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Rush Limbaugh -- Ram Sacked

10/14/2009 8:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Once again, Rush Limbaugh's been pushed away from the NFL -- the talk-show host has been officially dropped by a group looking to buy the St. Louis Rams.

Rush Limbaugh -- Ram Sacked
A rep from the group claimed Rush got the boot because his participation complicated the effort.

Ever since word got out that the conservative mouthpiece was interested in the team, several people lashed out against it -- including the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, the head of the NFL Player's Association and even Al Sharpton.

It might be the best thing that happened to Rush -- the Rams haven't won a single game this season.

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you just don't get it    

To #111 mcgarcia99
So you admit being an idiot listener. So sad.

1833 days ago


Thank God that someone as un-American as he is didn't get to buy into an American football team. To read; Big rush to dump Limbaugh as NFL owner go to; http://wp.me/py8nt-2N

1833 days ago


43. 34. Let's not get to upset. Rush will not be alive for 2 more years. He will have a major heart attach while on the radio

talking about Obama.

Posted at 8:05PM on Oct 14th 2009 by Predictions101

And I predict you will be in a mental institute within the next 3 months. You Racist Pig.

Posted at 8:16PM on Oct 14th 2009 by Unreal
UNREAL: WTF did you not read bi^ch? I said nothing racist about obama you dumb HOE. I voted form him too shEt talker! STFU Idiot!

1833 days ago



1833 days ago

you just don't get it    

To: Mo (#112)
You actually sound intelligent. What are you doing posting on a site such as this where rational thinking is lost on 99% of the posters?

1833 days ago


To slutty whores rock - YES I am a proud listener- Rush is right-- you are wrong. The racists are Jackson, Sharpton and all of their cronies. They are not even reverends - or maybe they are- they work for satan - he has his reverends too. Keep on listenting to them -they will continue to get rich off the poor and ignorant. BTW -Rush is already rich - he doesnt even need the stupid rams - Yes, Rush will move on, but you will still be you -- you obviously need help from above - such a sad state of affairs.

1833 days ago


Why listen to him, sure what he says maybe true but in the end he just spews viral diarrhea over the air which is hate filled and not needed in these days. What the FK has he done to help you or your community? Nothing. Figures.
See you idiots that listen to him get roweled up for nothing. Despite what he asy is true He or You or Me cannot do a GD thing to change any of it. Just let's us know we are getting screwed by them and Him. $400 million, wanna know where that $$ comes from? YOU ME DUMBBASSES. In products and services we purchase the prices just keep going up and up.
It is time to reinvent yourself for the sake of this country and your family, The end of everything we know as a society is going to go bye bye in a very short time. Cherrish what you have and not what you hear from Rush.
Rush will just move out of this country he so loves to HATE!

1833 days ago


Can't prove his quotes? The dude is on tape, duh! Sure, he's free to spew his racist hate. But everyone else is free to say no to him getting his fat paws on an NFL team. Too bad the wingnuts ain't in charge anymore eh?

1833 days ago


GEE , ignorance runs rampant in the "conservative" crowd
Rush Limbaugh is a complete IDIOT vicodin junkie who like to hear his fat ass talk about nothing!

The only people that think he speaks the truth are the idiots who cant think for themselves !

All he does is TALK , duh people ! are u that stupid ? answer -YES!

1833 days ago


This whole fiasco has been an embarrassment...to the morons who perpetuated the "fake racist quote" crap. Lie-peddlers at CNN, especially from the DUI-hit-and-run Sanchez, which actually did happen, are a further testament that things have gotten completely out of hand in the media.

This has been disgusting, and you people who cheer this on, God help you.

1833 days ago


Gee Donna Garrett, you are kinda slow. No wonder you let Limbaugh do your thinking for you. Our President NEVER wrote about being a racist (cause he isn't). And he isn't doing drugs NOW, unlike Limbaugh.

1833 days ago



1833 days ago


TO MO - Thin skinned -are you kidding me!!!! have you forgotten all the nasty things said to and about Bush. It is you left wingers who label everything racist the minute someone expresses an opposing view----thin skinned - give me a break!

I will be watching you from above as you blindly follow your Muslim leaders eagerly awaiting for your own personal micro chip to be implanted in your forearm. Read Revelation. Obama is only the beginning.

1833 days ago


Look who gets to buy the Rams now:


No chicken? Or they just outta chicken?

Black Rams players: good luck getting paid from this lot of people.


1833 days ago


Neither have the lame ass Titans!

1833 days ago
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