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Fit Club Trainer: I'll Rip Screech's Head Off

10/14/2009 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey Walden has worked with a lot of wannabeens on "Celebrity Fit Club" -- but there's one guy in particular he says belongs on Celebrity "Piece of S**t" Club.

The fatty in question: "Dustin Screech Dumb Ass Diamond," who Harvey despises soooo much, he threatened to "rip his head off and fill his throat with low fat yogurt."

Someone get him some Yoplait!


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Better watch it Harvey. He might be a jerk-off, but he's a jerk-off who has a black belt in Karate.

1804 days ago


Yay team Harvey. Screech is nothing more than an attention whore, pompous jackass that talks a good talk, but can't back it up. When someone challeges him he threatens to sue. You can't sue if you're the one making the threats first. Can't wait for the new Celebrity Fit Club season to start!

1804 days ago


Justsaying, are you kidding? Screech would be a snack to Harvey. Nothing close to a fair fight!!!

1804 days ago


I've never watched CFC, but I might have to now!! I like this guy! From the swagger to the pure, blunt truth - he looks like he would be fun to watch whip those "celebrities" into shape!! Hell, I'd love to have him as MY trainer. It's nice to see people who don't pull any punches. Good for him! D. Diamond is a douche trying to extend his 15 mins of fame by trashing his ex-fellow castmates with (what I believe to be) lies!! Go Harvey!! :)

1804 days ago


Does anyone else think its gay Harvey says hes gona fill Screech's throat with yogurt? That sounds supergay. Who the hell says that? Id like to see them fight. I dont think Harvey would have such an easy time. Who knows if Harvey can even take a punch?

1804 days ago


Well, we should be now hearing from Dustin "Sceech" Diamond in 3.......2.......1......

1804 days ago


I actually have great empathy for Dustin. Poor guy as a young boy had a job that showed him in an unfavorable (by societys standards) light. Like Gary Coleman, child star trying to be a "normal" adult, but is constantly having his past thrown in his face. Difference is Mr Gary Coleman didn't stay in LaLa land, and took on a series of everyday Americans jobs. I have a great amount of respect for him because of that. But people are people and won't let something go.

1804 days ago


Dustin ought to get a restraining order against that guy. He looks and sounds like a psycho.

1804 days ago


mmmmm who gives a damn?

1804 days ago


I like Dustin. . .
but then again,
I like jock itch!

1803 days ago

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