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Roman Polanski Tries to Buy Himself Out of Jail

11/1/2009 8:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Roman PolanskiIn Monopoly, you can fork over a couple of hundred bucks to get yourself out of jail. Switzerland is apparently just like Monopoly.

Roman Polanski's French lawyer, Herve Temime, says he will be filing a new bail proposal on Monday and it will be a "very, very significant" cash amount. Swiss authorities shot down a different offer on Friday, but reportedly it did not involve cold, hard cash.

Temime wouldn't say how much Roman would lay on the table. We're guessing two giant sacks with dollar signs on the side should do the trick.


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This is A big pile of BS they better not let his old A@@ out..after what he did and then had the never to run and feel like what he did should just be swept under the rug...and be allowed to go on his merry wasy..I don't think so... Look at how they Did to Michael jackson they better begiving him the same treatment..and give him a reason to leave the country.. Michael was ridiculed and too a point where it was out of control..he was accused and Aquitted yet to this day people are still calling him a Molester.. he was ran out of his house and had no choice but to leave the county..he went to court proclaim he did no wrong..he faced the rath with Grace..Michael was Free by legal standards but not by society..but here u have Roman polanski who Raped/moelsted a 13yr old..he admitted to and pled guilty and then ran for 30 yrs..then finaly get Caught and has the nerve to have this sense of entitlement.. and most of hollywood TMZ included seems to think he should be free..why I can't understand what or why he was so Great about him that he should be free..Can anyone one tell me..? I think this Society that we are living is sick..sick at the simple fact they bashed Michael they broght hell upon him and no one has even taken mention to the pain that they gave him and his family..And hollywood wouldn't go near MJ but they wanna run to this guys side..I hope that when all is said and done he gets worse than what Mj got i know he is looking down shakeing his head..I hope he gets stone to death and thrown under the jail..

1819 days ago


Good - just keep him in jail for as long as possible. This is probably the only time behind bars he'll get, so make the most of it. He is a rapist.

All those Hollywood people (that I normally admire) who supported him - where were they when Michael Jackson was stripped and later tried? Whoopi Goldberg even said Polanski's crime "wasn't rape-rape" when he sodomized a 13-year-old girl (WG has later changed her mind). Well, it was. Nobody ever talked about MJ having "rape-raped" anyone, and yet he had very little support. There were certainly a double standard here.

1818 days ago


The "actors" who voiced their concern and admiration for this rapist WILL NEVER EVER SEE A PENNY OF MY MONEY - how shameful they feel being an "artist" gives you license to rape a 13 year old - shame on them all!

1818 days ago


The Swiss Court is working with America they will get the money and when he walks out he will be handcuffed and brought back to stand trail. With no bail since he was already on the run for many years. That’s why they denied the first amount so the paperwork can be processed.

He really thinks he is going to get away with rapping a teenage girl.

Even more charges will be filed again his stupid ass.

He already said he rapped the girl before he ran the first time. His arrogant ass come back to America and was arrested again.

1818 days ago


His ass needs to stay in jail. Well it looks he got over his "illness" and is feeling better.

1818 days ago


They should know very well that all he's going to do is book it again if given the opportunity. But then, maybe the Swiss are hurting for money-making propositions since the IRS came down on all the secret bank stuff.

1818 days ago


Does anybody else think he looks like Danny Kaye when he played the Dentist on the Cosby Show?!

1818 days ago


I agree with Debbie. The rich get away with it too often. Justice system is so sloooooow!! Throw the book at him as he's guilty!!

1818 days ago


The only thing more ironic than his lawyer saying Polanski "would not act 'like a fugitive'" if granted bail is the fact that some of the great folks who signed the petition to free him (partially on the basis this was just a pesky little moral indiscretion) are involved in organizations trying to prevent violence against women. There's a very rich inconsistency there.

1818 days ago


When he is released and runs the US should put a bounty on his head. It should be the same amount he gives the Swiss. There is a fify million dollar bounty on Bin Laden so it is not like there is not already law to allow it.

Let him spend the rest of his sorry life looking over his shoulder for bounty hunters.

If the French continue to shelter him the US should take significant action against them as a nation until they give him up.

1818 days ago


19. The "actors" who voiced their concern and admiration for this rapist WILL NEVER EVER SEE A PENNY OF MY MONEY - how shameful they feel being an "artist" gives you license to rape a 13 year old - shame on them all!

Posted at 2:35PM on Nov 1st 2009 by REALITYBABY

Agree with you totally.That old ugly azz coward pedophile needs to spend the rest of his life in jail paying for the crime he commited.

1818 days ago


what's happening with Arnold?

1818 days ago

Money Talks    

Marko # 9 - How gracious of you to call France by the delicious name of Frogland, don't you know frogs are the cutest creatures. As for you I am sure you are from the Excited States of Swineland where it is possible and habitual for older men to rape young girls and boys. I don't understand all that brouhaha about Roman Polanski when he did what everybody else around him was doing. Bunch of hypocrites. Vive la France, the most beautiful country in the world.

1818 days ago


Keep that PEDOPHILE in jail! Those Hollywood types think their money can pay for anything. Rape a kid and get bail. Why, he you can go on the run again?!!

1818 days ago

Money Talks    

I will boycott Switzerland unless they release Roman Polanski soon. I am starting a petition to send to the Swiss Government. Mr. Polanski did not commit any crime in Switzerland, they have no business to detain him unfairly. FREE ROMAN POLANSKI !!!!!!

1818 days ago
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