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Anna Nicole Mistakes Pregnancy for Gas

10/31/2009 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith was so whacked out of her mind in 2006 that she mistook the baby growing in her womb for a case of bad gas -- and it's all on a tape that was entered as evidence in court on Friday.

The video was shot by Howard K. Stern at a little girl's birthday party. Snippets of the video were released two years ago, but now the entire 50-minute tape is being used in the drug case against Stern and Anna's former doctors.

In this particular clip, Smith can't seem to comprehend the fact that she's pregnant -- consistently denying there's a baby in her belly ... despite the fact she's showing.

It just gets weirder from there -- check it out for yourself. Then sadly, at the end of the clip, the little girl looks straight into the camera and says, "She's having brain trouble."


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Party 'till you die!    

Ok, now I so totally get why some people have an extreme phobia of clowns! Especially brainless, drugged out ones.

1817 days ago


First off, that is so depressing. I do think HKS and all others responsible spend a lengthy time in jail for what I believe is assisted suicide.

That being said, I wonder what legal ramifications these tapes will have against HKS and his defense? I bet there's much more incriminating footage on the rest of the fifty minutes. We have only seen a few clips from it.

Depending on what's contained in the video, I wonder if his defense can claim that she's suffering side effects from a legitimate prescription? We know she was being over medicated but how did the State determine what was legitimate scripts, and what wasn't.

The outcome of this trial will be interesting, nonetheless. Hopefully justice will be served.

1817 days ago


Uh? I don't idolize Anna Nicole and I don't think anyone else does either. But you cannot watch this video and not be stunned by it all. She accomplished nothing in life more than being born beautiful and leveraged that into big breasts and a modeling career. She manipulated men for money and drugs. Then men (and women) manipulated her. Sounds familiar doesn't it? That doesn't mean you don't feel a bit of sympathy and amazement that someone could be so incapacitated that they don't comprehend that they are pregnant. That they carry a doll. That they lay in bed and drink from a baby bottle. Someone else said it, it's a horror show.

1817 days ago


Thank goodness that baby is "somehow" doing well.

1817 days ago


I want to cry ... I want anna back .. HKS should be sent up the river without a paddle.

1817 days ago

who gives a shit    

SICK!!!! That is all I can say!

1817 days ago

Jury Consultant    

#15 i agree with you i really believe now she was joking ,
there's just something about that
last clip where she's taking off her makeup looked pretty normal to
me and where she's running and Howard told her to stop she stopped
immediately, something is really wrong if she was so drugged upped
how was she able to walk and run normally , all i know is drugs don't
make you talk like a baby have you ever seen a real drug addict talk
like a baby ? Some real b.s. going on here.

1817 days ago


1817 days ago


Don't want to watch the video, reading it is disturbing enough. I don't think it is necessary to post this stuff. The woman is dead, let her rest in peace, and let the courts deal with Stern.

1817 days ago

Sarah Holt    

Why is it when a famous person dies there is someone else to blame? It's obvious that she has done a lot of this entire drug thing to herself. She knew what she was doing...She was an adult doing drugs. Not a child, even though she acted like one! Stern was def an enabler, but she did this to herself. He just wanted to make her happy.

1817 days ago


Something is off she doesnt look high in her eyes, they are clear and not dilated and she appears sober at end taking off her make up. what freaks me out is her poking at her tummy like its nothing!

1817 days ago

Jury Consultant    


Posted at 9:55PM on Oct 30th 2009 by cdm

Why not , why don't you blame her lowlife daddy who robbed Anna's house and sold the tape to Fox News .

1817 days ago


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1817 days ago


Oh PLEASE, Anna is obviously playing around and the little kid doesn't realize it. You are really going to take the impressions of a child? Pu-lease. Also, if howard wanted something to happen to anna, he would not have told her to stop running around because she might get hurt. These videos prove NOTHING in regards to Howard except that he loved Anna. The doctor's who wrote scripts for the drugs are a different story!

1817 days ago


All I can say is WOW! And if Howard knew she was this messed up why didn't he try and get her help instead of filming her while she was out of it.

1817 days ago
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