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DNA Tests

Clear Keanu Reeves

10/14/2009 7:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DNA Tests Clear Keanu Reeves Keanu Reeves can breathe a little easier ... turns out he's not the father of a Canadian woman's children.

DNA tests conclusively disprove claims by Karen Sala that Keanu fathered at least one of her four adult children, the actor's attorney tells TMZ.

Sala, 46, was seeking $150,000 per month in child support, retroactive from 1988 -- and $3 million a month in spousal support retroactive from 2006.

Reeves maintains he doesn't even know Sala. 


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Anakin McFly    

To 12:

ummmm....the man is straight. WHEN is the last time anyone saw him on the red-carpet if you will, with some hot guy?

Never. A good looking homo man whom has the ability to have major ass on his arm, has major ass on his arm.

Meanwhile, no one has yet to come up with any argument for his alleged gayness other than 'he doesn't have a girlfriend'.

Seeing as how he doesn't have a boyfriend either (suspected or otherwise) and had girlfriends in the past, even if you're ignoring the existence of said girlfriends, all it could prove is that he's asexual.

1802 days ago


He's not gay you dumbasses! He had a girlfriend and a baby. The baby was still-born in 1999 and the girlfriend died in a car accident in 2001. You guys are total jerks.

This lady is a total jerk for bringing this suit up too!

1802 days ago


Keanu is definitely NOT gay. Trust. I know. Believe it. He is not gay.

1802 days ago


You have to wonder what goes through their minds (if anything) when they file these space-cadet paternity suits. Like truth and reality won't be found out. So I assume they tested all four kids and none of them were? Too bad they haven't done the same for Michael Jackson's kids so the truth comes out about that, too.

1802 days ago


Duh he is gay. And I'm not being demeaning.. but he is super secretive, never seen with women. All the gay hunks in hollywood have kept it behind the scenes.. Keanu is just keeping it classic ;)

1802 days ago


It doesn't matter if he 'had' a girlfriend or a baby. Many gay guys
have 'girlfriends' and children, many actually marry. Hello Clay
Aiken, Ricky Martin ... don't quote a 'girlfriend' at the age of 35
as 'proof' he is not gay. And yeah Nebula.. we will 'trust you' as if YOU slept with him, LOL let me guess, he's your baby daddy too?? Can't wait for your test to come out.. you going to out him on Jerry Springer??

1802 days ago


Yeah Baby!!!! Keanu rawks hollywood. He knew, hell, we all knew he wasnt the dad of any of her kids. Gay, straight, or even bi....He rawks.....Love me some Ke.

1802 days ago


Hey Keanu, you're the father of my two girls. I'll need approximately 30-million dollars a month in child support. Oh, and I don't have birth certificates because I didn't believe in them at the time, but I know you're the father. Oh, and my sister has four kids and she says you must be their father. She'll need 106-million dollars a month in child support, plus another million dollars in psychological care because it took us only .3 seconds to make up the story. Oh, and you must be my father to. My mother will need . . .

There are so many lunatics out there.

1802 days ago


To put this in perspective, that crazy beyotch asked for $1.8 million a year for a grand total of approx $37.8 MILLION DOLLARS for a child he never fathered. Why did this even get to court? Hi, paternity test.

1802 days ago


HAHAHAHA but I missed the best part... she asked for a total of $423 MILLION in spousal support from a guy she was never even married to. What a whackadoo.

1802 days ago


Such a nice guy. Why anyone would do this to him is beyond me. Oh thats right, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ What a biotch Salas chick is. Says shes been a friend for yrs. With friends like that, lord hope he has nooooo enemies.

1802 days ago

his true love and female    

Keanu isnt gay. He is the most beautiful man in Hollywood. Keanu has been through a lot in his personal life, such a nice guy he seems. Doesnt deserve the slandering that sometimes occurs, but until laws change so be it.
Happy for him the Sala case is over. Why did this go so far anyway? Its done, and looking forward to more great Keanu movies in the future. Keanu has taken dates to many awards shows, they go in separately, at the Oscars one year he DID pose on the red carpet with a beautiful lady friend dressed in a cute black dress on. Hooray for Keanu, always the winner, and good looking too.

1802 days ago

John Edwards    

Reeves is gay, David Geffin and him were and maybe still are special friends.

1802 days ago

Mary Worth    

KR has been blessed with beautiful male looks. Don't care if he's gay, that's his business. His loves are very lucky, imo!

I still feel a bit sad that he lost his child, and later, his lady.

1802 days ago

Big C    

Who effing cares if he is gay?? You homophobes must be Limbaugh fans...... Love TMZ except for the bedazzelded dude.

1802 days ago
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