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Heene Family's Reality Is TV

10/16/2009 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 2:20 PM ET -- A TLC official tells TMZ the Heene family approached the network "months ago" with a reality show idea, but the network passed.

TMZ has learned the Heene family has been pitching a reality show about the wacky family, as one TV source put it, "all over town."

Heene Family
We're told Richard Heene pitched a series to Relativity Real, as well as RDF Productions. RDF produces "Wife Swap," on which the family appeared back in March.

We're also told the Heene's have made the rounds at the networks, including TLC. Of course, TLC produced "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

So is balloon boy the ultimate reality show pitch?

Stay tuned...


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#29..Michelle, your comments are correct. Their Dad & Mom are losers for raising such awful kids!!! They better pay back what it cost for emergency services to be sent on a wild goose chase!!

1645 days ago


This is white trash at best...send them packing. The man should go to jail for pulling this hoax!

1645 days ago


Considering what people watch nowadays, all those crappy reality
shows, I wouldn't doubt they would get their own tv show. And people would watch it because the majority of TV watchers enjoy looking at train wrecks. (Kate & Jon, for example.)
They make those shows popular by watching them and then wonder why
quality TV has gone down

1645 days ago

They were in it for the money    

You should go look on youtube at the crap this guy does! It is hidden under the title psyience detectives. the guy is gone in the head! Theres a video of how he was showing something about some rocket over in D.C. and said the word terrorist. This is dangerous to think this guy can make a device and blow things up. Wait til you see his take on faces and bones up on the moon or mars or wherever he went to show proof. The man needs serious help! Can we all say Meglomaniac?

1645 days ago


They'll get a show because there are an awful lot of retarded people in this country that watch that kind of garbage on TV. Pathetic.

1645 days ago


of course they'll get their own'll be called TMZ. uugghhhh will a real celebrity get arrested or overdose or something? i need to fill a void with other people's problems.

1645 days ago

betty mcgraw    

I am a 75 year old grandma and great grandma...I have 6 year old grandkids and 7 year old greart grandkids............
I also have a very serious heart problem ..A pacemakeron one side adefribulator pacemaker on the other.......well that whole time my heart was beating so fast I was in tears to see some little 6 year old in this balloon............praying god help this kid..bring it down slowly please help this little boy who probably crying for his parents...OH MY GOD OF ALL THE SHADY THINGS IN THIS WORLD THIS WAS THE WORST TO PULL ON A 6 YEAR OLD WHO WILL REMEMBER THIS THE REST OF HIS LIFE...SURE HE WAS THROWING UP LOOK WHAT HIS PARENTS DID TO HIM..NOT FRIENDS.P A R E N T S......HOW MANY PEOPLE HAD THE SAME REACTION AS I DID..............PLEASE HELP THESE KIDS RID THEM OF THERE PARENTS TO KEEP THEM SAFE........ IT WAS REALITY FOR SURE.HEARTBREAKING AS WELL

1644 days ago


This is a case of the media blowing things out of proportion to boost there ratings. Anyone with a High School knowlege of science could look at the ballon and see it was too small to hold the weight of a 6 year old child. Had the media not hyped the issue then they would not have "Egg" on there face as they do. Obviously the media can't take a joke when the joke is on them. Yes, the Heene family are still a buch of idiots for cpulling such a stunt.

1643 days ago


Hey Harvey...Gotta tell you guys some scoop about this "hyper-active" Dad, he's a tweeker..loves his meth..know friends that use to hang around him,they have nothing to do with him now. Sorry to see him abusing the situation and putting his family in harm.

1641 days ago


This family is a mess and they should send Yoko Ono looking Biatch back to Japan where she belongs. She sounded pathetic on the 911 call and should be ashamed of her ugly ass....

1618 days ago
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