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Giuliani Ousted For Obama

11/1/2009 12:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Usually it's considered common courtesy to give up your seat to a woman -- but Rudy Giuliani was reportedly none too pleased when he had to vacate his prized spot at Yankee Stadium ... to the First Lady.

Rudy Giuliani, Michelle Obama

The former mayor of New York City always sits near the Yankee dugout, but according to Page Six he was relegated to sit behind the photographers' box for Game 1 of the World Series because Michelle Obama was given the seats instead.

The paper says it was the White House that didn't want Giuliani near Obama, but get this: Michelle didn't even sit in the seats because of the weather and they remained unoccupied for the whole game.

Giuliani got his seat back for Game 2, which the Yankees won.

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Check out this video. Nice!

Strong message here from the TEA PARTY movement. This really is non political, but a strong message to congress, senate and administration.

Hope you enjoy this. America Rising:

1704 days ago


That's just ridiculous! I'd be mad if I were him too! She's NOT that great! She's just married to the president! She contributes NOTHING! Ugly smile and all of a sudden they think she has style? WTF? Are you kidding, she has people to dress her like Jackie O now!

1788 days ago


Of all of the seats in all of Yankee Stadium, Michelle Obama has to pick the seats that Rudy Guiliani has sat in for years. Hmmm.

1788 days ago


Ridiculous! That's just proof of the first family's arrogance.

1788 days ago


No wonder why the yankees lost that game!!! Michelle and Barack love the cameras arround them!!!!!!!! I hope they dont go to any other game!!!!!

1788 days ago


what a rude b*tch.... displacing people! she needs keep her ass in DC and stop disrupting other peoples lives.... they do enough of that from the friggin white house.

1788 days ago


she is not a fan and why does she need to sit in his seats. why does she even need to be there in the first place, im sure they have plenty of tv in the white house or did she get flown in there special?? i dont think she deserves any special treatment at all....

1788 days ago


She didn't belong there and she sure as heck didn't deserve someone else's seats ! E N T I T L E M E N T !

1788 days ago


This was most likely done for Security reasons and not political. Guiliani is making it political. Being right next to the dugout is more secure: easy escape, less angles of opportunity for a nutcase.

1788 days ago


I love Rudy's jewels.

1788 days ago


Obama should divorce Michelle and marry Halle Berry.

1788 days ago


Michelle Obama did not pick the seats. These are comp seats given by the stadium officials and most likely the secret service decided these are the seats THEY wanted the First Lady to sit in because they would be able to guard her most effectively. Giuliani doesn't pay for the seats either. He needs to grow up, he USED to hold public office. He should consider himself lucky to get free seats any time.

1788 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

I can't believe you haven't discussed Dennis Hopper having Prostate Cancer???

1788 days ago


The size of her arrogance is directly proportionate to the size of her ass. What nerve to take someones seat and then not show. Weather, if you are a true fan, weather is irrelevant. What's she afraid of, ruining her hairdo? FOUR AND OUT!

1788 days ago


You underbite bitch from hell! (seriously, look at that mouth, it's like a bulldog's. hopefully B.O. doesn't get any bjs!) why were you even at the game?!?! New York, that's RUDY'S team!! AMERICA'S MAYOR. It was TOTALLY disrespectful for whoever to ask him to move! Oh, and let me guess, us taxpayer not only paid for the flight there but for the unoccupied seats too!!! That's it, I'm moving to Central America. You people (Obamas, both of us) have made a US Army Combat Veteran (90-91 Desert Storm) renounce my citizenship!

1788 days ago
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