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NY Politician Accepts Mohawk Challenge ... Kinda

10/28/2009 7:49 PM PDT

NY Politician Accepts Mohawk Challenge ... Kinda

It took less than an hour -- but a NY politician is totally stepping up to the plate to accept the Yankees-Phillies mohawk challenge issued by Pennsylvania congressman Robert Brady ... but in case you haven't noticed, there's just one small problem...

Congressman John Hall
(D-NY19) wants a piece of the head-shaving action ... but he seems to be lacking the proper equipment for a proper mohawk. Instead, he wants to raise the stakes. Here's John's statement:

"Brady must not be that confident. Just a mohawk? I'll see his mohawk and raise him a whole head. I'll shave all my hair if the Phillies win – which we all know isn't happening."

Some people in the TMZ newsroom believe Hall has more at stake -- due to the fact that balding people usually cherish the few follicles they have left. Others believe Brady -- and his big grey mane -- have more to lose.

We're calling Brady right now to see if it's game on!
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