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The Original 'Balloon Boy' 911 Call

10/20/2009 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the first 911 call made by Richard and Mayumi Heene to Fort Collins PD during the original incident/hoax last week.

Richard Heene

During the call, Richard tells the operator his 6-year-old boy is in the aircraft and asks, "What do you do in a case like this ... how the heck am I gonna get him down?"

Heene also admits he called the FAA before calling 911.


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@8 Hilarious- but true

1826 days ago


This is Richard,

I was TRULY upset when I called 911. Channel 9 wasted 20 MINUTES by not getting a chopper in the air faster. The damn balloon could have been halfway to Mexico by then and do you think CNN would be covering a balloon in Tijuana?

1826 days ago


This was not faked, the boy flew and parachuted after he jumped from the Jiffy Pop Blimp from 5000 foot in a homemade flying squirrel suit back to the roof. They are waiting to release this footage and make millions of pesos. You will see skeptics,you will see. The Globe has exclusive rights !

1826 days ago


Aren't you supposed to get fined for making fake 911 calls?

1826 days ago

jenny mo    

You are just giving this assclown the attention he wants by constantly posting about this. His poor kids have been through enough. Not to mention the whole thing is getting really boring.

1826 days ago


i wonder what it feels to know that everyone in the usa thinks he is an idiot??????????????

1826 days ago


Richard Scheme...I mean Heene! Him and his Clueless Wife Connie Chung need help. Psychiatric help. The best his sons You Tube Video money could buy. Damn in that case, we might need to start a charity in their names.

1826 days ago


How far do they live from the college? The distance should pretty much tip off the cops that it was a hoax since they left that six-year-old "thumbs up" bastard home alone as they went ahead with this @ssholery.

Damn kid was probably looking in the mirror practicing his thumbs up pose the entire time.

1826 days ago


I agree... throw the book at the parents...they wasted our time and worry and for what? So they could pretend and get free press. How about some payback like some moola... I hope they get fined all the money they made from wife swap. I feel sorry for the kid

1826 days ago


I am confused..for argument sake, if this moron was let just say, a hot air balloon enthusiast, and his kid was in REAL DANGER, what thought process would dictate calling the FAA first???

1826 days ago


67. You people are all idiots. You claim you hate this guy and hate him because he exploited his son to become famous. But you know what, you're jealous. Because he's about to become famous and you're not. And not only are you jealous, when you're standing in the checkout line at the supermarket, and you see him on the cover of US or People, you'll read it. And when TMZ or EOnline or Entertainment Tonight says something about him, you'll listen. And when his reality show comes out, you'll watch it. So really, all this talk about how he should be jailed for what did, is BS. Hate him, but ultimately you're giving him exactly what he wants.

Posted at 1:54AM on Oct 21st 2009 by Johnnie

Shut the f*ck up Richard. You are a horrible father, and crappy science detective, horrible husband and a very lousy actor. No one is jealous of you and your pathetic life. You deserve the Raspberry Award for such a sh*tty performance. You will amount to nothing. Have a nice day!

1826 days ago


This guy wants to be on tv so bad that he has tried to stop the world to pay attention to him. He's always yelling!! Doesn't he have a job to support his family of 5?

1825 days ago


TMZ--you bleeped out the address & phone number when Richard Heene was on the phone, but you didn't do it for later in the call when the Ft Collins 911 dispatcher transfers the call to the county dispatcher. The Heenes are horrible people, but they don't deserve the mail & phone calls this journalistic lapse could lead to.

1825 days ago


It actually makes sense to call the FAA (that can notify aircraft) and a news show (that would have a helicopter already in the air probably) when such a balloon is released. 911 would be the last on the list for me, too, for non-ground level events. They would certainly have the FAA number handy because of their usual activities with the balloon and other things for storm chasing, etc.

The sheriff believed their reactions to be genuine and began to doubt it only because of the little boy's saying something about "a show" during an interview, but for a 6 year old -- that could mean all sorts of innocent things unrelated to the event. They're hard to interview because they don't think like adults and don't understand questions the same way. The sheriff also doubted later when he heard they were in a reality show and wanted another one, making them "actors". Well, from the "reality shows" I've seen -- acting skills are hardly required even though they're all scripted.... So I don't think the evidence is very solid that it's a hoax. The court will need much better evidence to convict, so best to withhold judgment until more is known.

If the kid has asthma, it's also quite understandable that under stress he would be prone to vomiting. That certainly happens with other kinds of respiratory allergies - the body adds the emotional stress to the physical stress, for one thing. But even without emotional stress, many allergics and asthmatics have trouble with vomiting during certain seasons (such as the Fall weed pollen season, still alive and well here in the Midwest), especially if tracheal swelling is a reaction (does it for me in weed/mold season - my gag reflex is in high gear right now, it's a problem even when just brushing my teeth).

1825 days ago
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