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Doc Murray Lawyers Up

10/14/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurrayDr. Conrad Murray is finally breaking his silence about his ongoing child support case to TMZ, claiming he and his new lawyer are determined to make all the Doc's non Jacko-related problems go away.

Murray only has four more days to report to a Las Vegas court before a judge will issue a bench warrant for his arrest for missing a child support hearing on Oct. 7.

But Murray's new lawyer, Chris Aaron, tells TMZ that Team Murray is desperately trying to work out a "temporary resolution" with the District Attorney's office.

Aaron says Murray has a perfectly good explanation for going MIA, saying, "It was not intentional missing his court date -- it was simply an oversight. Dr. Murray has every intention of resolving and taking care of his personal responsibilities."

Murray is accused of stiffing baby mama Nenita Malibiran out of $13,311.47 in payments for their 10-year-old son. And in case you've been living under a rock ... he fueled Michael Jackson with Propofol which the L.A. County Coroner says killed him.


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1801 days ago


love cat? love horse? what the heck? LOL i saw that movie about that. well actually two movies.

1801 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

How long has he owed those children money? He was deliquent back in APRIL- and yet STILL hasn't paid.

He should first get his tubes tied because it's obvious that he can't take care of the long line of children he's already spawned (and can you image being one of his kids right now? OMG)

Second, enough with the excuses. "He forgot" ... erm, no!

Clark County is calling and OJ is fluffing a pillow with the lights on.

1801 days ago


Whose paying Dr. Murray's EVERYDAY LIVING EXPENSES, LAWYERS AND SECURITY TEAM???????????????????????????????


1801 days ago


We proud members of The North American Man/Boy Love Association would like to invite Dr Murray and his son to our monthly meeting held every third Thursday of the month. We will be celebrating the release of "This Is It". No word yet if Paul Anka or La Toya can make it but we are hopeful they will join us as it promises to be the best meeting ever.We are looking forward to paying tribute to our hero Michael Jackson.We thank you for your support.

1801 days ago


When will he be arrested? Conrad murdering MJ is more important than child support right now! He hasn't paid it in how long? what makes you think he will start now!
Arrest him already!!

1801 days ago


hay doc where the hell is michael?

1801 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Imagine if you will...."Daddy, YOU KILLED MICHAEL JACKSON!"

What will Father's Days be like for Murray in the future? Maybe EVERY SINGLE Father's Day he will remember 3 children who lost their father because he was so damn greedy, he took someone else's father... and can't even take care of his SEVEN children. ANYTHING FOR MONEY!


Murray-- Clark County is calling and OJ is fluffing a pillow with the lights on.

1801 days ago

Simone - number 1    

It's a complicated situation...

1801 days ago

Black Man, Black Man    

So this is how he's going down? On a child support rap? Reminds me of Al Capone going to prison on a tax evasion rap rather than all the other notorious crimes committed by him in the mafia, including murder. Enough already. I want to know what's the hold up on arresting him for murder. Quit lolligagging around.

1801 days ago


Well at 1:05AM yesterday it was Randy Jackson talking about INHERITANCE (or lack thereof) issues!

This morning at 1:00AM its Conrad Murray no less discussing CHILD SUPPORT issues!

Doesn't this all seem alittle strange to everyone?

Why has inheritance and child support become more vital and pressing issues to be discussed rather than A MURDER INVESTIGATION or AN AUTOPSY REPORT or a TOXICOLOGY REPORT!

Seems like if I had Conrad Murray via his attorney on the line I sure wouldn't be asking child support questions.

Two of the very last two people to see MJ alive on June 25th.

what's happening re JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL JACKSON?

1801 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

@Book Him-- I've been thinking the same thing since they first talked about NV having charges against him. Remember, NV did more than CA did when it came to OJ. And NV knows how to deal with the mafia. :)

Hey, at this point who cares how they get him in a jail so he's not out enjoying life--"driving down the 405"... let's get him in jail so LAPD will have the remaining time to get him a permanent residence in Max Security Hotel.

1801 days ago


1801 days ago


what's happening re JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL JACKSON?

1801 days ago

o rly    

balls, kooky, or Simone should have this guy as their doctor.

1801 days ago
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