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Taylor Swift Embraces the Swastika

10/29/2009 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Swift's rep just put together this swift explanation for TMZ, "Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night ... she doesn't know who this guy is and she didn't realize what was on his shirt."

What the heil was Taylor Swift thinking?

Taylor Swift Embraces the Swastika

During Katy Perry's birthday party in West Hollywood last weekend, 19-year-old Swift put her arm around a guy wearing a Nazi swastika -- a symbol of hate, murder and evil -- and smiled for a photograph.

There are rumblings that the "JH" on Swift's shirt stands for "Jew Hater" -- but it seems more likely it stands for Julianne Hough due to the fact that Hough had a "TS" painted on her outfit ... most likely for Taylor Swift.


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omg people, talk about making a big deal out of nothing!! This is retarded, she was out having a good time, everyone was patingin stuff, music was going, this guy came over and wated to take a pic, do you check out someones outfit before you take a pic with them?dont think so! she probably didnt even see his shirt... and as for JH, it does stand for Julliane Hough,she posted that online you would no that if you actually researched into situations instead of making stuff up about people, that isnt even true... maybe you should find a real job that doesnt involve messing with peoples lives,

1782 days ago


Yeah,TMZ would never report on something without first checking to see if something like this was photoshopped.We all know that they are the ultimate source for responsible reporting,and with that being said,they can be fully trusted to report the truth in all it's entirety.
Why don't you people ever wake up.If the picture is a correct implication of TS making a mistake,then so what.How many stupid mistakes did we make as teens,and how many people dragged us through the dirt for all to see.

If it is a photoshop job,they still won't give a s%$# because they don't care who the slander.The first clue is the Jew hater assumption about her shirt.They are reaching way too far with that,which shows that they are trying to make the facts appear to be even worse.All they want is exposure here,and guess what,you all fell for it.
TMZ can go to hell and take half of the people that support them with them.

1782 days ago


Some guy walked up to her and asked to get a picture taken. She didn't even look down at his shirt, said yes, and then never saw him again. People need to calm down.

1782 days ago


Maybe she just didn't see it. She probably posed for pics with so many people that night that she was just lining up with one after the other and getting the pics snapped as quickly as possible.

1782 days ago


Taylor was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. This guy must be a kook. She's only 19 years old and I don't think many young people of her generation learn enough history to understand the evil that the swastika (Nazi Germany) represents. She is a good person, an All-American Girl, and would find the ideology of Nazism abhorent.

1782 days ago


It is just a figure that was abused by the Nazis. It does not MEAN anything. Different cultures have used it for different things. Unfortunately, Hitler used it to symbolize his party, but that does not make him or his idease the owner of the symbol or the figure. In the context of this young man's painted shirt, it does not mean anything. It has nothing to do with jews or hate in this context. It is not a Third Reich German flag. Furthermore, there is already an abundance of education and hollywood movies about the suffering of the Jews in WWII. In fact, young people learn more about it from movies than from textbooks. Far more reprehensible is seeing young people wearing shirts depicting actual murderers and tyrants often glamorized by hollywood producers... such as Charles Manson, Mao Tse Tung (the Chinese dictator that murdered more than 40 million, that even the White House Press Secretary has said she admires --disgusting), Ernesto (Che) Guevarra (who left his native Argentina to help Castro during his revolution, murdering thousands innocent Cuban citizens whose sole crime was disagreeing with the tyrant Castro or being successful), Fidel Castro himself, and the list goes on... And these T-shirts worn by idiot young people without proper educations and especially by the Hollywood elite go unmentioned in the media. Yet, morons in the media scream like little girls at the site of the swatiska even when painted on a shirt without any connotation at all. Stop digging for connotations when there is none!

1782 days ago


I just got to ask all those people criticizing Taylor for the picture. When you pose for a picture with someone. Do you stop to read their shirt before your picture gets taken? I doubt if even 2% stop to read the shirt first. The issue gets even worse as a celeb because you are bouncing around so much and meeting new people its a fast paced world they live in and some of the petty crap like this gets overlooked by them.

1782 days ago


The country is going to heck in a handbasket, being stolen from us as you all sit and get "offended" by a picture. Your useful time on earth has apparently passed, please move on.

1782 days ago


He is either a very ugly man or a very attractive monster.

1782 days ago


That guy doesnt look like a neo-nazi. The fact that they didnt even realize the hate that comes with that sign shows you how race isn't an issue. The real rascist is the person who said the JH on her shirt means Jew Hater.
Who cares what he wore, I dont think he is going hurt anybody. I dont think he could beat his way out of a wet paper bag.
Forget about it.

1782 days ago

Tom Golson    

When I was 19 I worked on a meat counter in a super market. We wore butcher coats and I took the black marker and drew stars and swastikas on my coat and others. Oh did I mention the store was located in a highly Jewish populated neighborhood.Next thing I knew I was called to the owner's office. I was very lucky that he realized what a stupid kid I was since I never added 1 and 1 together. Taylor is just young and ignorant like I was. Please don't hand the cutie!

1782 days ago


I don't know how many people know this but the swatika is originally a sign for Hinduism,Buddhism,and Janism, especially Janism. It's a sign for their God or something like that. When Hitler went to India, he took the sign and now it's a negative sign. He might of put it on there for his belifs. I don't really think he's dumb enough to go to this event with that sign for a negaitve reason.
I don't know why he has this sign, it's just a thought,

1782 days ago


Grow a thicker skin and stop crying over any damned thing that comes up, no matter how innocent!

1782 days ago


Maybe she's an alien, maybe a member of the KKK, maybe just maybe she's a white supremacist since she's wearing white clothes. You conspiracy theorists need to take your meds and calm the f... down. Wait a minute...maybe she's a terrorist posing as a singer. The ONLY thing she's guilty of is posing with a loser that looks like Where's Waldo.

1781 days ago


note to TMZ staff: You're a bunch of idiots for even making this an issue. Have you got nothing better to do than try to destroy a young celeb's reputation over something as trivial as this? Why don't you find out what the motive was of the kook perpetrator....oh nevermind...nobody ever heard of him.

1781 days ago
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