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Cops Believe Balloon Boy Was 'Real Event'

10/16/2009 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Balloon Boy The Larimer County Sheriff's Office just held a press conference on the Heene family's flying saucer caper -- and they said, as of now, they feel it was a "real event" and not a hoax.

Sheriff Jim Alderden said Falcon's parents "expressed statements, non verbal communication, body language, and emotions that were consistent with the events taking place."

He confirmed Richard Heene called the FAA first, then a local TV station before calling 911 -- because 9 News had a helicopter they believed could help the situation.

Also interesting to note -- Falcon's parents were asked if they wanted to be present when investigators interviewed him yesterday, but they didn't care, so he went solo.

Alderdon said the video of Falcon from Larry King has raised skepticism in the department and they will re-interview the family tomorrow -- giving the boy time to recover from that puke filled interview on "Today."


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Yeah right and Michael Jackson is still alive. LOL! Some of these comments are hilarious. Everyone knows this was a hoax to get on tv like someone mentioned earlier. Playtime is over now family.

1834 days ago


The sheriff thinks this was legit?
There must be an awful lot of unsolved crimes in Larimer County.

Anyone check the kid for sedation after getting sick twice?

1834 days ago

The Seer    

That kid looks like Bilbo the Hobbitt.

With a little Exorcist thrown in for good measure.

Just sayin'.

1834 days ago


It's the boy fought for not having adult supervision over there six year old son. The parents should have too pay each expert for there time and effort too find the little boy.

1834 days ago


I guess the cops would rather sit behind bushes & curves in the road with their radar guns waiting to catch some "crook" hurrying to work.

1834 days ago


It's a hoax!! Now, did anyone even think to get the Dad to show where the boy would open part of the bottom of that balloon and go inside. The parents were there for lift off and surely they would see the child get on it as well why have an attached box, which is where? It's all a hoax and the parents are wacky and the kids should be in protective custody and not have to be following storms around all the time. They need to play with other kids. The Dad is wacho and a big, narcisstic kid himself and the Mom just goes along with the domineering Dad.

1834 days ago

ozie baldwin    

I can't tell if the balloon chase was all a planned event or not, but I may be the only person to be suspect... based only upon the "in my face" hair style of the dad. It has been my experience in life, that people who seek fame or hype...will do and use anyone to get their fix. In this case, the "in my facehair" of the dad, added to the truth of a 6yr old...can only equal hype. If it walks like a duck and quacks, while leaving feathers...look out!! This family is headed back to T.V.Land or Bravo...AFLAX maybe.

1834 days ago

Seacrest is a Shorty    

Sick of the public being used (both financially and emotionally) so some fool can get a reality series. Octomom was first...? Now this.
Look at the poor acting job of the Mother and the over bearing father. I bet he's violent at home....what a pathetic man.

1834 days ago

who dat    

Those cops are morons. They wouldn't know the truth, if it was staring them in the face at the donut shop.

1834 days ago


This sheriff reminds me of Inspector Clouseau. At the very least these parents should be charged with endangering the welfare of a child. This dad is a self declared expert of all things weather and UFO and yet he leaves a fully inflated faux flying saucer lying around accessible to 3 young boys who are known to be wild and adventurous. If someone other than the parents had owned this saucer they would be arrested in a minute. I hope at least the good citizens of this town have the sense to elect themselves a new lawman in the next election. This guy is a joke!!!!!

1834 days ago


According to news reports the dad made two calls before he dialed 911. One was to a local tv station. Hmmmmm.... If my kid flew off in a balloon the first call I'd make would be to 911. When I heard that - that's when I knew it was a hoax.

1834 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

Geeeez, why is this family still getting publicity? The kid's ok, end of story. Little brat

1834 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

Smells like total BS. Who cares?

1834 days ago


Sheriff Jim Alderden is a JOKE NOW,

1834 days ago

AM Hood    

The cops will stick to their story because they do not want to look foolish. They will not take the time to find out the truth. But, these people should be prosecuted, it was a hoax ans we all know it. Go get a JOB, mom and dad.

1834 days ago
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