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Michael Jackson's Giraffes in $100,000 War

10/16/2009 1:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's giraffes could be forced out of their home -- for the second time -- unless their keeper comes up with $100,000 quick.


Freddie Hancock of the Banjoko Wildlife Preserve in Page, Arizona, tells TMZ she acquired giraffes Rambo, Jabbar Jr. (JJ), Princess, and Annie Sue from Neverland in 2006 and has been caring for them since -- but now the Page city council is demanding the preserve hand over a $100,000 bond to cover the giraffes in case of emergency ... or else they're out.

But here's the problem: in order to get a $100,000 bond from an insurance company, the keeper claims she needs a special form issued by the city itself ... which Freddie says the city refuses to hand over -- leaving Freddie's hands tied and the giraffes' futures up in the air.

Freddie claims the city wants the bond ASAP -- calls to Page City Hall weren't returned.


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Come on, guys is this your best shot? You're telling us a story about animals that were once at Neverland Ranch but now reside somewhere else, NOT under Michael's care who are in distress? Sounds like this is something for the current caretakers and the city to deal with. Why discuss this and point fingers at Michael as if he could reach beyond the grave and help them now? Why spout stories about PETA wanting to file charges after Michael is gone? Why didn't they do it when he was alive?
This is the height of ridiculous---ness. Yes I just made up a word because this is so stupid I'm at a loss. Michael loved animals and would never do anything to harm them. You can be sure he probably thought someone was taking care of them (his only flaw is that he trusted too many idiots working for him.) Let's see you guys deal with a world-wide circus of a trial that pretty much was an indictment of your character regardless of the outcome. People scoff at how Michael handled his life during this time but I for one would not be able to judge how someone behaves while enduring such a mind-blowing situation. If you can, then you got one on me.

1842 days ago


Michael Jackson was such a shady character. He believed he was so special that he didn't have to take any responsibility for his life. He felt everything would magically be resolved with out him having to pay or lift a finger.He went around bilking trusting people and reneging on his business deals. He was an out of control narcissists, the hall mark of all low life addicts everywhere. Having acquired these great animals and then not taking responsibility for them is unforgivable as far as I am concerned. Honestly,dude made me sick.

1842 days ago


why don't they sue the estate? everyone else is. two years--seems about right to lay blame on Michael--they were his at one time after all.

1842 days ago


Will somebody PLEASE step in and look after all these beautiful animals?

As for all you naysayers out there.... if you can't say ANYTHING good, then say nothing you saddo losers!!!!

1842 days ago


Dear Michael:

I pray you are in heaven with all of the angels watching over you.

Miss you more Mike!!

1841 days ago


Give them to PETA. Let them do what they feel is best for them.

1841 days ago


Hey You guys

1841 days ago


that makes as much sense as buying a box of rocks. I think everyone remotely connected to the possiblity of taking advantage is sticking out their hand to see if they can shake loose some of that estate money by some means. Here maybe trying to tug on the family heart strings. Seems a bit obvious since they essentially have a catch-22 situation.

Yeah Peta, at least they are apparently in good health. Unlike you, they don't drive around "rescuing" puppies not yet adopted to snuff them out in a van. you are a bunch of hypocrits.

1841 days ago


Oh no not the animals! They will be okay. I promise!

1841 days ago


Veterinarian Martin R. Dinnes
knows what happend with the animals.
He placed the animals elsewhere.
The animals were never neglected.

1841 days ago


Leave it to a bureaucracy to create an impossible SNAFU.

1841 days ago


Tippi Hedren and any other keeper or vet of MJ's abandoned animals ought to slap the estate with the bills for their care.

1841 days ago


This is a huge sore spot with me. Can someone
interview the vet that helped relocate the animals?
I will NOT forgive anyone if they are involved with animal cruelty or neglect, especially if they have millions of $$$$.
These exotic animals are EXPENSIVE to take care of and yes, someone from the family or estate should help financially those taking care of these animals.

1841 days ago


Read more about Michael in this first book about his sudden death. MICHAEL JACKSON: THE ICON. (http://Michael-Jackson.Mobi - October 18, 2009)

1840 days ago

an educated scorce    

The 76-year-old star, who is also the mother of actress MelanieGriffith, adopted the tigers after animal rights group People for theEthical Treatment of Animals (PETA) broke the news of the deplorableconditions the animals were living under.

Bull. The staff while unpaid, continued to look after all the animals. Nothing was left abandoned. Ever. Check your facts. A thankyou should be sent to all the staff who stayed behind and cared.

1753 days ago
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