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Anna Nicole Mistakes Pregnancy for Gas

10/31/2009 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith was so whacked out of her mind in 2006 that she mistook the baby growing in her womb for a case of bad gas -- and it's all on a tape that was entered as evidence in court on Friday.

The video was shot by Howard K. Stern at a little girl's birthday party. Snippets of the video were released two years ago, but now the entire 50-minute tape is being used in the drug case against Stern and Anna's former doctors.

In this particular clip, Smith can't seem to comprehend the fact that she's pregnant -- consistently denying there's a baby in her belly ... despite the fact she's showing.

It just gets weirder from there -- check it out for yourself. Then sadly, at the end of the clip, the little girl looks straight into the camera and says, "She's having brain trouble."


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i want what anna was having.

1774 days ago



1816 days ago


My god--it's like a horror film. Why did he tape it? And how did these people manage to get away with drugging her for this long?

1816 days ago

Joseph David    

Come on, Harvey..even for you this is a low blow. Can't the poor woman rest in peace? Do you know how many times we have seen this video? Now if you are going to show videos, get the ones with; a.) Kapoor making out with Anna Nicole (which he denied but wrote about in a diary)and b:( the one with Birkhead and Stern getting a little too cozy there in the bedroom. Now thats must watch video!!

1816 days ago



1816 days ago


This is too disturbing to watch. Bad enough she is so spaced out and pregnant but HKS is filming it. OMG. He needs to answer for this.

1816 days ago


Anna Nicole made the world a better place. Some people are bright shining "super nova" stars like Anna, sadly they don't live long.

1816 days ago


watching that was awful...what kind of friend would let her do drugs when she is pregnant, what an awful person Howard Stern is to let that go on and then videotape it w/a child around, what kind of sick stuff was going on in her life.

1816 days ago


I must admit i can't watch this it's just sad already knowing she is dead !!

1816 days ago

Suck My Bronze.    

I'm Anna Nicole Smith and I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader.

1816 days ago


Part of it is this: Howard K. Stern got a sadistic kick out of seeing Anna in this state: helpless and little-girl like. And Howard, don't fret over this because you're gonna do some time. How much I can't say. But go ahead and mentally prepare yourself and save the tears for the TV-movie, because by 2011 you'll be behind bars.

1816 days ago


Beyond sad. I had to stop watching. Just tragic.

1816 days ago


WOW TMZ that is pretty low even for you guys. Was it really necessary for you to post this? Do you realize that her CHILD will see this one day? Is that how you want her kid to see her? My heart broke watching that. I hope that Stern burns in HELL for 1. filming that and 2. for helping her get that high. How awful. And who was that little girl in the video? She was WAY too young to see this and she even said Anna is having brain trouble. WOW How HORRIBLE.

1816 days ago

Cant Watch    

I think she was joking around. She was just playing with the kid. I'm sure that when the camera went off, she was back to normal. That was part of her comedy: acting like the ultimate dumb blonde.

1816 days ago

sandy eggo    

This just shows how much of a sociopath Howard K Stern is. RIP Anna.

1816 days ago
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