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Balloon Boy Sheriff -- I Turned Down Dr. Phil!

10/22/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jim AlderdenThere's one man in the Balloon Boy saga who isn't a total media whore -- the Larimer County Sheriff claims he told Dr. Phil to kick rocks!

Sheriff Jim Alderden just posted a hilarious blog on the LCSO's website -- describing all the craziness he put up with in the wake of that little "spaceship balloon incident" ... and he didn't hold back.

In the blog, Alderden claims he was inundated with calls and emails from all sorts of "wing-nuts" -- some of whom called him "big mouthed," "fat" and "bald-headed."

Alderden quotes one person who wrote in just to criticize his American flag shirt -- saying " I will encourage any federal investigators working with you on the balloon boy case to charge you with crimes against the flag if that shirt is worn again."

Jim fared better with the Finnish -- one foreign fan telling him "you are good looking, a 'real man' ... you have a sense of humor when you tell the story." Alderden replied, "I might be moving to a Scandinavian country at the end of my term."

But the best call came in from a guy who claimed he had proof Hillary Clinton was an alien. The Sheriff's reply -- "At least that caller had some credibility."


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Priceless. Who knew that guy was so funny?

1772 days ago


That was FUNNY. Good for him :)

1772 days ago


Funny, during the first press conference, he thought his jedi powers of observation were fully developed when he proclaimed numerous times how "their body language" indicated no deceit on balloon boy's parents part.

He about 3 eggs short of a dozen

1772 days ago

dallas boy    

If you have followed the story, you would realize that they had told the press all along that they believed the family, because it was very important to their investigation to gain the trust of the family.
The sheriff even revealed that several credible news agencies were made ware of all of this.Cut the man some slack-they did a great job!

1772 days ago


Jim if you find Finland a bit cold, you're welcome here in Denmark as well.

1772 days ago


that was funny, the hillary comment was the best.

1772 days ago


.....You know, kinda a serious subject. Child abuse...fraud.

What's in the water up there? Now this guy wants a tv show......

1772 days ago

Dr. Phil is like a vulture of misery and shame.

1772 days ago


6. .....You know, kinda a serious subject. Child abuse...fraud.

What's in the water up there? Now this guy wants a tv show......

Read more:

How in the hell do you draw that conclusion from this? He is just trying to lighten it up a little.

1772 days ago


Always nice to come across law enforcers with a sense of humour and perspective.
This guy's probably been offered more than a few shekels to appear on crap tv and he hasn't accepted. And going by the general tone of his message I doubt he was thrilled to get the Phil invite either.

Most of all, (like Sully's story) it's a great antidote to the crap we're all addicted to here.

1772 days ago


Ironic - folks writing/calling with criticism. Their emails and calls are just one more distraction that someone on the County payroll has to attend to. Thanks for the link. It's nice to see a quality professional doing a tough job with humor and perspective. I hope Sheriff Alderden gets a break from the chaos and enjoys a little time on horseback after work today.

1772 days ago


Great! Loved it - a real person with some wit & humor!

1772 days ago

who dat    

I couldn't care less about his sense of humor. He wasn't hired to be funny. He is incompetent, they should fire him. He allowed the balloon clowns to string everyone along. His men failed to conduct a complete search of the house, during the incident. Had they done so, the little boy would have been discovered.

Then when the evidence surfaced, this sheriff was going to give the family, "the weekend off"? Are you serious. The weekend off. He was too lazy to do his job, until he took the heat from his superiors. Get rid of this incompetent public servant.

1772 days ago


Enough balloon boy crappity crap already! The twerpy child with a crazy dillusion dad and quiet, submissive mother, already has enough problems. He vomits constantly.

1772 days ago


He's just another fame whore that is planning a future run for a public office, don't let his dragging this thing out fool you.

1772 days ago
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