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Soulja Boy Exposes the Family Jewels

10/14/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In what may be considered one of the dumbest displays of wealth of all time, Soulja Boy just showed the entire planet that he keeps tens of thousands of dollars in an unprotected shoe box in his apartment.

Oh yeah -- did we mention he was just robbed back in December?

Soulja Boy: Click to watch
SB just posted the arrogant rant on his Twitter page, in response to the story we ran yesterday -- that the rapper's landlord accused him of owing nearly $10,000 in unpaid bills.

So, feeling the need to prove his worth, Soulja whipped out a cache of cheesy-but-expensive jewelry and wads upon wads of $100 bills while one of his friends gave the following play-by-play: "wow .... wow ... wow ... wow."

Hopefully, SB takes a few of those unprotected bills and invests in a bodyguard.


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Just sayin'    

Why is he talking like that? Does he have a speech impediment?

1798 days ago


When the economy was going great and everyone had jobs, making a vid like that would have been stupid. But to make a vid like that when so many people are struggling to survive on $300 a week on unemployment benefits...well that's just the most ignorant thing to do. Soulja Boy. You've been robbed before, I'm no Nostradamus, but after boasting about your tacky jewels and shoebox cash, you might be robbed again.

1798 days ago

wonderbred is what it stereotypes.. just the yur eyes..everyone can become whatever they want to be. dumb doesnt see color..

1798 days ago

sick of miley    

another dumb inmature little boy feeling he has to show off to get respect. If he has all that then pay your dam bills like the rest of us true americans. pull your pants up, stop acting like a little kid and take care of your responsibilities while you still have money. I give him few years and he will be broke, and real smart showing of all that cash, wont be surprised if uncle sam comes a knockin to see where all that cash came from. dumbass.

1798 days ago


You know the old saying...a fool and his money are soon parted.

This fool will be robbed again. Why don't he just say "here it is come and get it". SMH.

1798 days ago

loving RiRi    

All that money is not gonna last him a year...He better stay on top of his game...Jay-Z didn't get where he is by being stupid...take lessons Soulja Boy.

1798 days ago

sick of miley    

#77, no he doesnt have a speech impediment, he's just plain dumb and never learned to speak properly.

1798 days ago


yep..that how drug $$$are wrapped also. dumbass!!!

1798 days ago


Wow...that was stupid. Not pay your bills but flaunt your money and things of value on the internet. If he don't get robbed, I hope the IRS goes after him. LOL

1798 days ago


Typical black trash tard.

1798 days ago


This is amusing. These rap artists for the most part have no education save their street smarts, which in the end are proving no match for education. They show off thier stupid jewelry, their cash, and have not an ounce of sense to fall back on when the party is over and they are no longer the minstrel in demand.

Get a clue SB, NOBODY cares that you have cash, nobody cares if you have jewelry, cars, whatever, you have no education that will stand by you when this is gone... Looser. And yes, pull those damn fake prison pants up. IT's old and stale, and the stupidity of it is dawning on even the people that idolize your stupidity.

Funny how style is trumped by unemployment.....

1798 days ago


Isn't this that kid that made a rap song to the eeny meenie miney mo tune?

1798 days ago


dead within a year... I hope so anyways I got a 40 to 1 bet on the he will be murdered.. can wait thats $2.000.00 in my pocket.. I got another $40.00 on Oprah.. fat hog she is.. heart stoke..

1798 days ago


Where does he live?...Lol

1798 days ago


47. Stuff like this makes me so angry there are SO many racist comments I would love to make. This guy is the ultimate N word. Can't understand a word he's saying and the bling is so god awful ugly. I hope he loses it all and ends up on the street very soon. Our culture is truly going to hell with people like this considered as celebrities. TMZ should be ashamed for even promoting this guy's idiotic lifestyle. I hope Jesse Jackson is proud.

Posted at 4:31PM on Oct 14th 2009 by rapperssuck


It's too bad you feel so compelled to spout racist comments. Thanks for sparing us, but a bigot is just as bad as a racist. Just know that for every black "thug" out there that you're referring to, there is also a hardworking black man who deserves none of your prejudice. So watch yourself.

1798 days ago
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