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Irish Boy Bander Dies Suddenly in Spain

10/11/2009 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stephen GatelyStephen Gately, part of the Irish boy band Boyzone, was found dead while on vacation in Spain. He was 33.

The circumstances of his death are still unclear -- the band released a statement that simply said he "tragically died."

Boyzone was one of the biggest acts in Ireland in the 1990s. The band had announced a comeback tour last year.

Gately became something of a gay icon in the U.K. after he announced he was gay 10 years ago. He married his partner Andrew Cowles (Elton John introduced them) in a civil union in 2006.


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This is so sad. I believe he died of an underlying heart condition. He was a great person and would not do drugs.

1840 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

11. Interesting that comments on newspapers and celebrity sites in the UK are *universally* messages of kindness, wishing he rest in peace, etc. This surprised me because I'm hyper-aware of the homophobic comments Murdoch sites (like Sky News inparticular) tend to attract.

So I skip over to an American celeb news site and in stark contrast the first handful of comments are making assumptions about drug use, and already dominated by homophobic remarks.

It says a lot about your culture, and how it dehumanizes celebrity, eh, America?

Posted at 11:21AM on Oct 11th 2009 by Fad

I think many are still reeling from the recent deaths of Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger and DJ AM-- all turning out to be prescription drug related.

While it is not correct to label all of the US in that manner, I agree with your comments. BTW- IMO, Murdoch and the like, are not worth the paper/bandwidth they are printed on.

1840 days ago


The man has died and it is just outrageous that all some of you can do is "bash" him, speculate about cause of death, etc. Shame on you!! There are people who loved him & your comments are not only unnecessary--they are vicious,ugly,full of hate, and quite frankly, repulsive. Have you no life of your own to be so concerned about??? The world has more than enough hate in it--is it too much to ask that for just a little while we try & live positively???? Prayers to friends and loved ones of this talented human being...RIP

1840 days ago


"tragically died" is used because he was only 33 and it was sudden, also any time someone dies it is tragic because its the loss of a life...

why tmz posted this story i dont get, its a website mostly about american celebrities and boyzone never made it over there!!!...
everyone jumps to conclusions to say i didnt would be a lie (fyi im irish and a boyzone fan) but it still doesnt make it ok to post cruel the saying goes...if you havent got anything nice to say then dont say anything at all...or at least it goes smething like that

1840 days ago


I was not a fan of this guy but over the years he has never attracted a bad name for himself, he was a good guy and respected by so many for good reason. Its so sad that this man was so young....and its sad he died well before his time, I assure you if this case was anything but natuaral causes we would know about it by now.

Rest in peace steven god bless.

1840 days ago


Cannot believe the ignorance of some people, Stephen was a lovely man, kind, sweet & caring. Everyone loved him, it was hard not to. Why must people say he died of drugs because of either his fame or his sexuality. Some people just died suddenly...
RIP Stephen, thoughts are with your family, friends & fans!

1840 days ago



WoW . . . . He's a HOTTIE !!

Very Sad - He's so Young.


1840 days ago

Irish Lass    

As an Irish girl, I am deeply shocked and saddened at Stephen's sudden passing. He was an absolute gentleman by anyone's standards and was loved by his fans worldwide. I find some of the comments posted here very hurtful, and can't understand why such hateful remarks.

The fact of the case is that it doesnt matter how, why, where or when he died. The fact that he has passed on, and at only 33 years young, is so, so sad. My prayers and good wishes go out to all his family and friends.

RIP Stephen you will be sadly missed

1840 days ago


I was never a mad fan of Boyzone, but I certainly like them. And Stephen was such a sweetie. What a shock.
RIP Stephen

Fad: It isn't just America, there are still plenty of racist, prejudiced people here in the UK!!! Maybe Americans are just more open about it. I don't agree with all this bigotry, just saying.....

1840 days ago


How terribly sad. Boyzone are one of the most liked and highly entertaining talented group. Stephen was a much loved member of the group. How can a healthy 33 year old go to bed and not wake up? Rest In Peace Stephen.

1840 days ago


I want to first say it's sad he passed so you. My sympathy is with his fam and friends.

NOW, I would like to say that being gay is not natural. Just because I believe being gay is not natural does not make me a "homophobe." I am not afraid of gay people, I just know it is not the natural order of life.

1840 days ago


I met Stephen on several occasions and he was a true gentleman from a very ordinary nice background. He did so well for himself yet always stayed down to earth. For those of you making nasty homosexual comments - you are obviously very uneducated, twisted and evil, no doubt some bad luck will come your way.

1840 days ago


A friend of mine in her 30s went to sleep and never woke up - wasn't drugs, drinking or anything - just a weird heart condition no one knew about. It didn't make TMZ cuz she wasn't rich, famous, gay or anything else newsworthy by the world's standards. Point is these things happen. Boyzone was a good band - entertaining and all gentlemen - was looking at recent video footage behind the scenes at their performances in Manchester and Keith is going through their stuff backstage and Stephen's pile of stuff is loads of fan mail and Keith goes "Stephen is the popular one look at all this mail" he was clearly loved and I am glad that in the UK we don't stress so much about sexual orientation. My American friends are saying he died of AIDS because he was gay - I am really hearing so much ignorance....

RIP Stephen - you impacted many persons in a way you prolly don't know or understand. The band members love you and miss you and so do your fans...

1840 days ago


Stephen had a wonderful voice! Not only a singer but a west end theatre star. A very talented man. Good night and God Bless!

1840 days ago


In response to ALL of the UK commenters: There are many reasons we Americans express our true feelings about todays issues. For me and some other Americans it is because we love to fight. We love to fight everyone and when we get bored we even fight ourselves. We used to be the best country in the world until Obama was elected. All of you europeans are now going to have to feed yourselves and defend yourselves from now on because America is a nearing total destruction by our own newly formed Obama administration. Not long from now you will all be saying," damn I wish America was still around, life was so much better with them around."

1840 days ago
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