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Balloon Boy Box Bursting with Questions

10/17/2009 6:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OMG -- we haven't been this excited to find out what's inside a box since "Seven."

Balloon Boy
Since Richard Heene's extraordinary press conference this morning, the questions have been flooding in to his magical box of wonder. What kinds of questions does it contain? Does it perhaps contain suggestions of where Mr. Heene can put his question box?

We'll find out tonight at 6:30 PM PT/9:30 PM ET when Balloon Dad comes out to answer them -- and we'll have it for you live.

Stay tuned ...


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since the Heene Boys used the naughty word Pussification TMZ will have to destroy them...because we all know TMZ are evil degenerates.

1810 days ago

nicole leollee    

Hey papz while your there why dont u make yourself useful and rake up some of those leaves..

1810 days ago


I want a balloon to . but can i get mine in shades of blue?? lmao

1810 days ago

Hayley B    

Those people are LIARS. He says they don't have the news - but um HELLO?! They have family videos all over youtube of their kids swearing, making their mom eat snot soup - and the degrading list goes on. Obviously they have internet access if they've got youtube accounts.

Those kids are obnoxious little brats. Looking at the parents it isn't hard to see why.

1810 days ago


Why is anyone still giving this guy the time of day? TMZ go home! Encourage the other media to go home. No one cares! The kid is fine! Stop feeding into this fathers desire for attention. He has grandiose delusions about being famous and for 15 minutes he was. NOW IT IS OVER.

1810 days ago


Richard Heene certainly does have access to the internet—as another poster pointed out, he has a Myspace page on which he lists himself as SINGLE, really clever for someone who sees himself as someone in the media. I can’t believe anyone is actually putting questions in the box, unless they are suggestions as to where he can put his ridiculous box. It’s unfortunate that the media is going to show up at all tonight—it just feeds this guy’s raging narcissism.

1810 days ago

who dat    

For the first time, 25-year-old researcher Robert Thomas reveals to Gawker how earlier this year he and Richard Heene drew up a master plan to generate a massive media controversy using a weather balloon. To get famous, of course.

Thomas spent several months earlier this year working on developing a reality science TV show to pitch to networks - the "show," Thomas says, that Falcon was referring to when he told CNN "We did it for the show." Among the ideas that Heene, Thomas and two others came up with for their reality TV proposal — and one that he says most intrigued Heene — involved a weather balloon modified to look like a UFO which they would launch in an attempt to drum up media interest in both the Heene family and the series he was desperate to get on the air. Still, Thomas never imagined that Heene would involve his six-year-old son in what he is certain was a "global media hoax" to further Richard Heene's own celebrity. Thomas' story of his time with Heene, based on an interview with Ryan Tate, follows below. It's a fascinating account and after he publicly offered to sell his story, we paid him for it.

1810 days ago

hoping he gets the max    

The most important thing in all of this, is that lil Falcon is okay!!! I do have to say, I feel this was a planned PR stunt, and I thought that as soon as I learned that the parents were on the reality tv show wife swap, and that they are storm chasers.Then when Falcon told the anchor/reporter that "you said this was for a show", I thought what a hoax!!! It is sad that people will go to such great lengths for fame and fortune, book deals, interviews, etc.,when those very resources could have been used to search for real missing people. If this is determined by law enforcement to be a hoax, I hope that they make the parents do community service in the form of assisting the center for missing and exploited children who really are missing. A lot of resources were spent on this case,imagine if a child couldve been found with those same resources and media attention.Now for the parents: If you have the energy and money to go storm chasing, how about a generous donation towards a good cause,the center for missing and exploited children!

1810 days ago


Why give this so much attention! Pretty soon we'll have more people possibly doing real harm to get attention...please stop this insanity.

1810 days ago


Why keep giving them so much free's what they want!!

1810 days ago


The craft had two tethers connected to it from what I see on the home video. The question I would pose to the family would be, How often do they conduct tests on the float or inflate the craft to float? From what i believe, it doesn't seem to be very often as they had their child videotaping it. So if the craft is not used very often, why would the father not check the tethers? Why would he put it in the hands of his wife? When you inflate anything with helium, you always check to see that it's tied down. Neither tether was tied down.

As a matter of fact, looking at the video now, it does hold it's altitude (about 10-15 feet high) for a few seconds before the left side gives and then the whole craft lifts up... I get the feeling the father/wife and/or children had their feet on the tethers, one tether was let go, and then the other, by lifting their foot off of it.

1810 days ago


I think the best response to this family is from Dr. Keith Ablow. What family goes through this kind of, "trauma," and makes the rounds of talk shows following the discovery of the child.

Press conference? Maybe not, after being interviewed by the police dept.

Where did they purchase this balloon with the cardboard bottom? It doesn't appear to have the strength to hold a child.

1810 days ago


I honestly think it was planned...If you look at the ballon when they lift it in the air it looks like there is no way that boy can get in. I think the parents are just desperate for attention and the family needs to be questioned seperately.

1810 days ago


The dad is playing this up for all it's worth. Asking people to put questions in a box is a "big announcement"? He told the reporters to come back for that crap? He could have done that when he first addressed the reporters this morning.

I am sure they will get some sort of TV deal off of this, which is what the father was going for all along.

I still believe the whole thing was a hoax.

1810 days ago

too sad    


1810 days ago
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