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Miley Puts Another Dime in the Jukebox, Baby

11/1/2009 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus played a concert at Freedom Hall in Kentucky last night -- and then hit up a local bar for a surprise after show.

Miley Cyrus

Miley, 16, jammed on stage at the Phoenix Hill Tavern Bar in Louisville. We're told she showed up around midnight and sung "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" with the band that was performing.

She left shortly after.


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I love the Florida State Seminoles and everytime I watch them play I do the indian call.

1783 days ago


There is an exemption for performers to play in bars, my cousin's thirteen year old son sat in for a band at the same bar and their sets started as late as 2 a.m.
They don't allow them to hang around when they're not performing though, I'm sure Miley could have done anything she wanted in there last night. In no way will I pass judgement on her, she's live more life through the age of sixteen than most will live in their entire life.
By the way I'm not a fan of hers and didn't really think it was her at first last night.

1783 days ago


She actually sounds pretty good! I'm impressed.
- not a miley fan.

1783 days ago


First she mocks asians with that photo, now she's dressed like a native american and doing the stereotypical war cry? This chick needs some schooling. I would never encourage a tween to take after her.

1783 days ago


A tavern? Is she old enough to be in a tavern? I assume they serve alcohol there?

1783 days ago


Just FYI, the bass player for that band, Jefferson Tarc Bus, is the same bass player that toured with Billy Ray Cyrus on his last tour. I'm assuming she was doing it as a favor to him.

1783 days ago


Hello? 16 years old in a bar? Isn't that illegal? Another instance of Mama and Papa Cyrus watch out for their kids - NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!

1783 days ago


She visited a friend who was in the band, he is also in her Father's, Billy Ray Cyrus' band. Her Mom and Bodyguard Uncle was with her.

1783 days ago


Hey leave the slut in training be.If she's going to be an ugly burned out alcoholic/junkie by the time she's 21 she needs a head start. Her red-neck parents must be so proud. Looks like Linsay has some competition in the look HEY at me I'm a party skank department.

1783 days ago


Thats not what I said. Hey, you guys cut it out!

1783 days ago

Louisville Gal    

How sad is it that all these people have to attack a 16 yr old girl. She was visiting a friend who was in the band playing at Phoenix Hill, who also happens to be in her dad's band. She WAS supervised and . . . OMG SHE SANG A SONG WITH THE BAND AND THEN LEFT!!!!! Horrible. . . get a life people. . . .

1783 days ago


It wasn't in Louisville dorks........she played at Rupp Arena in Lexington Kentucky.
It was a X rated show her and her brother put on.
If she could sing at a bar then why did she only play for 1 hour and 20 minutes with fans paying $100 a seat to see her?
This girl has problems and the sooner Disney drops her the better!

1783 days ago

Louisville Girl    

Wow, the ignorance and cruelty of these comments is disgusting. What a sad world we live in. Here's what happened. The bass player in the band that was playing at the venue is also in Billy Ray's band. Miley, her mother, managers and some dancers came out to the club after her show to see the band and, God forbid, let loose and be somewhat normal for an hour. They did go upstairs to the dance club for a few minutes while the band was setting up. After that, they all stayed in one section of the club, right next to the stage. There was NO drinking by any minors. No one even knew they were there. They were minding their own business and just having some good, clean fun. Miley wanted to get up with the band and sing a song. The band got her up, she sang and they all left immediately after. She was dressed up like Pocahontas. It was Halloween, people dress up, maybe you've heard of it.

I hope you all enjoy eating crow for lunch today.

I hope this clears up the

1783 days ago

Louisville Gal    

ummm "linda". . . this was SATURDAY night, not last night. Saturday she played at Freedom Hall in Louisville. She was in Lexington SUNDAY night. . .

1783 days ago

Louisville Gal    

Oh and her tickets were NOT $100 per seat. I don't know where you got your tickets but you got ripped off!! They had a "Halloween special" in Louisville where you could buy them for $25 each for 2 or 3 days. The only reason we didn't go is because it was on Halloween.

1783 days ago
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