Larry Birkhead Testifies About Anna Nicole

10/16/2009 1:50 PM PDT

Larry Birkhead Testifies About Anna Nicole

Larry Birkhead is on the stand in the preliminary hearing involving Anna Nicole Smith and the defendants who allegedly fueled her drug habit.

Birkhead just testified between August 2004 and May 2006, he saw Anna take the following drugs regularly: Topamax, Lasix, Klonopin, Valium, Xanax, Potassium and Methadone.

He has not talked about whether Howard K. Stern or the two other defendants -- Sandeep Kapoor and Kristine Eroshevich -- helped facilitate Anna's drug use, but he did identify Dr. Kapoor as Smith's regular physician at the time.

-- Birkhead testified he saw Anna's prescription bottles with several different names on them: Anna Nicole Smith, Michelle Chase, Vicki Marshall and Jane Brown. Larry also said the whole time he knew Anna he was concerned that she would take her meds inappropriately.

UPDATE 5:50 PM ET -- Birkhead testified he never saw anyone force Anna to take medication. He said he saw Anna with a duffel bag full of meds. Birkhead said he saw Stern give the bag to Anna Nicole, but didn't see him administer any drugs.