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Michael Jackson -- Power to the Lawyer!

10/20/2009 9:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's estate lawyers want the judge to lay down the law once and for all ... John Branca and John McClain have broad powers to make decisions for all things MJ.

The attorneys filed legal papers today asking the court to put in writing what the judge said earlier this month -- outlining what Branca and McClain have authority to do as Special Administrators.

The judge gave the duo broader powers than they had initially -- but lawyers for Katherine Jackson have kicked up some dust.

There's a legal showdown on Thursday at 2:30 PM PT. We'll be there.


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Michael Jackson took several other drugs routinely used to treat alcoholism. The coroner detected two other benzodiazepines in his body, Midazolam and Diazepam, and both are used to treat alcohol withdrawal. Michael Jackson was given an antidote for benzodiazepine overdoses known as Flumazenil, which is also a treatment for alcohol withdrawal. Michael Jackson used benzodiazepines and Propofol because he suffered from insomnia and anxiety, classic symptoms of alcoholism that are routinely treated with benzodiazepines.

Michael Jackson was using drugs used to treat alcoholism years before his death. A 2003 police raid on his home found Alprazolam, another benzodiazepine used to treat alcoholism, and Prednisone, a corticosteroid treatment for diseases such as lupus and vitiligo that is also used to treat liver disease, a common byproduct of long-term alcoholism.

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1775 days ago


What a scary picture it's great for Halloween put it on your door and the kiddies are sure to stay away

1775 days ago


Katherine Birthed him. I dont believe MJ was very clear with his decision making for his will and was heavily influenced outside of family to keep his secret habit going for many many years. I dont think his state of mind realized his mother deserves more. He has been an addict for many years where money and influence played a big part for him to get what he wanted/needed. His mother deserves a lot more that what she got.

Posted at 9:24PM on Oct 20th 2009 by Quiet

I Agree 100% there is more going on than we know about.. No one know's what's going behind closed doors if walls could speak.. the things we might find out...if they wanna make decisions fine she should be allowed to know what's going on.. if they had noithing to hid why not let her in the loop..seems like somethings not right...What do u think???

1775 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Branca already owns a small share in that catalog. It was his payment for somthing years ago, for aquiring it. I thought the Judge gave them a clear shot until the end of the year. So, what's the deal? I think some of those attorneys Katherine's has are financial people with the Watchtower Society. they may tout their books and teachings, but they are major owners and stockholders in some of the most prestigious properties in the world. Kathrine is getting anough. she just wants more control to sign things over to the sons before she dies, mainly Jermaine. She's treading a very fine line. she needs to stop whatever these attorneys of her are doing, live life with what she has already. Would hate to see Havenhurst lost again because of the way they are so will nilly with money. They're a danger to they're ownselves.

1775 days ago


That's interesting. If the judge told them they can act, why don't they. I think this is a ploy to get around Katherine because the judge also said that she should be consulted.

Maybe if her lawyer was in the loop when they wanted to use "This is It" as a song there would not have been that big thing with Paul Anka.

I am just not comfortable with them having all these powers and they are not even family and act like they want to freeze out the family.

Just saying......

1775 days ago


OK I am back what did I miss?

1775 days ago


"It's all about the Benjamins". Actually, not, "It's all about the Power".

1775 days ago


that wig and hairline is too funny eyeliner lipstick
was he trying to impress the ladies or the boys with those red lips?

1775 days ago


39. that wig and hairline is too funny eyeliner lipstick
was he trying to impress the ladies or the boys with those red lips?

Posted at 10:00PM on Oct 20th 2009 by Jacko from purgatory waiting to enter hell


1775 days ago

They were in it for the money    

They are just ticked because they cant fanagle the lawyers like they could fanagle Mickey. It clearly states 40% for Ma Jackson. No more, no less. This has to do with getting leverage before she dies so her sons can get some of the money and control, she can try and give her control if she had it to one of her sons, it aint happening in this life tho'. The Will will stand. Like Jermaine said It is what it is. They'r just trying to get in on it to get some of that money for themselves. Mickey was 50 years old for godsake. The family never put up a fight to sit on the board then, why should it be any different now? He wasn't a child. That was his money, HIS legacy, not the familys. they haven't done anything in years. They have no legacy-PERIOD!

1775 days ago


michael is beautiful, screw u haters

1775 days ago


@39, He could get more women in one week than you could get in your whole life in your wet dreams.And trust me,if women had the choice between going to hell with MJ and going to heaven with an envious, pathetic,illiterate loser like you,they sure as hell would choose hell.

1775 days ago



Posted at 10:05PM on Oct 20th 2009 by hahahahahaha

Hmmmmm....I came back looking for one weasel and found you instead...ugh!

1775 days ago


How Can You People Love A pedophile?
And Yes MJ Said That He Liked To Sleep With Little Boys

1775 days ago


you know i must say oh well and deb seem to be drawn to each other .kind of like beauty and the beast..i kid ..i

1775 days ago
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