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NFL Star's Agent -- You Can't Use the F-Word?

10/29/2009 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NFL Star's Agent Larry Johnson's agent claims he's appealing the KC Chiefs decision to suspend the running back for dropping a gay slur this week -- but the real story is that the agent claims he "didn't realize" the F-word was offensive in the first place.

TMZ spoke with Peter Schafer -- who is also Johnson's lawyer -- who explained:

"We know the N-word is unacceptable, that's not disputable -- but f*g? I'm learning that there's a segment of our society that finds it offensive and that it should not be used. I didn't realize that, but I do know now..."

FYI -- Johnson was suspended for conduct deemed "detrimental to the team."

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Homosexual men need to grow a pair and get over themselves.

1818 days ago


this doesnt make any sense ........being gay is wrong .......not calling someone gay.....people in this world are well on their way to hell....stop trying to drag us in

1818 days ago


It's amazing that you can torture and kill animals and get let back into the NFL, but you call someone an offesive name and your banned.....WTF?

1818 days ago


26. I am SICK to death of people comparing gay "slurs" to the N word. You CAN'T CHOOSE your skin color or ethnicity. You have every choice in the world as to who you have sex with. The guy should not be suspended for speaking a word that at least 75% of the country uses. Besides, it's not like the gay community is watching the NFL anyways. ha

Posted at 6:05PM on Oct 29th 2009 by Mysty

Uh... you definitely canNOT choose being straight, bi, or gay. It is something you are born with. If it actually was a choice (again, it is NOT), nobody would choose being hated and discriminated against.

To get more on topic here, the suspension is warranted, but I know that he and his idiotic people around him will whine enough until the suspension is lifted. The word is a bad one and should not be used in that way, just like the n word.

1818 days ago


This world is getting out of control man Suspended for saying a word that is crazy what happen to the days when people didn't care what others thought and wasn't always sitting there waiting for somebody to slip up on a word? I mean big deal he used the word Gay he didn't go into a detailed sentence and say he hated Gays If I was Gay the last thing I would be worried about is someones opinion its there opinion its not like he is going around saying this and that about gays and gays need to lighting up there gay its not nothing to do with us if that is what they want to do so be it but don't act like its the 19 hundreds and you got people whipping you are hanging you someone said the word gay if anything to me this makes that group whatever its called look bad they should be more open about it and not try to get on all the websites and all over Tv over something like this know crime was committed leave the guy alone.

1818 days ago


Here goes GLAAD again. Proving without a doubt that it is nothing but a racist and sexist orginazation. GLAAD has a "history" of going after Black celebrities, athletes and high profle personalities, while not holding their White counterparts up to the same scrutiny.Where was the outcry from GLAAD when only a few months ago UFC president Dana White uttered the same word, While crucifing Isaiah Washington for using the same word?? Eminen, Andre Agassi,Mickey Rourke, Bill O'Reilly,Rush Limbough,Perez Hilton(gay so what),have all used homopohbic remarks. All got a pat on the back. No jobs lost,or fines. And lets not forget Paris Hilton, after using "homophobic and racist" remarks was allowed and embraced for being the grandmarshal at the West hollywood gay pride parade.

1818 days ago


Why dont you guys print the rest of what Peter told you when you called him instead of taking it completely out of context to make it sound like he is supporting Johnson's choice of words

1818 days ago


People take sh*t way too seriously...............and if it wasnt for the people making it an issue......IT WOULDNT BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe in gay rights and I have nothing against them. Some people need to stop being overly sensitive.

1818 days ago


to number 44. the answer to all of those questions is yes.

your post shows you are ignorant of both history and current events. Your countries historical treatment of african americans is shamefull however homosexuals faced simular treatment, today they have less rights then african americans in your nation. You may join the millitary but a gay man may not...unless he is "passing" as straight, something african americans who could get away with "passing" as white often did....either way its still the same closet done for same reasons. In many states consensual homosexual activity is STILL a crime and in many states they are denied the right to marry.

in 2008 Lawrence King, an eighth grader was murdered in his classroom becuase he was gay. Homosexuals continue to be raped beat and murdered. Being racist, sexist or homophobic are all sad behaviours. You are clearly homophobic and it is no differant then racism. Both the n word and the f word are used with the same intent they ARE equally bad.

1818 days ago


I don't believe that for a second!

1818 days ago


Yay! I'm so happy everyone believes in the 1st amendment! People can be offended by anything, and luckily the Constitution grants us the right to use words that others may choose not too. You people need to get over your holier than thou attitudes.

1818 days ago


"I'm learning that there's a segment of our society that finds it offensive..."

Yeah, they're called "decent people."

1816 days ago


44 and 60, you are a moron. Gay people, despite being generally peaceful and very productive members of society, have been killed and denied basic human rights for a long, long time. If anyone's going to hell, it's you for being a douchebag.

Anyway: This player should be fired ASAP. If not for shaming his team with bigoted, abusive trash talk, then for refusing to own up to his lame behavior. OKing hate speech says it's OK to treat people like dirt.

1816 days ago


our professional athletes are tools...is anyone surprised? our country is run by tools...and idiots...this is why old people dont care if they die or not. the older you get the stupider everyone is..not seems to be...actually is.....

1813 days ago




1797 days ago
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