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Usher 911 Call -- 'My Car Has Been Keyed'

10/14/2009 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usher was cool, calm and collected when he called 911 back in September -- accusing his "ex wife" Tameka Raymond of vandalizing his truck.

Usher 911 Call

During the call, Usher explains to the operator that he had called cops the night before to file "a complaint because of potential domestic violence between me and my ex wife."

He then tells the operator that when he woke up the following morning, a person who was fixing a flat tire on his truck noticed that it had been keyed up on the side. During the call, Usher never directly accuses Tameka -- but insinuates that the scratch occurred as a result of the incident the night before.

As TMZ first reported, cops investigated the situation, but determined there wasn't enough evidence to make an arrest.


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October 23 - November 21

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1838 days ago

wat a fool    

the bitch fo sho did it!!

1838 days ago


Between Usher calling 911 about his car being keyed and the Maria Shriver story about talkin' on her cell in CALI............geeezzzz, I am about to go buy a bottle of RIPPLE!


1837 days ago


Usher should have listened to his mother and never had married that gold-digger.

1837 days ago

Deirdre B Pride    

Obviously she let the air out or slashed his tires too. Clearly they had air the day before.

1837 days ago


Hey Usher-
911 is for EMERGENCY USE ONLY! You are as bad as the person who called 911 because McDonalds ran out of chicken nuggets. By calling 911 you could be delaying resources for a true emergency (car accident, heart attack, etc.). Usher- You. Are. A. Douche. Bag.

1837 days ago


Like attracts like...another "packaged for talent" who, ultimately, revealed the truth behind the veil when he attracted this transvestite looking woman. Maybe the core Usher is not the package everyone saw when he was at the top of his game and tossed it all away but simply an illusion.

1837 days ago


I called 911 one night because I was home alone and a strange man was standing on my front steps looking in the door for a very long time. He never rang the bell. The 911 dispatcher yelled at me and said this was NOT an emergency. I still think it was he could have been a rapist or something. Why didn't the dispatcher tell Usher to go away and call the regular police line. He should be fined, a scratch is definately not an emergency.

1837 days ago


Im the 911 operator. In Mr Raymond's defense, Our 911 takes both emergency and non-emergency calls. So he did the right thing. Love the attention from family and friends. Very Cool. Thanks Mr Raymond

1837 days ago


You had better make things right with Tamika very soon!
Things could get ugly... She's a scorned women.

1837 days ago

Grumpy old man    

I so agree w/ comments #13 made.

And #32, all Usher had to do was call 911, tell the operator that he wanted to report a non-emergency and then, she would've put him through to the right dept. Problem solved. Instead, he tied up the phone lines w/ that nonsense and he took what seemed like forever to report it @ that. This situation just makes him seem like a wuss. lol

1837 days ago


He did the right thing but he should have not used 911 to make the report. He evidently didnt know any better. Remember who he is. He has had people do most everything for him sence he is so famous.
He should have married Chile or at least listen to his Mother and never married Tameka. Older people just have more knowledge and experience with people.
Best of luck to you Usher, your going to need it with that B*^ch!

1835 days ago


as much money as usher has, why does he need to call 911 for a keyed car...i mean, does he want to bring criminal charges towards his soon to be ex-wife?????????? usher c'mon son, be serious!!! and celebrities get mad, because people are always in their business...stop putting your flipping business out there, like doing dumb crap by calling 911, for a car you can get fixed with a snap of your fingers!!!!!!!!!

1834 days ago

Carly Smith    

Guys, for the city that Usher lives in you have to dail 911 even for a keyed car, really for anything. their 911 takes emrgency and non emergency calls. The city is rich and gives extra service to their citizens.

1830 days ago

Shut it    

u people stop hatin' on him tameka is crazy and u know it so if u don't have anything to say nice shut up

1105 days ago
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