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Shauna Sand Pulls Out of Sex Tape Battle

10/26/2009 1:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shauna Sand Nothing can stop Shauna Sand's sex tape from hitting the shelves now -- and it's all because Shauna has finally given the XXX flick her Lucite stamp of approval.

Steven Hirsch, the co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, brought in a handwriting expert to prove Shauna had in fact signed off on the tape -- and after meeting with her on Thursday, he says she's withdrawn the cease and desist letter her lawyer sent Vivid earlier this month.

Hirsch says Shauna's reason for withdrawing the letter was because a lawsuit could prove "long and expensive." Riiiiiiiight.


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Puh-lease. Her intentions were ALWAYS to make money from it...hence her making Lorenzo Lamas sign a friggin napkin saying he wouldn't try to sue her for custody of their kids. She saw how Paris and others profited from their sex tapes, she needs some income, so she's now following suit. What a filthy nasty skank. I wonder if this piece of FILTH realizes what she's done, and how her kids will have to deal with this backlash, because make no mistake, some kid WILL come to school one day and torment them over the tape their dad bought of their morally bankrupt, skanky piece of filth of a mother figure.

But hey, she gets a check right? Woo-hoo!

1832 days ago

Jason has the sex tape

1832 days ago


I'd like to see her get pounded. Who wouldn't, she's sexy.

1832 days ago


Sexy? She makes a blow up doll look more real, natural and life like.

For someone that was so outraged, she didn't put up much of a fight.

once an attention whore, always an attention whore, but these days she seem like just a plain old whore.

1832 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

If Child Services doesn't do anything they are worthless.
What kind of a f'd up life awaits those kids with this diseased skank as a mom?
Daily humiliation at school?
Alcohol and drug addiction?

1832 days ago


You don't intentionally let some fu*@#ng ice cream melt and then proceed pour it all over your damn self unless you know you're gettin paid!! What a vacuous and lying skank. I feel SOOOO sorry for her kids.

1832 days ago

to little    

I knew this was all a Heene, I mean publicity stunt. Everyone has to have their own reality show!

1832 days ago

To hell with her    

Whore - One who has sex for money.

She's a lying narcissistic white trash whore. She made a porn film (not a sex tape, but a full blown porn film; this one had lighting, makeup & shots blocked), for the express purpose of selling it to Vivid to make money. She also signed off on it, in a release form. She lied to everyone when she said she was "outraged" that it had been released. My question has always been: how did Vivid get it's hands on it? Why, she sold it to them, of course; that's now been proven.

I hope the whore is happy with how her "look at me having sex!" narcissitic porn film is going to hurt her kids. They will always be derided & laughed at because their slutty "mother" couldn't keep her legs closed on camera...

1832 days ago


Who is this whore ?

1832 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Shauna Sands is also an entrepreneur. She operates a local massage parlor in FRESNO called, "Sandy Beach Tanning Salon" and YES... you get a HAPPY ENDING with every order. I go in there every time I get my paycheck. Her cheek muscles are REALLY strong.

Hell, she's the very reason I moved to Fresno in the first place !!!!!!!

1832 days ago


So how much free publicity did TMZ give this skank?

1832 days ago


Sex videos fit into one of two catagories: 1) erotica, and 2) pornography. Erotica celebrates healthy human sexuality in any possible way, no matter how explicit, where depicted characters behave in mutual shared pleasure by free will. Pornography dehumanizes either the characters, their relationships, or relies strictly on de-characterized sexual acts, which in the end dehumanizes the audiences experience, or typically can. Sometimes a talented director and cast can turn borderline porn into good erotica by inclusion of humor, storyline, imagination, themes and/or strong character development.

Hopefully Shauna Sand knows the difference and has created some erotica. Haven't seen it, can't comment further.

1832 days ago

who dat    

Guess we'll see her vadge swallowing the (entire) "salami" real soon.

1832 days ago


Of course she gave it her stamp of approval!!! This "makes" people in hollywood today! Just look at the other non talented, do absolutely nothing, people! Paris, Kim Kardashian, etc! Please they do nothing yet somehow they start making money off of it!

1832 days ago


These women are a lot better looking than Shauna but not famouse for some reason -

why is that some women get famous and others don't?

1832 days ago
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