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Miley's Alleged Stalker Won't Face Felony Charge

10/28/2009 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley's CyrusThe man who claims Miley Cyrus sends him "secret messages" through his television set will not face a felony charge of attempted obstruction of a police officer ... but he's still facing two misdemeanor charges.

A Georgia grand jury said prosecutors failed to present sufficient evidence against 53-year-old Mark McLeod to support the felony charge -- but he still faces two misdemeanor charges of criminal attempt to commit stalking and disorderly conduct.

McLeod has been in custody since August 4 -- where he remains -- when police arrested him near the set of Miley's movie "The Last Song" for the second time.

According to the police report from McLeod's first arrest, he told officers a number of disturbing things about Miley -- like how he was destined to be with her and how he had "thousands of pictures and letters to Miley on his computer."


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So this man sat in jail for almost three months and is now not charged with a crime. Wow.

1790 days ago


unbelievable....... I hope miley has a security guard with her at all times.

1790 days ago


Well, I guess it's okay for him to stalk and take pictures of young
girls, and say things like they were meant to be together, AND I
guess we don't give a damn!

How in the world did they come up with 2misdemeanors? What kind of lawyers do they have in Georgia, that they couldn't get a grand jury to indict this man, hell, I'm not a lawyer and I could have talked a grand jury into indicting this loser. I guess we're just lucky that Miley can afford her own security. I've got an idea, I think she should charge the State of Georgia for the extra security she has to pay for protection, maybe then they would send a real lawyer to the Grand Jury for an indictment.

Just thought of something, maybe in Georgia, what this guy does is just okay!

1790 days ago


She is a CHILD, and he doesn't get felony charges? what's wrong with Judges?

1790 days ago

Rap sucks    

Like hey ya'll, it's not Miley's fault she needs to act like a skank at her age. Pose photos almost nude, dance on a pole, and just be the whore she is. I need just a little bit of her and f#ck her brains out. At least I'm nowhere close to that stalkers age. Peace ya'll!

1790 days ago


of course he wont go to jail, just like that little nick pugo kid who robbed all those celebrities, those fake a$$ judges & attorneys in los angeles are a bunch of pu$$y'$ call it crazy but i thought those civil servants were supposed to actually do something to get paid. oh, but let that stalker be after a judge's daughter or a D.A's daughter and he will be in prison in a heartbeat. LAPD what a joke, along with everyone else connected to that system. LAPD should be Lazy A$$ Pu$$y Detectives

1790 days ago


someone with enough money needs to hire a hit man and start killing every pervert in the usa.instead of arresting this skum why cant they just be shot. i am disheartened that someone can stalk or rape a child and serve a little time and get out of prison and do it again, they need to die.

1790 days ago


7. Hey Billy Ray, Keep dressing your CHILD up like a STRIPPER and have her do some more pole Dances, She's a child, Quit dressing her like a cheap whore, Shame on ya

Posted at 5:31PM on Oct 28th 2009 by Homie1Kanobe

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Couldn't agree more. Did you see what her little sister dressed as for halloween. Its on Celeb Jihad and Dlist. A 9 year old street walker looking thing. Disgusting.

1790 days ago


Oh great ... 2 misdemeanors ... he'll get time served & be harassing her again in no time.

1789 days ago

sweet sue    

Perhaps if Billy Ray and wife would do a little more parenting and a little less flaunting of their daughter for fame and fortune, they would take their daughter's safety a little more carefully. If your going to put the advertisement out that her morals are fast and loose, let her dance on a pole, and go out with older men while a minor, you'd better be ready when someone answeres that ad. I can imagine just how much fun child molesters have had at this childs expense. More mature say's the parents, well good, thats reason enough not to parent her. Perhaps she should be the parent. She couldn't do any worse than what her parents have done. Billy, you need to check yourself.

1789 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Guys a freak but if you don't have sufficient evidence you're wasting taxpayer money pursuing a charge that won't stick. He's still got 2 other charges he will be tried on. I wonder why TMZ hasn't posted anything about Miley being voted "Worst Celebrity Influence for 2009"? Are they sleeping or not giving us the "total picture"?

1789 days ago

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