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Mickey Rourke -- 'I Meant What I Said'

10/11/2009 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey Rourke should quit while he's ahead. But he's not even ahead, so he should just quit.

Rourke offered up a ton of reasons to our guy in New York yesterday for why he has no problem saying the word f**got -- even going as far as playing the "I have more gay friends than any 50 straight people I know" card.

On Friday, we asked if Mickey was homophobic -- 60% said yes. How 'bout now?


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Kooky Fan    

MICKEY ISN'T THE TYPE to PUSH IN another guys STOOL (if you get my drift) He's a Mans man.

1839 days ago


I don't think Mickey's homophobic - I think he's a product of his upbringing and this term would have been commonplace. I think that as someone in the public eye however, he should think a bit more about the word and its meaning. The word is offensive and even if Mickey doesn't personally load the word this way, it's a loaded word. So, come on Mickey wise up and take responsibility. Don't use the word and don't use the football analogy - dropping the ball's to do with limp wrists, ok? It is out of order.

1839 days ago


Faaggs are so gay.

1839 days ago


Gay shades.

1839 days ago


I'd call him gruff or insensitive maybe, but I prefer a genuine jerk to some hypocritical PC-bot or a gay who thinks the world owes him/her something.

1839 days ago


Remember that old Dire Straits song, That Ain't Working? Its still played round the country all the time. It says "Look at that little f*****t with with the earring and the make up, that little f****t is a millionaire." Rourke is not a homophobe, a lot of guys used that term back in the day, it was not considered bad back then. So long as raido stations still play Dire Straits, why trash Mickey! He seems like a really cool guy.

1839 days ago


The man says what he means & means what he says.

1839 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

If Rourke has as many gay friends as he says, then those friends will be as offended as the rest of the gay community for what he said. And then to hear him say he "meant what he said"... even moreso.

This is the 11th anniversary of the death of Matthew Shephard-- a young man who was strapped up to a fence, beaten and left for dead-- because he was gay.

GLAAD had every right, and thankfully so, to step up and make a statement when this was released the first time.

For homophobes, including Rourke: words mean something-- and they can hurt others - not just feelings - but can lead to violence from deepseeded and unfounded hatred for other HUMANS.

This household won't watch any further movies or projects with Rourke in them. Hatred and deflamatory comments have no business in entertainment.

1839 days ago


One man putting his penis in another mans anus is not a cause for celebration.

1839 days ago


How can he be homophobic, if he is a homo?

1839 days ago

who cares    

do you realize homophobic means someone is AFRAID of gay people? he might be a hater (a lot of people are, get over it), but I doubt that if he met a gay person (which I'm quite sure he has), he'd run away in fear or have a panic attack. tmz, please (this is WAY too much to ask, I know), look up words before you use them. that might be hard, but it's called using a dictionary. it involves reading.

1839 days ago


Mickey 1

1839 days ago


Seems to me that it's irrelevant whether or not Rourke is homophobic. The issue is that many people, Rourke among them, use words like that as being synonymous with "stupid," "incompetent," etc. If that doesn't bother you, it probably means you're not a member of that group and you can't see what it's like to be talked about that way.

1839 days ago


While I am also tired of this story, I think Mickey is completely out of line. I don't think he's homophobic in any way. What I do think he is is arrogant and ignorant to what that word means to so many people.

And don't even get me started on all of these politically correct, liberal, conservative comments people have made. It's all ridiculous and if you genuinely think the things you posted then God help us all.

1839 days ago


Phobia by definition means fear.

The only homophobes are the people (social terrorists) who are trying to prevent free speech and thought.

Mickey Rourke is ten times the man his limp wristed critics wish they were.

1839 days ago
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