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Khloe and Lamar

Inky Swear

10/26/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Well at least something's finally official in the Khlomar "marriage": The couple got matching tattoos to signify their still-not-quite-legalized union.

According to Khloe's website, the couple stopped by Tattoo Mania in Los Angeles Saturday night on a whim and got tattoos of each other's initials on their hands.

Now if only this weren't the only permanent step they've taken so far ...

We're told the total bill was $160 -- and the couple left more than a $60 tip.


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who dat    

Anyone with a tat is a low IQ loser. Average IQ for the those with tats' is around 80. That's near moronic.

1761 days ago


#14 I agree!

How many college students do you see at IVY League and private universities covered in tattoos? Not many.

Tatoos look disgusting when you get old and wrinkly.

They fade, blur and look like blotches of crap all over your skin. Just look at anyone over 50 with a tattoo. What the hell is the point of tattoos? There is no point.

1761 days ago


$160 for some initials ? Wow - they saw them coming...

1761 days ago


Any Betts???? I'll give this union 6 months.

1761 days ago


They should have put Dumb and Dumber...

1761 days ago

Grammar nazi    

I will never, ever get a tattoo. I think they look trashy, and that they say, "I make poor, rash decisions and I don't expect to live beyond 50."

I am a white female in my 30s, in case you care to make judgments about me. You go right ahead.

1761 days ago


I wonder if Kris will have Khloe's new kids tattooed? Besides, shouldn't Khloe be babysitting on a Saturday night?

1761 days ago


matching tatoos do not make a valid marriage. I'm assuming these two still don't have a marriage license. Shouldn't Khloe's tatoo read "HO". Harvey, and his TMZ followers, the Kardashian's are not newsworthy. Lamar has attached himself to them though because they get an overwhelming amount of free publicity - including from this website - because they have propelled a lie - they are socialites as offspring of their famous father. Their father was not famous. Under their theory, every child that has gone to private school and grown up around famous people are themselves - socialites. C'mon. Get a grip. Robert Kardashian was just every day sleaze.

1761 days ago



1761 days ago



July 23-August 22

You have to exercise some restraint with your peers today -- a little patience will take you far! It's one of those days when you can tell that you're on the edge of something really big.

1761 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Bad news.Tattoos.

Divorce for sure. Tattoos = divorce. As sure as the tomorrow will be 5/27/09,Khole and Lamar will divorce soon.
NEVER,never tattoo your spouses or boyfriend(girl)on yourself.
At least Khole will be able to change hers from LO to LOVE.
Lamra has KO,hmmm,what can he with that-KOOKY.

1761 days ago


ahhh thank god its so little. can be removed easy when they are done..

1761 days ago


I hope Khloe can find a good company to take that crap off her hand when she and Lamar go their separate ways in a few months.

They haven't signed the marriage license yet, so they are still not legally married.

1761 days ago


Well that's going to make the marriage last longer. NOT!! These two need to quit it. *smh*

1761 days ago


rather than continue to propagate lies, why don't you tell the truth about Khloe's father and dispell the rumor that he was a famous attorney or successful businessman. He was OJ's sidekick in nefarious business practices who hired a third party to sell coke to OJ and Nicole, follow Nicole and kill Nicole. The third party backed out of the last part and could not have been responsible for it because he was arrested after a shootout in Newport Beach in early 1994. But, a diary and further investigation confirm everything about the third party's involvement in the Kardashian-OJ-Nicole triumvirate.

1761 days ago
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