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Mickey Rourke -- 'I Meant What I Said'

10/11/2009 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey Rourke should quit while he's ahead. But he's not even ahead, so he should just quit.

Rourke offered up a ton of reasons to our guy in New York yesterday for why he has no problem saying the word f**got -- even going as far as playing the "I have more gay friends than any 50 straight people I know" card.

On Friday, we asked if Mickey was homophobic -- 60% said yes. How 'bout now?


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And for those that still say Matthew with killed because he was gay..

1803 days ago


Maybe we should just update George Carlin's 7 Words you Can't Say on TV too Like 700 Words you cant say to one another then maybe every in F***ing world will be happy COol?

1803 days ago


Maybe we should just update George Carlin's 7 Words you Can't Say on TV too Like 700 Words you cant say to one another then maybe everyone in the F***ing world will be happy COol?

1803 days ago


and im sure ill piss someone off with that opps maybe i cant say "piss" now.

1803 days ago


TMZ, ask if it is bad genes or bad surgery.. gosh i am so bad.. i LOVED him in "91/2 weeks" but he had to have had some bad surgery.. he was too pretty to age this way

1803 days ago


As far as I’m concerned he “Somewhat Recently” made a movie of some sorts with Winona Ryder (Not that I went to see it because I don’t watch Winona Ryder’s “Art”.. So something is not checking out in whichever spectrum you look at it..

1803 days ago


mickey has a face that only a gay man could love, plus look at those lips... i believe he had them pumped up to suck something and i'm not talking about lollipops. all i want to know is does he spit or swallow?

1803 days ago


I don't think that Mickey is a homophobe, I just think he's tackless.

1803 days ago


I have lots o f gay friends , I'm a woman and I'm not homophopoic,whose the moron? in other words you can't say "I have black friends" because that will make you racist? what the hell can we say with you nit pickers? When are people going to stop with Mickey Rourke, he's done more and better pictures than Tom Cruise, who I think is just a weirdo, but no one picks on him. whats up with this TMZ, slow news day? picking on the underdog? missed the boat though, he's not an underdog. I am not a homophobe and I am growing weary of hearing gay people complaining, anyone who tries to keep you from saying whats on your mind, even if the truth hurts, is going against the constitution and is therefore un-American, hows that! You are also racist against whites, straight people and Americas law of free speech so now shut up. Dayumm.

1803 days ago


I forgot to add, I read your first particle on this incident and what people said and if only the people in this blog voted on it then I would hav eto say your poll is wrong or you are lying. Most people couldn't figure out why you were dogging this guy in the first place, you looked desperate to start something and I guess you did, feel better now booby? I doubt whether people who voted just off the board without reading any of the replies in here would even know what they were voiting on. How low can you go.

1803 days ago

Linda Mott    

it is very sad when someone comes out and ma-lines another because of their beliefs. Micky made an anti gay comment and Perez Hilton does it to strait people, too, they are both wrong.

1803 days ago

Larry D. Crumbley    

FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Remember that folks? He is able to say what he wants to a certain extent. BOO-HOO for the homosexual loving deviants out in Holy-Weird. Bad Mickey you said a no-no according to them. It seems like every so-called actor has there favorite little pet no a days and it looks like the majority of the actors in Holly-Weird have taken on the immoral LIFE STYLE OF HOMOSEXUALITY, AND LESBIANISM. KIND OF MAKES YOU WONDER WHAT THOSE FOOLS ARE THINKING ABOUT?

Larry D. Crumbley

1803 days ago


Why do people assume every issue falls on one side of party lines or the other. There are plenty of Democrats who are not gay supporters. There are plenty of Republicans who are gay. Each one of us is entitled to our own feelings about this. If someone disapproves of the Gays it most certainly is their constitutional right to do so, they should not be bashed, condemned or thought of as stupid. On the other hand people who are totally cool with it should be free to express that and live free of harassment. Hasn't any one ever herd of live and let live..It works really well.

1803 days ago


TMZ, stop stalking Mickey and making a big deal out of nothing. Mickey Rourke is a fabulous actor, and a kind, decent person. Leave him the hell alone. In my opinion, he was too nice and polite to that guy bugging him while he was waiting to get buzzed in.

1802 days ago


laughing my butt off! HE'S GREAT!

1802 days ago
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