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Lindsay Lohan -- Justice Delayed is Sweet Justice

10/16/2009 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's hard to imagine wanting an extra year of probation, but when you're Lindsay Lohan -- and facing possible jail time -- it's actually a good thing.

Lindsay Lohan

A judge today decided to extend Lindsay's probation another year so she can finish her alcohol education classes. Her lawyer, the effervescent Shawn Chapman Holley, told the judge Lindsay has been extremely busy and has only been able to complete about half her classes.

Specifically, Lindsay has completed 15 of 26 individual alcohol classes and 13 of 26 group alcohol classes and 13 of 28 self-help sessions. She completed all six education classes.

Lindsay LohanLindsay's lawyer says her client is doing a movie in Texas.

The prosecutor said if the court has to jump through hoops again to accommodate Lindsay, jail is the only answer.

All sides will be back in court for another progress hearing on December 15.


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whats up Doctors    

If I were to tell a Judge,Sorry I've been busy and can't comply with court orders, I would be thrown in jail so fast,So this is totally Bull schitt with Lohan, And the other bull schitt I'll be out of state so I can't comply with probation so screw you. judge ,No can do, What kind of BS is this,AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH

1830 days ago


She needs help BAD!! Stop letting her off the hook so easily and make her pay for her mistakes. Insanity at it's finest. She's an addict!!!

1830 days ago


Can you say "enabler"?

1830 days ago


Good work on raising your daughter Dilo. Your job is done with lindsey. Now go forward and screw up your other daughter.

1830 days ago

Simone - number 1    

Leaver Lindsay alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1830 days ago


Lohan was one hour late to court this morning and nothing happened to her.

Remember how people tore Paris Hilton apart for being a few minutes late due to the paps blocking the roads?

This whole thing is just very unfair.
Lohan is the one getting special treatment - but why? She is not that talented an actress, just a coked out freak.

1830 days ago


Here's wishing her a very sudden coke ingested heart attack.

1830 days ago


I think it's a shame. She was such a beautiful young lady and for 23, she looks twice her age. The child needs some serious help to get herself together. Maybe she can find out what meds Britney is taking. It seems to be working for her!

1830 days ago


"The prosecutor said if the court has to jump through hoops again to accommodate Lindsay, jail is the only answer."


1830 days ago


crazy or not i would bang her for hours

1830 days ago


Hey, how come Lindsay is not drug tested?? If her father is so concerned about her
abuse of prescription drugs, why is she not tested as part of her probation?

If she WAS subject to random drug testing, she would not be abusing them. Getting
caught would mean "for sure" jail time. Seems this is the only way to get this girl clean
and sober. FEAR OF JAIL

1830 days ago

Amber Berglund    

Check Lindsay's reaction when her lawyer mentions "Ungaro" -- that's shame. Check it. She's ashamed.

1830 days ago

I Hate this lame tramp    

She is such a skank. She's not moving to Texas, that so called movie is over and she has a very small role, it should be cut. I'm shocked that with all of the evidence of her partying and using, the judge wouldn't have made her take a drug test. I thought that is part of here probation. She should have been in jail for drug possession and multiple DUIs. She has completed 50% of her classes = F. She is a loser and gross.

1830 days ago

Al K Hall    

If a girl is hot and drunk, you call her a slut.

If she's hot, drunk and dead, you call her an icon.

Make up your minds, people!

Al K Hall
Functional Alcoholic Slurperson
(No, REALLY! If you don't believe me, Google "slurperson" and click on the top link.)

1830 days ago


When she overdoses and dies, it will be just like MJ and Anna Nicole. The doctor's did it. Instead of her wonderful Daddy blaming everyone for her problems, he's ruining J and K's life by sticking his nose into their lives. What was he in prison for? Thought so!!!

1830 days ago
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