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Sheriff Gives Balloon Boy's Fam the Weekend Off

10/17/2009 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Balloon BoyA rep for the Sheriff's Department in Larimer County tells TMZ they won't talk to the Heene family again until Monday -- unless of course the father says something stupid at tonight's press conference.

The department had planned to speak to the family today, but decided to give their officers the weekend off. However, Eloise Campanella, Larimer County Sheriff's Officer spokeswoman, tells TMZ they will be keeping an eye on Richard Heene's question box press conference scheduled for later tonight.

The presser should begin around 6:30 PM PT/9:30 PM ET -- and we'll be there live. Stay tuned ...

UPDATE 5:20 PM ET -- So much for that. RIchard Heene met with sheriff's officials this afternoon after all.


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Sad sad    

He's doing this so he has time to sharpen up his answers. If your not lying you don't need freakin time to sit over the questions. Why does his myspace say single?

1834 days ago


look at this clown tryin to be hard. its like ryan jenkins meets dj am

1834 days ago


PRESS CONFERENCE Tonight??? This PROVES the hoax and that they want FAME more than anything! They're idiots! Worse than Octodumbass! Please don't watch or pay them any attention! I don't want to see them for the next year!

1834 days ago


You're just giving these people what they want - publicity! Obviously the whole thing was staged so they could satisfy their weird need to press. Don't reward them for lying and putting their kids through this. Poor little boy. CPS needs to be in there somewhere. I mean, even if it isn't a hoax and they actually thought they let their son float away a la Wizard of Oz, they aren't fit parents.

And if it is a hoax, that's just wrong to make their kids to this for their own weird enjoyment.

Bad parents.

1834 days ago

Sad sad    

OMG I'm first! What an honor. Let me gloat in my glory ;p

1834 days ago


Ok, so what is the exact reason why this joke of a family gets this much attention???

1834 days ago


unfreadkingbelivable. Giving them a weekend to get their story straight. What kind of law enforcement does that? Maybe the guy will trip himself up tonight. Hopefully, the farmer's whose field was ruined are getting this down, use it in court to get their losses covered.

1834 days ago

who dat    

I bet this county is full of unsolved "mysteries". This sheriff is incompetent. These cops couldn't find the truth with a GPS & a search party.

1834 days ago


Umm....IF the father Heene designed that balloon himself, then he would ABSOLUTELY KNOW, that there is NO WAY that balloon could HOLD a 40 pound KID!! PERIOD!!! Watch the launch tape on youtube, and you can clearly see that it barely has enough LIFT to lift itself! END OF STORY!!! HE KNEW!!! Anyone that flies balloons (im a balloon pilot) would know this instantly after seeing his contraption!

1834 days ago

Kooky Fan    

This thing is BALLOONING out of proportion!

1834 days ago

s santa fe, vista ca    

What's up with the Sheriff from Mayberry RFD? The weekend off? WTF??? Get in there and interrogate this idiot and make sure those kids aren't being wired to some strange invention to erase their memories.

1834 days ago


More time to get the story straight !!!!! Sounds good to me.

1834 days ago

They were in it for the money    

What if he went back out for that press conference and Nobody showed up? I think that'd be sooooo coooool! Then he can go back inside and resume the life he doesn't have.

Next thing you know a big ole Meteor will crash into his home. Maybe his cable is hooked up the same way as the balloon; with helium and batteries? I think he caught distemper from from on those aliens.

1834 days ago

Hayley B    

Gimme a break. Giving them time to put together a plausible story? Question their butts!!!!!! Incompetence at its finest.

I tell ya - I had to rotfl when I read about the question box. That dude is milking it for everything it's worth. The whole family is worthless, imo.

Maybe those boys still have a chance to become normal, productive members of society....but not with those dingleberries for parents.

1834 days ago

Amber Berglund    

This guy Heene reminds me of people I've known who were diagnosed with Schizophrenia. He seems like he should be on anti-psychotic medication *Really* Not Joking. I worry about all three of those kids, because this guy seems like he could snap at any moment. This guy is a snap case. I really, really hope he doesn't own guns. I wouldn't want to wait for that press conference. He might kill his family, members of the press, and then himself.
Yes, Child Protective Services should be called, and they should take them in for observation.
What is this business "the weekend off" -- such B.S. Those kids are in danger. How do we even know those kids are all still alive right now?

1834 days ago
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