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Randy and Evi Quaid to be Extradited

10/26/2009 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy and Evi QuaidRandy and Evi Quaid said they'd be in court today to face charges of fraud -- but they were a no-show, so the Santa Barbara D.A. is going forward with plans to have them extradited.

The couple is facing three felonies -- burglary, conspiracy and defrauding an innkeeper -- after they allegedly pulled a dine and dash at the San Ysidro Ranch. The Quaids say they are all paid up, but they still face the charges.

The Quaids were supposed to show last week, but didn't. Now the district attorney will file the extradition papers and they will be re-arrested in Texas and shipped back to Cali.

We're told the Quaids are requesting to show up to court on Thursday -- but the D.A. is going through with extradition, just in case.


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Those are two totally mentally ill people (seemingly induced by drugs). It is interesting how hostile they are regarding having to pay for thier crimes. If I owned a business, busted my butts to make it work, then these thieves came along and stole from me - I wouldn't be nice about it at all. Throw the book at them.

1820 days ago

homie 1 kanobe    

At first I was on their side. Now I don't even consider them Texans, They are just like the rest, BLACK/WHITE ACTOR/ENTERTAINERS that are nothing but bums, That don't pay for services rendered,I hope they arrest them today, so they can feel the EXTRADITION PROCESS,Cuffs and Shackles the whole 9 yards, As far as I'm concerned, They can stay in California. Texas won't miss them a bit.
-------------------------------------------------------------------God Bless Texas

1820 days ago


Celebrity JUSTICE. Drug rehab is needed ASAP.

1820 days ago


This is the story of Randy and Evi Quaid,
Two middle aged lovers who thought there hotel bill was paid,
Evi grabbed the bags and started up the car,
Randy stood outside and shouted "I used to be a star"
(Chorus)Singing go on skip on the bill and run...
(Chorus)Singing go on skip on the bill and run...

1820 days ago

homie 1 kanobe    

Also I can't think of a better couple to be made an example of. and have the Judge put them behind bars for awhile, At least a year for Randy and 5 years for his Lunatic wife, Maybe that way Randy will learn to wear the pants again, While she is locked up.


1820 days ago


If I had done this I WOULD BE IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1820 days ago


What a waste of taxpayer money to bring these to back to CA.... didn't they repay the hotel. And yes there is the principle of the crime, but its going to cost a lot of money to take this to trial.

How screwed up is our state....we have a sheriff's deputy sent to the house where Jacyee Dugard was being held on the report of children living in the back yard, but the cop is too lazy to walk through the house and look in the back yard; we have a parole agent that checks on the suspect at least once a month for 18 years and never searches the property (when you don't need probable cause); YET these tards stole $10,000 from a high end resort and the PEOPLE OF SANTA BARBARA in CA our GOING THE EXTRA MILE. NOTICE: CA Lawmakers we the citizen's are more concerned about crimes against people then a white collar crime of defrauding an inkeeper.

1820 days ago

excretive producer    

Cousin Eddie and the Mrs. are going to be driving a long way down Holiday Road before they get West Coast kicked. Extraditious!!

1820 days ago

Fred Newsome    

So they're not going to show up on their own?

This article is linked on

1820 days ago


Santa Barbara is a tourist town, so it makes sense to make a national public point that you'll be dragged into court if you don't pay... Las Vegas probably does the same.

So, where are these two going to stay on Thursday?
Even Motel6 is gonna want cash upfront if they let them stay at all.

1820 days ago


These 2 are really "f"ed up!!! Dennis ... help your brother!!! Oh, I forgot ... Dennis is too drunk to drive to Texas and help!

Brothers Quaid ...

Get your acts together. You are failing at being role models to your children and fans. You are both walking a slippery slope, and the po po are going to be locking up that bick mess called Randevi

1820 days ago


They had a free hotel and now they get free travel.

1820 days ago

Leno Rules    

Well, let me tell you a story bout a man named Randy
Stayin in Texas was really kinda handy
His wife was a freak and looked like a male
Judge said youre ugly and send them back to jail
So they loaded up the truck and went to Californi"A"
For there they must go because they didn't pay
He called up his brother and asked him for a loan
Dennis said "whatever" and hung up the phone
Even if you're famous you need to do the time
Go back to Cali and not on our dime
You both skipped out, you should have paid
Especially if your're a "C" lister with the last name Quaid

1820 days ago


This has murder/suicide written all over it.

1820 days ago


Interestingly enough Evi directed Randy in a movie called "The Debtors" in 1999. I guess drugs can make life imitate art! Evi has a very troubled back ground and this is all the latest manifestation of it.

1820 days ago
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