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Jenner's Nobel Attack -- Obama's 'Done Nothing'

10/12/2009 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win isn't just being criticized by the political community -- now, Olympic champ-turned-reality-sell-out Bruce Jenner is weighing in ... claiming Obama did "absolutely nothing" to deserve the award.

Bruce Jenner: Click to watch
Brody's dad ripped into the President at a gas station in Calabasas this weekend, slamming the Nobel people for picking Barack.

If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about gaining praise for doing nothing, it's Bruce -- just look at his stepdaughters.


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the same crazy people who hyped Britney Spears (and other so called stars) to let them down a moment after just do the same thing with their President. Obama doesn't deserve this!
He is a great man!
The USA never had such a great man as President.
In the states it seems always to be all or nothing.
Such a shame
Greetings from middle-Europe

anyway: who listen to these decadent and grazy Hollywood people

1786 days ago


I am not sure why Bruce Jenner's opinion has any value. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with his opinion I am just surprised that what he says matters. I mean he's just a washed up athlete pimping he and his family out on a "reality" show.

1786 days ago


I like Obama and yes... It was not reason to get that award even he is
working hard to put this country back on their feet after Bush's
tragedy years but people.... Get over that now... It's not the big deal!
There are more important things to think about like every 15 seconds a
child die in our world and no even the church people do anything about!

1786 days ago

common sense says...    

b*t ch all you want obamnotics, but 74% of viewer of this website said he did not deserve the award.......matter of fact its lowered the prestige of the award for all future receivers.

1786 days ago

Just sayin'    

"ripped" "slamming" "If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about gaining praise for doing nothing, it's Bruce -- just look at his stepdaughters."

WOW TMZ! Your really pissed aren't you? How dare anyone make fun of the man who has sent us into further debt, right? LMAO!!!!!
oBAMa is a douche and so is the tmz staff!!

Now Go wipe oBama's butt now! He just finished taking a sh*t!!! haha!

1786 days ago


Conservative Republican with a lot of cosmetic surgery, who cares what he thinks, he ran track. He's never held a job where he was required to think, so why is his opinion even relevant?

1786 days ago


#81. You seem to think you know it all. Why didn't you run for President? Do you think you can do a better job? Would the country be better off if you were our President? After the past 8 years, we would be in the same position were are in today no matter who won the Presidency. This will not be fixed overnight, because it wasn't created overnight.

1786 days ago


Of COURSE Obama deserved the Peace prize.

I mean, he started a war surge in Afghanastan

he only met with the general he appointed over there 2 times for 20 minutes

He had the request for more troops 5 weeks on his desk before he decided to put it aside to go pitch for the olympics in Chicago

He set in action a stimulus plan that didn't create ANY real lasting jobs (he now claims they saved jobs... but who records the number of businesses who WOULD have fired someone if not for the stimulus changing their mind?)

While we were at the biggest job loss rate in decades... he was in France on a date with his wife, He Copenhagen vieing for his buddies in Chicago to get the Olympics, and appearing on David Letterman Yucking it up.

I mean, he's basically divided the country WORSE than Bush ever could have hoped to in less than a year in office

He spent MORE money despite our deficit, than ANY President in history in less than 4 months.

He took over GM, took away GM dealerships (from those who voted republican... which can be proven.)

Now GM is shutting down the Saturn product and all saturn dealerships. (More jobs lost)

He put into action a HC bill the majority doesn't want that the dems admit will create taxes on the middle class, (Yes those making under $250,000...) which again, divides the country.

he surrounds himself with hateful people like Pelosi, Wright, Ayres, and I mean HATEFUL people...

one of the Czars he hired believed 9/11 was a Bush Conspiracy, and was racist against whites... and another who admired a man associated with a man/boy love organization (who believe it's ok for adult men to perform sex acts on 10 MONTH olds) and who wrote the forward for "Queering Elementary" a book about teaching homosexuality to students as young as Kindergarten (When most kids aren't leven earning about HETEROSEXUALITY.)

wait, what was my point?

Oh yeah. WHAT THE SCMELL WERE THEY THINKING GIVING HIM THE PEACE PRIZE? what has he done exactly besides the crap I mentioned?

1786 days ago


How would Obama have time to earn the award? The deadline for nomination was January 12th?

1786 days ago


First Obama didn't ask for this prize.
then reformations need time.
But Hollywood people shouldn't talk about politics
Go to rehab

1786 days ago


#89. Interesting how you expect Obama to fix everything before his first year in office. So typical wanting an instant fix from a country that was broken before he was elected into office. You also seem to forget alot happened in the past 8 years.

1786 days ago


Speaking of doing NOthing Prize winning WHat about that SON of YOUR's Bruce NOW that's a waste of space!!

1786 days ago


Besides win an election and speak in coherent sentences, I'm utterly at a loss of why Obama deserves a nobel peace prize. Next to Bush and Cheney any educated individual could compare as exceptionally gifted. Obama did not replace Gates and has simply rubber stamped every Bush initiative in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now he is considering sending another 40,000 troops to Afghanistan, does that sound peaceful?

1786 days ago


he's spinless and shouldn't be taking shots at anyone. OBAMA - You Go! Mazel Tov.

1786 days ago


The reason whomever may have given Obama the Nobel Peace Prize is because it was a black man that for a short period of time brought world peace and showed other nations that not just one specific race can rule. Now to all the white people who are upset the U.S. is not in good standings as a world power because we lack our own natural resources, technilogical advances and so on.....the white man has ruled since the beginning and has brought our nation to a new low. Easily other foreign countries with weapons and manpower can invade the U.S. now Barack hasn't completed a year in office and the problems of the last 8 years are now all his fault when you have a majority white democratic congress who opposes their own democratic president simply because he's black, hint to whitey you are no longer the majority with the hispanic and black vote we can elect who we want for President. Now to the republicans if you like your parties leaders and policies so much that it bankrupted our country you can vote republican again in 2012 and we can have disaster all over again.

1786 days ago
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