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Soulja Boy Arrested for Running from Cops

10/9/2009 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja boyRap star Soulja Boy was arrested in Georgia Wednesday night after authorities say he ran from a police officer.

According to a police spokesperson, an officer got a call about juveniles hanging out at an abandoned house in the Henry County area.

Cops say when the officer rolled up to the home, he saw some women walking towards the yard and asked them to stop -- but when they didn't, he followed them into the yard.

The officer says when he walked inside, he saw roughly 40 people in the yard -- and when they saw the cop, half of the people immediately booked it out of the home, including 19-year-old Soulja Boy.

The people who stayed in the party claimed they were at the house for a "music video shoot."

The cop says Soulja eventually returned to the home to retrieve his Range Rover -- and that's when he was arrested for obstruction of justice ... a misdemeanor.

Celebrity Mug ShotsSoulja Boy, real name Deandre Cortez Way, was taken to jail and released.

Another man was arrested during the incident for forgery -- cops tell us the suspect had eight counterfeit $100 bills. Cops also say they recovered a 9mm handgun in one of the cars in the driveway of the house -- but they don't know who the gun belongs to.


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What a Dumbass!

1807 days ago


Who the HELL cares

1807 days ago


He should have been arrested for having a dumb @ss rapper name.

1807 days ago



1807 days ago


wow scott, a bit racist?

1807 days ago


Of course Scott posted the comments "2nd" and "3rd"..all idiot losers with no lives who live in their mothers' basements do that, duh!!!!

1807 days ago


I have just two requests:

1. Stop using made up names for morons, they must use what their mothers gave them.

2. Jail all rappers immediately, '(c)rap' is not music.

1807 days ago


TMZ Please get some news on MURRAY instead of this, everyday I keep looking to see if you have any news on MURRAY, all you have told us is baby problems for him so far. We want to know if he's in hiding or what?

1807 days ago

whats up Doctors    

The only reason he ran, was to ditch his dope, Its easier to take an obstruction charge,misdemeanor, than to take a felony charge of cocaine possession with intent to sell,cause ya know being the head rapper you have to supply enough for everybody,probably a couple of ounces, a 10-20 year charge,Stupid lil wanna be thugs....Oh an Soulja Boy, if ya never served your country in the military,loose the name,You disrespect everyone who has fought, died and served,This country,Punk Azz

1807 days ago


Typical rapper/thug behavior, run from the cops. Since most rapper/thugs are black one could easily get the impression that all blacks are rapper/thug lawbreakers. While this isn't necessarily correct I don't see the black community doing much to dispel the impression. After the killing video in Chicago, maybe it is correct.

1807 days ago

whats up Doctors    

He just looks likes is a ready for an azz whoopin, and there is plenty of people out here that will give him a good ole fashion azz whoopin' free of charge,Well maybe a couple of will take his shcitt also lmaorotf

1807 days ago


Hey Scott, Vanilla Ice II would have been a better name huh!

1807 days ago


Typical rapper behavior?

Then by that stanadard, one should assume all white men are child molesters right?

That seems to me to be crime of choice for your guys, kiddie porn, every time we see some story on the news involving child rape its seem like its always a white guy right?

White men just kill me. Thinking they have a one up on the black man all the time. Hilarious.

Oh and I'm a white girl, whom is married to a former white red-neck with a bad attitute. now reformed thanks to me.
I don't play that tough white guy, better then you race crap.

But...most important here, who runs form the cops in a Range Rover? If one is going to run, make sure you can get away.

1807 days ago


Bob From Florida

I'm just going to make an assumption here. Just throwing it out there...

You are a red-neck right? You are so typical of Florida red-necks that I need to point that out to you. I bet they let you vote and reproduce huh?

1807 days ago


Nahhhh not a racist I hate everyone equally, just kil;ling time at work obvious duhhhhhhhh burrrrrrrrrrrp.

1807 days ago
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