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David Letterman Search Warrant Affidavits

10/15/2009 2:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the search warrants in the David Letterman extortion case ... and the alleged extortion meeting between the suspect and Letterman's lawyer was recorded.

According to the affidavit, signed by Detective Terrence Blake and Detective Anthony Pasquarielao from the NYPD, they were seeking to search and seize "any and all computers and loose media, floppy disks, hard disks, cassette tapes, magnetic tapes, removable media, tape and/or data cartridges."

Cops were looking for correspondence, screenplays, treatments ... "regarding the demand for money in exchange for the non-disclosure of information pertaining to the personal and private lives of public figures."

According to the warrant, Letterman's lawyer received a package from Robert Halderman on Sept. 9, 2009, containing a demand letter and treatment for a screenplay and supporting materials including copies of a portion of a diary...

In the letter, Halderman states he needs to "make a large chunk of money" by selling Client #1 "a screenplay treatment."

The documents then describe "that 'Client #1's world is about to collapse around him' as information about his private life is disclosed, leading to a ruined reputation and severe damage to his career and family life."

The letter also states Haldeman has a lot more documents ... including "more photos."

According to the warrant, Letterman's lawyer met with Halderman to discuss form of payment, where he allegedly demanded $2 million. The warrant also says Halderman was supposed to bring all of his materials to a meeting on Sept. 23 with Letterman's lawyer.

The warrant notes that Halderman got a $2 million check at the meeting.

The docs say, "Client #1 feels alarm and concern about the impact of the disclosure of his personal information on his family life and career."

Halderman allegedly also said he would write a book unless he got paid. The meeting was held and recorded.

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The Tonight Show With conan O'Brien

1833 days ago



1833 days ago


Letterman, what a douche. Conan O'Brien rocks the late night talk shows.

1833 days ago


This is interesting enough, but not nearly as interesting as the Erin Andrews nude video. Please TMZ, post the videos!!!

1833 days ago


I know this probably won't go through like so many other replies I've tried sending but here goes once again..............
Why would TMZ target David for having sexual relations with women who were more than willing while he wasn't married? They were not forced and of age to have sexual relations with this man. TMZ is making this a bigger scandel than it is, why? I just don't understand how ruining a man that has hurt NO ONE including TMZ or me is even newsworthy.

1833 days ago


I am so sick of this... who cares meaybe he will find a differnt place to get his grove on.. as long as they were willing andof age...Roman polanski..I see no harm it's free world Right?. But one word of advise is when you play with fire you will get burned... I feel bad for the guy trying to get the time have him bring in it in unmarked bills...I don't blame the guy he is struggleing just like the rest of America with child support a home and all the other things life throws at cut this guy a break..everyone should know that what goes up must come down...

1833 days ago


Whether you like it or not, poster 'Teri' above, there are no secrets in the Universe and everything dark (eventually) is brought to light for healing. David Letterman was a hypocritical male who has used his nightly comedic platform throughout the years to help destroy other men whose extramarital affairs were brought to light. On Planet Earth a 23-year-relationship with the woman he just took as his legally-binding wife in March of this year is not considered a casual relationship but, essentially, a committed relationship of the heart and sexual parts from which a child was conceived and born six years ago. Basic fact ~ David Letterman is a sex addict and a whoring CEO who CBS would be giving the boot if it weren't for his prior ratings. If his wife keeps him, she needs to demand that he enter sexual-addiction counseling and get rid of the "love nest" in his office. This is one woman and mother of an adult male child who will never watch his show, again, nor would I have been laughing as an audience member the night he announced this "embarrassing" situation which he still doesn't take very seriously because he is a sick fraud.

1833 days ago


1833 days ago


Maybe "Teri" is really the blackmailer. Cut him some slack? Why? Because he didn't kill anyone like some?

I don't think so.

1833 days ago


Cassie, judging from your comments, you didn't watch Letterman before, maybe to watch certain guests but, other than that you obviously don't like Letterman. Also, judging from your nasty remarks, I'd say you've got political(Palin) issues with him, and your comments are a weak attempt to take a good shot at him. So what would you say if the same issues came out about Leno, or other late night hosts? Maybe not with their interns, but with other women? Do you think they havent' messed around? You live in a very small world if you think they haven't. You might want to keep in mind too, that Letterman has writers to write his jokes, and simply chooses the better ones, and reads them, the same as other late night hosts. They're all hypocrites if you think about it.

1833 days ago


Teri = Letterman troll

probably not a woman either

1833 days ago


Letterman is a sick sex craized old man. I hope his wife leaves him in the dust.

1833 days ago


Alright Letterman haters: For one, these people were all willing consenting adults. And this was not a crime. Nobody was killed. It was sex. You define Dave as an addict...are you a doctor? Doubt it.
In my opinion (yep we all have them) people that are enthralled with talking about others' sexual escapades may not really have a quality sex life themselves. See? It's not hard to ASSume things. Wrong or right....everything is speculatory when you're not the person(s) involved.
Bitches. Can I also assume that you're republican? LOL

1833 days ago


Hey TMZ, Why don't you do stories about Halderman? He is the one
who is the Blackmailer, or is that ok? Let's find out why his wife
divorced him, why he had to pay so much Support and who were his
other romantic interests?

Time to write some new stories about new idiots !!!

1833 days ago


LOve dave! every night before i go to bed i drink my chrome soda and watch dave!!

1833 days ago
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