pretty and intelligent, Katy seems to have terrible taste in men.

1808 days ago


Paps have nothing better to do then follow celebs to a graveyard? I honestly find nothing wrong with going to see a famous person grave, how many people go and see Elvis's grave each year?

I think Russel is an okay person, he had a problem with drugs and all but he cleaned his life up

1808 days ago

Claire Elizabeth    

To miss katy you are beautiful and your doing nothing wrong follow your heart and if its with him for now so be it. Who the hell cares what others think. And that would be awesome to go to a grave yard for a date to see some ones grave you idolize. =)

1806 days ago


Thay look like twins!

1805 days ago


i like them both

1805 days ago


they look cute together..they both have a sense of humor and they're both sexy..yes, i think russel brand is hott (:

1804 days ago


You lot are so frikking pathetic! hes a good man, and shes an awsome singer, they have done well in there lives, i would love to live up to them! all u can do is search the internet for poxy gossip and then slate em! ure all fooking council estate s***! go get ure heat mag and ure kit kat and go catch aids from yer chavvy kids! peace x

1503 days ago
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