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Katherine Jackson -- This Isn't It

10/16/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Katherine Jackson Something is going on with the Jackson family ... multiple sources are telling us the family has been invited with open arms to attend the premiere of "This Is It" ... but Katherine Jackson and other family members insist they have been snubbed.

Here's what we know -- 60 tickets for the Michael Jackson movie have been offered to the family, yet Katherine insists no one ever called them about getting seats. Several sources tell us they believe the ticket offer was made to certain members of the family but the offer was never relayed to Katherine.

Fact is ... Katherine doesn't want to see the movie. She tells TMZ as far as she's concerned it's not a real movie because there is no acting -- just rehearsal footage.

But we're also told Jackson's three kids have been telling Katherine they want to see it ... bad.

Joe Jackson insists "This Is It" is mostly body doubles and "the media is going to tear this movie apart."

Sources say Sony not only offered the Jackson family seats to the premiere, but also offered a private screening.

Is it possible one of Katherine's sons is hoarding info? Just a theory ...


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**mj** Nice to see you made your way over here from the LKL blogs.

1811 days ago


Cher, nothing will stop me from seeing it. I already have tickets to four showings. I may decided to go to more. There is so much garbage out there, always was, about Michael.

Hoping the movie breaks a few more records for Michael. And he gets a clean sweep at the AMAs. I guess that would be another record.

1811 days ago


This family appears to be going off in so many different directions. You never see the brothers all together. Katherine thinks that she is in control but everyone is making deals, selling out all around her and as she sits captive in Micheal's house and she doesn't realize it. No one offered her tickets that's because she was left out of the loop a longtime ago. They still don't seem to realize no one gives a damn about them it is all about Micheal and if they don't have anything about Micheal to off no one cares. Who has been calling the media and having Micheal's kids filmed everytime they step out of the house, not you Katherine. Watch who takes those kids out for-- cough(a movie) ice cream.

1811 days ago


Please boycott this movie! This is all so very wrong and I think Joe may be right this time!
In any case, please be very critical about going!
Michael was used all of his life and even more after death.

1811 days ago


The oldest Jackson son, Jermaine Jackson, is a clone of his mother. Their resemblance is undeniable.

1811 days ago


51. Cher, nothing will stop me from seeing it. I already have tickets to four showings. I may decided to go to more. There is so much garbage out there, always was, about Michael.

Hoping the movie breaks a few more records for Michael. And he gets a clean sweep at the AMAs. I guess that would be another record.

Posted at 1:54AM on Oct 16th 2009 by truth

A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted.

1811 days ago


It's probably hard to see for his mother.
I'll go to it and I think I need napkins very badly.
The kids should be able to see it,it was there father and indeed they dragged the kids to 3 funarals.
They can even see it in private....
and I really hope that the tabloids gonna tread the rehearsel footage with RESPECT.
Michael sweetheart..there were trippin on you in life and they can't stop now either.
God bless you,lieverd

1811 days ago


A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted.

Posted at 1:59AM on Oct 16th 2009 by OhWell
Ha! $40? Maybe if you got a job, you wouldn't think $40 is a lot of money. I waste more than that in a given day. Besides, I don't think it will be a waste to spend on the movie.

1811 days ago


body doubles? what the hell does that mean-somebody's playing the part of Michael in silhouette or from the neck down so they could complete a "story?" don't waste my money--it better be mostly Michael.

1811 days ago


Poor Michael Jackson, poor Mrs. Jackson, Sony a real bloodsuckers at any price

I feel that Sony has used the Jackson family

I love you very, very much :`(

1811 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Absolutely go see the movie! I have my tickets already purchased for 7 days of the viewings (with different people). I wouldn't miss it for anything!

Just protest JOE's trying to make money off his son in Vegas-- one night only.

LOL @ Kooky. Thanks for the weather report.
Joe Jackson is inviting you for $3,000 a ticket to view "This is It" with him on Oct 27th in Las Vegas. In addition, Brenden Theatres will be "honoring" Joe Jackson for his son's movie!

178 media outlets have signed on to be there too.

This movie is about MICHAEL, not Joe.

Calling all MJ Fans in/near Las Vegas:
Please plan to protest ONE NIGHT ONLY Brenden Theatres/The Palms Casino/Hotel premiere, "starring" Joe Jackson.

When: Tuesday, October 27th
700pm - 830pm Please be early
Where: Brenden Theatres at the
The Palms Hotel/Casino
4321 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Bring/Wear: Michael Jackson attire!
Check weather & dress comfortably.

MJ FANS outside Las Vegas, around the world, please send your complaints to their corporate office:
Brenden Theatre Corporation
4321 West Flamingo Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Tel: (702) 948-6018

Please Re-Post. Facebook ~~ Twitter ~~ MySpace ~~ Birdie

1811 days ago


This family is simply wacky..alot mroe than Michael ever was.

1811 days ago


"this is it" no es una pelicula es verdad, lo que en realidad es, la prueba de que Michael se encontraba bien de salud que tenia vida y energia para 100 años mas y que no debia morir tan repentinamente a menos que no fuera asesinado por ese (bastardo del doctor Murray)

"this is it" is not a movie is true, it really is proof that Michael is in good health who had life and energy for 100 years more and who should not die so suddenly unless it was killed for that (bastard Dr. Murray)

TMZ will be better to investigate why they have not apprehended the (son of a bitch Conrad Murray)


1811 days ago


Do any of you know what happened to "MusicGal"? Do any of you know who she is? The other morning before all the Paul Anka stuff happened she posted in the comments section and wrote this whole post about working with MJ and a detailed account about everything that happened with the song, the trouble that was brewing and about how RJ & the new reality show were to blame. I know you cant believe everything people post but it really DID sound like she was the real deal. I only remember it because she was very specific in her details and this was before the media or TMZ even knew about the Paul Anka thing.

I'm just wondering bc I've been away from the computer for the last 2 days, and EVERYTHING she said would happen over the next few days has happened! Especially the stuff about RJ & the family. I went to look up her original comment and all of her comments have been removed! Do you guys know what's up? Did she "SCOOP" TMZ? I wonder if she was the info source... xxx

1811 days ago


Why not take Michael Jackson’s heart, and brain and cremate it. Sprinkle the ashes over never land, and let everybody unofficially know that Michael is there in heart, and mind. Start selling tour tickets to never land so the Jackson family will have an unofficial grace land and charge 100 dollars a tickets to tour the facility.

1811 days ago
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