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Hands Off, Maria Shriver!

10/13/2009 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Maria, cell phone cheatah! It appears Maria Shriver broke the law prohibiting driving under the influence of a cell phone -- a law her hubby supported and signed into law last year.


Kaleefornia Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
apparently can't lay down the law in his own home. Maria was photographed twice driving her car while holding her cell phone -- most recently last Sunday in Los Angeles.

Had Shriver been busted, she would have owed the bankrupt state of California $20 plus fees for the first offense ... $50 plus fees for the second. BTW, we need every dime we can get.

We called the Guv's office and Maria's rep yesterday -- radio silence.


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Another rich biotch and wife of a man who bought himself into the governorship (with millions of taxpayer dollars) and has done nothing but continue to help create an even greater economic cesspool along with all the other unethical politicians in California. They all have one set of rules for themselves and their own families while the taxpayers are expected to obey laws. You can be certain she does this all the time if she has been filmed within a 48- to 72-hour period with the phone growing out of her ear while driving her automobile.

Although I am considered to be a stellar or outstanding policyholder by my auto insurance company, my premium just went up $75 per year in the State of California to pay for the non-insured, ruthless, and wreckless people like Maria Shriver who talk on their phones and attempt to text while driving their automobiles. Yes, I am pissed-off to see the Governor's wife breaking the law this way!

1806 days ago


Hello and Excuse Me..........

Don't you know Who I Am!!!

The LAW does not apply to Maria Shriver.

1806 days ago

The Seer    

. sad & pathetic Republicans should all be sent to there own island.
Posted at 12:59PM on Oct 13th 2009 by MZLB

. to MZLB: um, Maria is a democrat. she comes from a very prominent democratic family :coughkennedycough:. believe it or not, people of different political parties can marry! gasp!

#2 do your homeowork Maria is not a republican dumbass


Why don't you go outside and play #2? You are obviously haven't made it through middle school yet.
And to Mrs. Schwarzenneger: you clearly belong to the Hollywood/political elite of this country who believe the law does not apply to them. Arrogant much?

If states would slam people with moving violations for texting or speaking on the phone while driving, up the fines and put points on licenses for these offenses, the roadways would be much safer because people would stop doing it.

Even the rich "privileged" people would pay attention to the law if they knew their drivers' licences would be suspended.

1806 days ago

Green Is Good    

It's perfectly OK for this Crypt-keeper-looking hag to break the law: She's rich, a Kennedy, AND the Governator's wife.

The corpse-bride could run over a gaggle of Nuns, and she'd get a walk. Different rules for the rich and powerful, folks.

1806 days ago


Screw her and screw her tax hiking A-hole husband. Three bastard ass republicans joined the demorats to raise taxes and this prick signed the bill. They all need to go to Hell! I hope she goes 80mph into a tree.

1806 days ago


Figures. He is screwing over all state workers and his wife violates laws and nothing happens.....Cant wait for him to be GONE.

1806 days ago


Regardless of polital affiliation....If she is driving and on a cellphone...she should have to pay the fine. BECAUSE...her hubby signed it into law. And because all of us common folk would have to pay. What pisses me off, is that in reading all of the comments that have been writen, most of u sound like idiots. I was born and raised in this time of my life, cant wait to go any where but here....Really sad.

1806 days ago


In asia citizens make money taking pics of people breaking laws. They turn in the pics at the police station and get a reward. Most make a good living doing it.

Maybe that's what this country needs to reduce crime.

Nah....... Who wants to get involved.

1806 days ago


You call that a phone! That's a monstrosity! She must have had that phone since they first came out!

1806 days ago


I dare some cop any cop, sheriff, marshal, officer, deputy numbnut anydamnbody to write this dinosaur a ticket

they would probably get terminated.

1806 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Well, in fairness, I don't listen to my husband, either.

1806 days ago


i got a ticket for not haveing a front arnold,,you pay the ticket...this is not right for her on the phone and no fine....

1806 days ago


WTF is that, a 1990's cell phone? Jesus h christ

1806 days ago


I hope Arnold has a chat with her about this.

1806 days ago


She can't afford a blackberry?

1806 days ago
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