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Cops Believe Balloon Boy Was 'Real Event'

10/16/2009 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Balloon Boy The Larimer County Sheriff's Office just held a press conference on the Heene family's flying saucer caper -- and they said, as of now, they feel it was a "real event" and not a hoax.

Sheriff Jim Alderden said Falcon's parents "expressed statements, non verbal communication, body language, and emotions that were consistent with the events taking place."

He confirmed Richard Heene called the FAA first, then a local TV station before calling 911 -- because 9 News had a helicopter they believed could help the situation.

Also interesting to note -- Falcon's parents were asked if they wanted to be present when investigators interviewed him yesterday, but they didn't care, so he went solo.

Alderdon said the video of Falcon from Larry King has raised skepticism in the department and they will re-interview the family tomorrow -- giving the boy time to recover from that puke filled interview on "Today."


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Bill Bush    

Enough publicity for these crackpots - the whole think was a publicity stunt by the worthless father and stupid mother and cretin kids! No more publicity! Let them crawl back under a rock!

1777 days ago


Hopefully, this will at least put the family on the child protective service's radar. They should check in on this family every once in a while! The parents appear to be nuts!!!!!

1777 days ago


Well the cops are the only ones who think this was a real scare. This was as staged as any reality show.

1777 days ago


If the cops can't tell the little boy had been given some type of sedation that made him sick somethings wrong with that cop force.

1777 days ago

sick of Rihanna    

That family staged the whole thing! i don't believe this was an accident for a second.

1777 days ago


Seriously...I guess the police don't feel like doing their jobs...This guy is a total wackjob, and he should not have custody of those kids...

1777 days ago

Reihna with new video of the father releasing the balloon...after the quote from the 911 call saying the balloon was tethered and shouldn't have taken off???

1777 days ago


PHONIES. I got a bridge to sell that Sheriff's Department.

PS: Send these aholes the bill.

1777 days ago


Wow, well we all know what town we should commit a crime in!

1777 days ago

nicole leollee    

ok im bored with this..what else u got, sextapes?..drug overdoses, a micheal jackson spotting... anything at all? so i can judge with extreme prejudice and self righteousness? PLEEEASE fuel my hatred of people who have a life. i wanna know

1777 days ago

nicole leollee    

ok im bored, what else u got tmz??? celebrity sex tape? drug overdoses, a M.J. spotting.. anything that i can judge with extreme predjudice and self righteousness? pleeese fuel my hatred for others who actually have a life.. cuz, I WANNA KNOW!!!

1777 days ago

nicole leollee    

ugghh make me say it twice differently i FAIL

1777 days ago


I think what the police are doing is calculated, they are going on t.v saying they believe this is not a hoax knowing full well that family would watch, after all it's a big deal to be on t.v (as steve martin said on pink panter)lol, this way the family has their guard down and, that cop on t.v will play good cop bad cop and bust them! Right Harvey?!

1777 days ago


i just feel like hugging this little boy ! for 4 hrs. yesterday i just held my breath and ,now i really hope that they prove that this dad didn,t fake any of any case.these boys need some real love !

1777 days ago


Either that cop is too stupid to put two and two together, or he's been paid off.

1777 days ago
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